1998 America Online Tokens

****America Online Tokens****

(adapted from token_list)
(This document must have attribute viewrule_151. For further assistance contact OpsSec)

gv All casino games special tokens casino NU
$A Add product to shopping cart clerk NU
$B Request billing information clerk
$C Begin checkout process clerk
$D Delete product from cart clerk
$F Request clerk form w/pop clerk
$I Show store information clerk
$L List items in shopping cart clerk NU
$M Get billing method clerk
$P Show product desc clerk NU
$S Request shipping information clerk
$V View product from cart clerk
$b Process internal billing info clerk
$d Delete product from cart clerk
$f Request clerk form clerk

$E modify_cart_entry clerk2
$G get_product(ext id appd to ft 1) clerk2 NU
$Q process quantity clerk2
$R retrieve_product(int_id=hard_cod clerk2 NU
$a add_store clerk2
$c display_cart clerk2
$e delete_entry_from_cart clerk2
$g request_store_id(ext_id) clerk2 NU
$h process_store_id(ext_id) clerk2
$i process_internal_bill clerk2
$j return_to_product_summary clerk2
$k process_checkout clerk2
$l process_list_option clerk2
$m modify_store clerk2
$n remove_from_cart_screen clerk2
$o display_product_option clerk2
$p display_product_summary clerk2
$r process_radio_option clerk2
$s display_about_this_store clerk2
$t process_text_option clerk2
$u copy from_bill_to clerk2
$v process_ship_to clerk2
$w delete_store clerk2
$x request_cc_info clerk2
$y process_cc_info clerk2
$z process_bill_to clerk2

$W enter promotional area clerk_special NU
$X specify machine type clerk_special
$Y specify product choice clerk_special
$Z provide shipping info clerk_special
dM Set domain – message board collector
eT Start mail text entry collector NU

C1 Request collection contents collman
C2 Request more collection contents collman
C3 Request lastest stories collman
C4 Sign up for Live Wire collman NU
C5 Cancel LiveWire registration collman
C6 Reset collman domain collman
C7 Show “where” info collman
Ct Get indexed coll w/atoms collman

Ca Request collection contents collman2 NU
Cb Request more collection contents collman2
Cc Request latest stories collman2
Cd Sign up for Live Wire collman2 NU
Ce Cancel LiveWire registration collman2
Cf Reset collman2 domain collman2
Cg Open Coll info for Edit collman2 NU
Ch Modify Coll info collman2
Ci Act on named collection collman2 NU
Cj Convert Overwrite Confirm collman2
Ck Send collman form collman2
Cm Display item for edit collman2
Cn Cut item from collection collman2
Co Copy item from collection collman2
Cp Paste item (above) to collection collman2
Cq Paste item (below) to collection collman2
Cr Start add item to collection collman2
Cs Add/Update item data collman2

&1 display acct page 1 cris2
&2 display acct page 2 cris2
&3 display acct page 3 cris2
&4 select credit reason cris2
&5 select credit type cris2
&B print detail bill cris2
&C add credit cris2
&E write new credit cris2
&F send form with pop cris2
&G update cc info cris2
&H add history cris2
&K write new credit cris2
&L select acct from list cris2
&M load menu selection cris2
&N write sw order cris2
&P update payment info cris2
&S search for account cris2
&T generate certificate cris2
&U update certificate cris2
&a update address cris2
&b display detail bill cris2
&c display credit cris2
&d display payment info cris2
&e select credit reason cris2
&f send form cris2
&g display cc info cris2
&h display history cris2
&j display online status cris2
&k select reason for new credit cris2
&m display menu cris2
&n select sw order type cris2 NU
&o update_check_auth_status cris2
&p load pay list selection cris2
&q update comment cris2
&r write resubmit cris2
&t display certificate cris2
&u update passwords cris2
&v update privileged cris2
&w update acct status cris2
&x make internal cris2
&y make overhead cris2
&z bump acct cris2

ZA c64 user answered question Dialog PL
ZC c64 user cancel current dialog Dialog PL
ZK c64 user couldn’t accept ZM Dialog PL
ZN c64 user replied NO to question Dialog PL
ZO c64 user accept ZM & continue Dialog NU PL
ZY c64 user replied YES to question Dialog PL

eX Mail download complete Download SP M3
xA Download – abort Download SP M3
xB Completed one file in album Download SP M3
xC Completed LAST file in album Download SP M3
xG Download – go ahead Download M3

NA same as Na with escaping dungeon2 NU
NB update location with escaping dungeon2
NC broadcast info with escaping dungeon2
ND identify user with escaping dungeon2
NE read user with escaping dungeon2
NF write user with escaping dungeon2
NG read reg loc with escaping dungeon2
NH read reg nolock with escaping dungeon2
NI write region with escaping dungeon2
NL send time with escaping dungeon2
NM send info with escaping dungeon2
NP same as Np with escaping dungeon2
NW same as Nw with escaping dungeon2
NX user exit with escaping dungeon2
Na D&D 2.0 entry token dungeon2 NU
Nb D&D 2.0 update location token dungeon2
Nc D&D 2.0 broadcast info token dungeon2
Nd D&D 2.0 identify user token dungeon2
Ne D&D 2.0 read user record token dungeon2
Nf D&D 2.0 write user record token dungeon2
Ng D&D 2.0 read & lock region token dungeon2
Nh D&D 2.0 read region w/o lock dungeon2
Ni D&D 2.0 re-write region token dungeon2
Nj D&D 2.0 send pathname token dungeon2
Nk D&D 2.0 current timestamp token dungeon2
Nl D&D 2.0 quest message token dungeon2
Nm D&D 2.0 quest completed token dungeon2
Nn D&D 2.0 save and quit token dungeon2
No D&D 2.0 send direct chat dungeon2
Np D&D 2.0 notify nearby new stats dungeon2
Nt NWN2.0: gen4 List users/Lounge dungeon2
Nu D&D 2.0 alternate load game dungeon2
Nv debug info from D&D 2.0 dungeon2
Nw D&D 2.0 list users from lounge dungeon2
Nx D&D 2.0 exit token dungeon2 CU
Ny D&D 2.0 god tools token dungeon2
Nz D&D 2.0 locking error token dungeon2

0* route to AA good thru 3/31 gateway
Y0 Establish gateway connection gateway NU
Y1 Text from Micro for gateway gateway
Y2 Disconnect gateway gateway CU
Y3 Continue sending data (pos ack) gateway
Y4 Leaving gateway due to reset gateway CU
Y5 Multi pkt gateway input gateway NU
Y6 Send “do” cmd to managing host gateway
Y7 Send input to managing host gateway NU
Y8 Disc form gateway – send form gateway

yn gng list articles gng NU
yo gng download article gng NU
yp gng post article gng NU

ga Set video mode for game gus
gb List box for Extra Turn Mode gus
gc Current pathname for this game gus
gd Database update return token gus
gg Request for game load gus
gi Initial application “hello” msg gus NU
gl Load request for applications gus
gm Modify current game pathname gus
gn New DB rec creation response tkn gus
go Check-file status return code gus
gp Send back pathname fopr load now gus
gt Test item for GUS functions gus
gu Application user response msg gus
gw List Terminal Warrior rooms gus
gx Exit and unload application gus

wa Set video mode for game – gen4 gus_win
wf request gus_win form gus_win
wg Request for windows game load gus_win
wl Load request for gen4 apps gus_win
wm Set mouse for game – gen 4 gus_win

Ic Enter search – turn on chkboxes Invert_sw NU
Ie Enter Inversion database Invert_sw NU
Im Partial Displays during Search Invert_sw NU
Iq Send QF form for Sub Library Invert_sw NU
Ir Reset Invert server domain Invert_sw NU
Is Search inversion database Invert_sw NU
It Request table of contents Invert_sw NU
Ix Alternate ‘enter db’ for srvdir Invert_sw NU

ya to be determined ip_tunnel NU
yb to be determined ip_tunnel NU
yc to be determined ip_tunnel NU
yd to be determined ip_tunnel NU
ye to be determined ip_tunnel NU

CA Add club member libop
CE edit club members libop
CL generate owned club list libop
CR Remove club member libop
TA add new page libop
TD delete last page libop
TE Open existing text record libop
TF Show file – INTERNALS only libop
TL List edittable text records libop
TN Open ’empty’ text edit window libop
TP Replace text in chain libop
TS Edit text by lib record number libop
TT edit library record title libop
TU Update text record libop
Td confirm deletion libop
Tf Show form – INTERNALS only libop
Tp edit text in chain libop
Ts Replace text by lib record # libop
Tt update library title libop
V2 delete last page libop
V4 edit title libop
V5 update text libop
V6 add new page libop
V7 complete delete libop
V8 edit text pages libop
V9 update title libop
VA add to menu libop
VB move to bottom of menu libop
VD move down in menu libop
VE edit menu item libop
VI replace menu text libop
VJ edit menu text libop
VL menu list libop
VM menu edit libop
VR remove from menu libop
VT move to top of menu libop
VU move up in menu libop
Va Add club member libop
Ve Get club modify info libop
Vl List owned clubs libop
Vm List members libop
Vr Replace club member libop

K0 QLINK, Start a file upload Library
K1 Request a library record Library PL
K2 QLINK, Msg/desc after spec date Library
K3 QLINK, Subj list 4 msg brd/lib Library
K5 QLINK, Start brd msg or SW desc Library
K6 QLINK, Nxt line brd or file desc Library
K7 QLINK, Last line for board msg Library
K8 QLINK, Abort msg/desc building Library
KI QLINK, Cont scan of subj list Library
KJ QLINK, Abort srch of subj list Library
KL QLINK, Last line file desc Library
KP QLINK, Get doc 4 software desc Library
KQ QLINK, Start a suggestion ??? Library
KS QLINK, For obs vers Q2 – like K1 Library
KT QLINK, For obs vers Q2 – like K1 Library
KW QLINK, Srch subj lst for brd/lib Library
KX Request a Library record Library PL
Kc Request lib rec (with prepop) Library
Ki Access area via promoter keyword Library
Kj Access area via dir svcs keyword Library
Kk Access area via a keyword Library
Kn Cont sending text – gen 4 Library
k* General Library tokens Library NU

F1 QLink – Start upload Loader NU
F2 QLink – Upload data Loader
F3 QLink – Upload last data Loader
F4 QLink – Start download Loader NU
FF QLink – Ack download block Loader NU
FK QLink – Abort transfer Loader CU DS
FO QLink – Ack download block Loader NU
MD Give/Switch to Loader Loader
MF Give/Switch to Loader Loader
eW mark mail deleted – pre gen4 Loader
ew Mark mail_deleted Loader
oW delete from outbox Loader
ow Mark Outbox Deleted (form mail) Loader

LN Lookup user by name locate
LX List Promenade Room Names locate
LY List Prom Room Names (cont’d) locate
Ln Locate – respond with forms locate
TM Current time/elapsed time locate
ct Test show users in rooms locate

g& Send user-config form mbox_admin
g0 Switch current mbox domain mbox_admin NU
g1 OK btn for add-user-to-grp form mbox_admin NU
g2 View currently loaded group mbox_admin NU
g3 OK button on remove-user form mbox_admin NU
g4 Toggle sender_list on custom mbox_admin NU
g5 OK btn – transfer ownership mbox_admin NU
g6 Edit form letter mbox_admin NU
g7 Toggle en/disabled – form letter mbox_admin NU
g8 Delete form letter mbox_admin NU
g9 Send btn on edit form ltr mbox_admin NU
gA Add new group address mbox_admin NU
gB List members/mgrs/senders for gp mbox_admin NU
gC Create new group addr mbox_admin NU
gD Delete Gruop mbox_admin NU
gE Edit mailbox configuration mbox_admin NU
gF Set Form Letters for Groups mbox_admin NU
gG Save group config changes mbox_admin NU
gH Remove user from list mbox_admin NU
gI Manage Specific Mbox (super) mbox_admin NU
gJ Send subscription req form mbox_admin NU
gK Mgr processes current request mbox_admin NU
gL List group/special mboxes mbox_admin NU
gM Manage selected mailbox mbox_admin NU
gN Accept new group name mbox_admin NU
gO Mgr get next request mbox_admin NU
gP Request delegation form mbox_admin NU
gQ Set delegation info mbox_admin
gR Remove user from group mbox_admin NU
gS Save custom group config mbox_admin NU
gT Transfer ownership of group mbox_admin NU
gU Unsubscribe to group mbox_admin NU
gV View Group mbox info mbox_admin NU
gW Stop delegation mbox_admin

2d TEST – User confirms delete prof a2k_members NU
2r TEST – Update/Create Profile a2k_members NU
2u TEST – Users says delete profile a2k_members NU
2v TEST – Update/Create prof data a2k_members NU
jD Delete from member_dir (part 2) a2k_members NU
jR Get list of names to modify a2k_members NU
jU Get list of names to delete a2k_members NU
jV Add/Modify Profile part 1 a2k_members NU
jd User confirms delete profile a2k_members NU
jr Start profile add or mod a2k_members NU
ju User says delete profile a2k_members NU
jv First add modify screen a2k_members NU

2i TEST – Display profile by name a2k_retrieve NU
2w TEST – Display prof by # a2k_retrieve NU
Id Identify – answer w/forms a2k_retrieve NU
id Identify for fdo91 a2k_retrieve NU
jI ID to member_dir a2k_retrieve NU
jW Display Profile a2k_retrieve NU
ji Display profile by name a2k_retrieve NU
jw Display profile by record number a2k_retrieve NU

2c reset a2k_search domain a2k_search
2e enter AOL2000 database a2k_search NU
2m more AOL2000 search results a2k_search NU
2s search AOL2000 database a2k_search NU
jL Find users by Last name a2k_search NU
jS Find users by Screen name a2k_search NU

RA Show name info for modify autorep NU
RB Modify billing info autorep
RC Modify checking acct info autorep NU
RF Display autorep form with pop autorep
RN Modify name info autorep
RP Password validation autorep
RT Explain Billing Terms autorep NU
Ra Show name info autorep
Rc Modify credit card info autorep
Rf Display autorep form autorep

%* bb_ip_search tokens bb_ip_search

RD Request detail bill billrep
RS request summary bill billrep*
RE Request formless billing summary billrep

b$ display message with replace bboard
b& display original msg w/ replace bboard
b+ request to add an owner bboard
b, update rights bboard
b- request to delete an owner bboard
b. tool, disp container phrase upd bboard
b/ show owners bboard
b3 send tool “status” form bboard
b4 udpated Title/Description bboard
b5 show parents w/o req. owner acc bboard
b7 edit title bboard
b8 edit description bboard
b9 edit owner rights bboard
b: edit title bboard
b; edit_description bboard
b< delete an owner bboard
b= confirm reply message delete bboard
b> add an owner bboard
b? enter tools area, use old forms bboard
[email protected] application disabled button bboard
bC create a container standalone bboard
bG resequence info bboard
bI change status to hidden bboard
bJ move info bboard
bK delink form bboard
bL insert info bboard
bM display message without replace bboard
bN display message with replace bboard
bT tool_cc_update bboard
bV change status to released bboard
bX change status to deleted bboard
bY confirm message delete bboard
b[ tools – get phrase for container bboard
b\ change reply status to released bboard
b] tools, upd & commit cntnr phrase bboard
b_ enter tools area with replies bboard
b` change reply status to deleted bboard
bb toggle display fifo bboard
bc create a container child bboard
be Edit Title/Description bboard
bf create a folder bboard
bg send resequence form to user bboard
bh move confirmation bboard
bi change node status to hidden bboard
bj move form bboard
bk delink form bboard
bl invert form bboard
bn cancel link tool lock bboard
bp show parents bboard
bt get & lck container hdr for mods bboard
bu verify accessibility bboard
bv change node status to unread bboard
bw mk container “store” node (root) bboard
bx change node status to deleted bboard
by confirm container delete bboard
b{ toggle display fifo of thread bboard
b| display message with replace bboard
b~ change reply status to hidden bboard
[email protected] build search database bboard

bF send_bboard_form board_forms

b! display reply messages board_list NU
b# open folder with list of replies board_list NU
b% more folder menu board_list NU
b( browse_new_threads board_list NU
b0 more_find_new board_list NU
b1 browse new board_list NU
b2 more find new board_list NU
b6 more_new_threads board_list NU
bA current_container board_list NU
bE Enter msg board board_list NU
bO open_folder board_list NU
bS send_find_since_form board_list NU
bU pop_cc_context board_list NU
bW open_folder board_list NU
bZ more folder menu board_list NU
b^ find_new_thread board_list NU
ba enter the folder with tools board_list NU
bm “Jump” to board board_list
bo open_folder board_list NU
bq Read 1st New board_list
br find_new_now board_list NU
bs find_since board_list NU
bz more_container_menu board_list NU
b} enter the folder with tools board_list NU
z$ display reply board read board_read
z& orig. msg. board read board_read
zM board read disp. msg board_read
zN board read disp. next board_read
z| repl. reply disp. board read board_read*
zF (Note: An existing token – reroute) board_read*
zR (Note: An existing token – reroute) board_read

ma request reply by mail board_text
mb send reply by mail board_text
mc official response w/mail board_text
md handle_text for replies board_text
mu Add message to new boards folder board_text
zF post message board_text
zR post response board_text
gr All special cashier tokens cashier

ge Transfer chips cashier_win
gh Show leader boards cashier_win
gj Show cashier form cashier_win

gs Show user balance custom group options mbox_admin NU
gY Request personal ignore list mbox_admin NU
gZ Request delegate form mbox_admin NU
mS Send Stratus line-25 msg mbox_admin NU

eD Download file attached to mail mail_download NU
ed Download method for MIP mail_download
ek download direct by mail id mail_download
eq Add attached mail file to queue mail_download

m0 FDM #1 mail_form_driven*
ou FDM #2 mail_form_driven*
ef (Note: An existing token – reroute) mail_form_driven

eL Request to list unread mail mbox_list
eM Mail menu continue mbox_list
eN Read “next” mail message mbox_list
eO List old mail mbox_list
el List unread mail – use MIP mbox_list
eo List old mail – use MIP mbox_list
ep Display previous mail message mbox_list
m7 List unread mail w/atoms mbox_list
m8 List outbound mail w/atoms mbox_list
m9 List read mail w/atoms mbox_list
oL Outbox – starting list mbox_list
oO Outbox – continue listing mbox_list
ol Get outbox list – use MIP mbox_list

e0 Initiate form-based forward mbox_read
e3 New message board comment mbox_read
e4 Answer author only mbox_read
e5 mail_read domain mbox_read
e8 Read mail for View Description mbox_read
eC Continue mail_read mbox_read
eR Read mail mbox_read
eW mark mail deleted – pre gen4 mbox_read
eb Read mail, no header info mbox_read
ec Continue sending mip mail mbox_read
eg Read mail, show no Next btn mbox_read
eh Read from outbox mbox_read
er Read mail – use MIP mbox_read
ev Make unread – pre gen4 mbox_read
ew Mark mail_deleted mbox_read
ex Method to mark read w/o read MIP mbox_read
ey Mark mail read w/o read via atom mbox_read
ez Mark mail unread mbox_read
m3 atomized mail read (WAOL) mbox_read NU
m6 Read mail mbox_read
oI Get status atom format mbox_read
oR Form based email recall mbox_read
oS Outbox – get mail status mbox_read
oU Recall (unsend) confirmation mbox_read
oW delete from outbox mbox_read
or Mip based email recall mbox_read
os Get status – MIP format mbox_read
ow Mark Outbox Deleted (form mail) mbox_read

af usmail addressed “FROM” mbox_send
at usmail addressed “TO” mbox_send
e1 New form mail header mbox_send NU
e2 New form mail file header mbox_send NU
e9 Send header on forward mbox_send NU
eI Email – file info for upload mbox_send
ef Form driven mail token mbox_send
m4 Start atom mail mbox_send NU
m5 Send atom mail text mbox_send
mB Message Interchange Protocol pkt mbox_send NU
mC Confirm E-Mail charges mbox_send
mT Message Interchange Protocol pkt mbox_send

Da Initiate ‘walkaround’ pw change nameman
Dc Change ‘walkaround’ password nameman
Ds Set new ‘walkaround’ password nameman
Dx Turn ‘walkaround’ password off nameman
[email protected] update parental control nameman
nA add subaccount name nameman NU
nC Interactive Communications Cntl nameman
nD delete subaccount name nameman NU
nJ master screen name cntrl nameman
nM add new subact to member dir nameman
nP Define new account password nameman
nR Refresh lcl db with user list nameman
nU update disk profile nameman CU
nZ User requested CANCEL nameman
na Start sub-acct add nameman NU
nc Request create name form nameman
nd Request delete name form nameman
ni Request chat control form nameman
nj send user preferences form nameman
nk process user preferences form nameman *
nl Send user spotlight nameman*
nm Process user spotlight nameman
nn Request parental controls form nameman
no nameman
np nameman
nr Process parental controls form nameman
nz nameman

*T Soft desc modify – text packets Obsolete
ID Request identify user (Identify) Obsolete
K4 Library, QLink start file dnld Obsolete
MZ Open Promenade HQ Room Obsolete
Sb StoryLine – button response Obsolete
Sr StoryLine – Response Obsolete NU
Ss StoryLine – start story Obsolete NU
a1 process certificate form Obsolete NU
a4 process user name form Obsolete
e6 Address book header Obsolete
e7 Address book header (file xfer) Obsolete
eA Start an E-Mail ‘answer’ Obsolete
eE End of mail text entry Obsolete
eH Contains mail header Obsolete
eP description for file folder Obsolete
eQ apple_file_info for multi-file Obsolete
eU Mac file name for email upload Obsolete
gf Get File Kludge Obsolete
h1 ask tandy hotline Obsolete
h2 ask tandy hotline responses Obsolete
h3 ask tandy read hotline responses Obsolete
h4 Text for hotline message Obsolete
hN Next hidden topic/file Obsolete
hP Previous hidden topic/file Obsolete
iM Sending IM (form) Obsolete
iQ Cancel sending of IM Obsolete
jE Enter name in member_dir Obsolete
jM List More users from prev. searc Obsolete
jX Add name to member_dir (II) Obsolete
jY Add/Modify Profile part 4 Obsolete
jZ Add/Modify Profile part 5 Obsolete
je Hobbies add modify screen Obsolete
jf Request search by name form Obsolete
jl Find by real name Obsolete NU
jm More find entries requested Obsolete
js Find by screen name Obsolete NU
jx Computers add modify screen Obsolete
jy Occupations add modify screen Obsolete
jz Send modify form Obsolete
m2 Request to hide folder Obsolete
mA Start a message board ‘answer’ Obsolete
mE Enter message board Obsolete
mG Create user’s mailbox -mbox_list Obsolete
mH Start message board compose Obsolete
mN Read “next” topic in bboard Obsolete
mP Read previous message Obsolete
mU Add message to folder Obsolete
mV Offnet mail charge confirmation Obsolete
mX Delete Topic Obsolete
mf Read 1st msg – no prev Obsolete
ml Read last msg – no next Obsolete
mo read only msg – no next/prev Obsolete
qQ Trade plus – get stock price Obsolete
qS Trade plus – get stock symbol Obsolete
rF Open first msg in folder Obsolete
rL Start list of Responses Obsolete
rM Continue list of Responses Obsolete
rN Read “next” comment Obsolete
rP Read previous comment Obsolete
rS test of forced download Obsolete
rU List “unread” comments Obsolete
rV chat version check Mac 2.0 Obsolete
rX Delete response Obsolete
rY Assign to Puzzler Studio Obsolete
rZ Assign to Puzzler Studio w/Name Obsolete
tF Returns ‘online’ volumes Obsolete
sk Scorekeeper requests Obsolete
tO Request “List volumes” tkn (tO) Obsolete
uD Disk update – delete complete Obsolete
uF Disk update – download complete Obsolete
uI Disk update – got file info Obsolete
uP Personal Info write complete Obsolete
uU Start disk update Obsolete
vn save / update rec (view_rules) Obsolete

pa Add stock to portfolio pcquote
pd Delelte stock from portfolio pcquote
pf Display portfolio pcquote
pg Display Bulls & Bears Portfolio pcquote
ph Display portfolio pcquote
pi Display Quicken portfolio pcquote
pk Get quote for stock in portfolio pcquote
pl Get stock quote frm list box pcquote
pm Continue company list display pcquote
pp Add to portfolio w/data pcquote
pq Get stock quote pcquote
pr Request a stock quote form pcquote
ps Scan company database pcquote
px Setup remove from portfolio pcquote

D5 Return D! to PC Porch PL
D6 Confirm password updated Porch NU PL
D9 process new mail query Porch PL
DD Initial login packet Porch NU SP PL
Db User accepted AOL conversion. Porch PL
Dd Initial login pkt (form based) Porch NU SP PL
De Porch Prom reject button Porch PL
Dg Guest Account signon data Porch PL
Di Rcv manual passwords for acct Porch PL
Dl Start next action Porch PL
Dp Process manual password Porch PL
LO Session termination Porch SP PL
d5 Account record update complete Porch PL
d6 Password update complete Porch PL
pU Script writ result, nxt act’n Dl Porch PL
u2 Disk update complete sent by pc Porch PL *
d7 Define language list (Mac) Porch PL*
pA Add a new promotion promoter
pC Change promotion promoter
pL List all pending promotions promoter
pM Request promotion screen promoter
pN List selected promotions promoter
pO Open an existing promotion promoter
pP Tell promoter to pop & add promoter
pR Remove a pending promotion promoter
pS Save promotion permanently promoter
pT Timer report from signon screen promoter

R$ show rainman info rainman2
R0 Get Info about RMP object rainman2
R1 interactive rainman cmds rainman2 NU
R2 create rainman group rainman2 NU
R3 open rainman group rainman2 NU
R4 open rainman group config rainman2 NU
R5 modify rainman group config rainman2 NU
R6 add rainman group auth user rainman2 NU
R7 add rainman group mapword rainman2 NU
R8 list rainman group mapwords rainman2 NU
R9 list rainman group auth users rainman2 NU
RG Open mapword description rainman2
RH Update mapword description rainman2
RR List Groups rainman2
RU Open ranman mapword for delete rainman2
RV Confirm delete rainman mapword rainman2
RW Open rainman Auth User for edit rainman2
RX Reconfigure rainman auth user rainman2
RY Open rainman Auth User for delet rainman2
RZ Confirm delete rainman auth user rainman2
Rg Add slugword rainman2
Rh List slugwords rainman2
Ri Open slugword for update rainman2
Rj Confirm slugword update rainman2
Rk Open slugword for delete rainman2
Rl Confirm slugword delete rainman2
Rp user configure rainman password rainman2
Rq open usr rainmn2 pswd display rainman2
Rr manage rmp pswds display rainman2
Rs manage rmp pswd delete rainman2
Rt user group retrieve rainman2
Ru user group delete rainman2
Rv user rainman2 delete rainman2
Rw selected object info rainman2
Rz display user groups rainman2

D1 QLINK start certificate dialog Register NU PL
D2 QLINK registration complete Register cashier_win gX Set PL
D3 atomized registration token Register_at NU PL
Dr Start trial registration Register NU PL
aA Process county info Register PL
aB Process ext invoice Register PL
aD Process group member Register PL
aE Dislay Intl addr form Register PL
aF Process city info Register PL
aG Process group master Register PL
aH finish updating user disk Register PL
aa process certificate info Register NU PL
ab process name & addr info Register PL
ac Select a Credit Card Register PL
ad Get promotion description Register PL
ae end of registration Register PL
ag Get suggested screen name Register PL
ah Display billing type Register PL
ai process credit card info Register PL
aj Process Intl direct debit Register PL
ak process checking acct info Register PL
al Select alternate screen name Register PL
am Manage offer descriptions Register PL
ap process passwords Register PL
aq Process Intll address Register PL
ar Get manage offer desc form Register PL
as process screen name Register PL
au Askfor name & address form Register PL
av Display more billing type Register PL
aw Process employee Register PL
ax Use wants to cancel Register PL
ay User really wants to cancel Register PL
az Kick gen_2 user offline Register PL

f1request object retriever PL
f2 request dod retriever PL
f3 get modify database record form retriever
f4 wipe out local db retriever
f5 Batch upload of pictures retriever NU
f6 Install Local DB for Windows retriever
f7 Request a form retriever PL
f8 picture information retriever NU
f9 pc initiated binary upload retriever NU
fa host initiated binary upload retriever NU
fb binary information retriever NU
fc modify picture record retriever NU
fd modify binary record retriever NU
fe Modify picture retriever
fg bulk record update from file retriever
fi bulk record update for MAC retriever
fj result for updating local record retriever

YA Connect to TCP RMG rmg NU
YB DO cmd for TCP RMG rmg
YC Input for TCP RMG rmg
YD Disconnect from TCP RMG rmg
YE Domain change rmg
YF Send .c1 command rmg
YG Send .c1 command rmg
YH Send .c1 command rmg
YI Send .c1 command rmg
YJ Send .c1 command rmg
YK Send .c1 command rmg
YL Sub-input 1 for rmg rmg
YM Sub-input 1for rmg rmg
YN Sub-input 1 for rmg rmg
YO Sub-input 1 for rmg rmg
YP Sub-input 1 for rmg rmg
YQ Sub-input 1 for rmg rmg
YS Disconnect from RMG w/clustering rmg*
7A Connect to old RMG rmg NU*
7B DO cmd for old RMG rmg*
7C Input for old RMG rmg*
7D Disconnect from old RMG rmg*
7E Domain change rmg*
7F Send .c1 command rmg*
7G Send .c1 command rmg*
7H Send .c1 command rmg*
7I Send .c1 command rmg*
7J Send .c1 command rmg*
7K Send .c1 command rmg*
7L Sub-input 1 for old rmg rmg*
7M Sub-input 1 for old rmg rmg*
7N Sub-input 1 for old rmg rmg*
7O Sub-input 1 for old rmg rmg*
7P Sub-input 1 for old rmg rmg*
7Q Sub-input 1 for old rmg rmg*
7R connect to old RMG w/out unplug rmg*
7S Disconnect from old RMG cluster rmg*
7T Individual old RMG form closed rmg*
7U Send .c1 command rmg*
7V Send .c1 command rmg*
7W board_delink_form rmg*
7X Send .c1 command rmg*
7Y Special token for free curtain rmg*
YY Special token for free curtain rmg

r1 Request bingo # rolodex

AA chat message (Rm/Aud) Roomer M1
AD disable music (Rm/Aud) Roomer M1
AE enable music (Rm/Aud) Roomer M1
AK trivia request Roomer M1
AM trivia question Roomer M1
AN trivia answer Roomer M1
AP trivia (delete response) Roomer M1
AR trivia (correct answer) Roomer M1
AS trivia response Roomer M1
AW trivia (wrong answer) Roomer M1

AX user selective broadcast Roomer M1
Aa chat msg/fdo91 – Rm/Aud Roomer M1
CM request public room (Rm/Aud) Roomer M1
CP request private room (Rm/Aud) Roomer M1
CX change room Roomer M1
G! qlink Game over Roomer M1
G4 qlink Game game not on disk Roomer M1
G8 qlink Game pc got loading error Roomer M1
GA qlink Game ack (resume moves) Roomer M1
GB qlink Game start-when all loaded Roomer M1
GC qlink Game pc rejects undo move Roomer M1
GE qlink Game pc end of game Roomer M1
GF qlink Game pc requests undo move Roomer M1
GH qlink Game pc accepts undo move Roomer M1
GI qlink Game Init (get players) Roomer M1
GJ qlink Game join game Roomer M1
GL qlink Game restarted load-used? Roomer M1
GM qlink Game send game move Roomer M1
GN qlink Game pc declines to play Roomer M1
GQ qlink Game pass on move (???) Roomer M1
GR qlink Game pc loaded & ready Roomer M1
GS qlink Game start Roomer M1
GT qlink Game pass on move (???) Roomer M1
GU qlink Game pc request to play Roomer M1
GV qlink Game restart incompatibles Roomer M1
GW qlink Game pass on move (???) Roomer M1
GY qlink Game pc agrees to play Roomer M1
GZ qlink Game pc req to play (last) Roomer M1
I0 Ignore user – gen 4 Roomer M1
I1 Cancel Ignore User – gen 4 Roomer
M1 IG Ignore User Roomer M1
IX Cancel Ignore User Roomer M1
J1 qlink Game Observe: request obs Roomer M1
JA qlink Game Observe: restart game Roomer M1
JF qlink Game Observe: decline obs Roomer M1
JG qlink Game Observe: resume game Roomer M1
JN qlink Game Observe: decline obs Roomer M1
JS qlink Game Observe: suspend game Roomer M1
JY qlink Game Observe: accept obs Roomer M1
LG list games Roomer M1
MS display system messages (Rm/Aud) Roomer M1
PR qlink request locate, snd to LW Roomer M1
c. Aud (Sp)-send question to master Roomer M1
c0 Aud (Sp)-send question to queue Roomer M1
c1 Aud (Sp)-add text to canned menu Roomer M1
c2 Aud (Sp)-last line of cannd text Roomer M1
c3 Aud (Sp)-request cannd text menu Roomer M1
c4 Aud (Sp)-action on ith cannd txt Roomer M1
c5 Aud (Sp)-delete ith cnd txt file Roomer M1
c6 Aud (Sp)-delete active question Roomer M1
c7 Aud (Sp)-get question frm hold Q Roomer M1
c8 Aud (Sp)-get menu of masters (Q) Roomer M1
c9 Aud (Sp)-set q to master index Roomer M1
cA Request Box Office events (R/A) Roomer M1
cC Cancel Aud. reservation (R/A) Roomer M1
cD AUD-obsolete, version 5.2 only Roomer M1
cE Enter Auditorium (Q only) (R/A) Roomer M1
cH Aud-list my chat group Roomer M1
cJ Aud-list some user’s chat group Roomer M1
cK Aud (Sp)-Kill Aud. questions Roomer M1
cM Request Aud. reservation (R/A) Roomer M1
cN Aud-list chat group number # Roomer M1
cO Aud-list occupied chat groups Roomer M1
cP Aud-move to another chat group Roomer M1
cR Aud-turn my chat on/off Roomer M1
cS Enter Auditorium as master (Q) Roomer M1
cU Aud-get SuperQ form Roomer M1
cW Aud (Sp)-Wake Aud. questions Roomer M1
cX Aud (Sp)-Evictuser from Aud. Roomer M1
c{ Aud (Sp)-broadcast quest as cmnt Roomer M1
q? Aud-(non-Q) get question form Roomer M1
qA Aud (Sp)-request a comment Roomer M1
qB Aud (Sp)-broadcast question Roomer M1
qC Aud-(non-Q) add question line Roomer M1
qD Aud-(non-Q) add question line Roomer M1
qE Aud-End of incoming question Roomer M1
qF Aud-(non-Q) tally vote Roomer M1
qG Aud-(non-Q) accept bid Roomer M1
qM Aud-Incoming question Roomer M1
qN Aud-(non-Q) withdraw Sp invite Roomer M1
qR Aud (Sp)-request a question Roomer M1
qU Aud (Sp)-get Auditorium stats Roomer M1
qY Aud-(non-Q) accept Sp invite Roomer M1
qZ Aud-(non-Q) Music Master invite Roomer M1
qc Aud – 4th gen add question Roomer M1
qd Aud – 4th gen add comment Roomer M1

a5 End of Registration Survey Script CU PL
sA Abort Script Script CU PL
sE End of Script Script CU PL
sI Initialize Script Script NU PL
sN Asking script for a record number Script NU PL
sP Script processing needed Script NU PL
sQ Script processing needed – gen_4 Script PL
sR Script process registration form Script NU PL
sT Scripts scoreboard Script CU PL
se End of Script – gen_4 Script CU PL

#C sketchpad command w/ escape sketchpad M2
#c sketchpad command w/o escape sketchpad M2

*C Start software move process soft_box
*D Delete software soft_box
*H Hide software soft_box
*R Release software soft_box
*X Move software soft_box
*d Start software delete process soft_box
*x move and release soft_box
eB Enter software board soft_box
hL List hidden topics/files soft_box
hM List hidden – continue soft_box
mL Start list of software board soft_box
mM software board menucontinue soft_box

eD Download file attached to mail soft_download NU
eG Email – file info for download soft_download
eJ Ok to proceed w/ file sys dnloadsoft_download CU
eK User aborted download soft_download
eV Email – volume info for download soft_download
eY Disk operation result soft_download
eZ Mail file delete response soft_download
ed Download method for MIP soft_download
ek download direct by mail id soft_download
eq Add attached mail file to queue soft_download
mD Download file attached to msg soft_download NU
mq add message to dl queue soft_download
tD OK to delete file soft_download
tJ Start forced download of tool soft_download NU
tN Mail download – got file name soft_download
tk download direct by file ID soft_download
tl Initiate tool download – WAOL soft_download
tn Cancel tool download soft_download
to Initiate tool download – WAOL soft_download
tw request dl of widget tool soft_download
vD chatterless download soft_download

*E Get software desc for editting soft_read
*M Setup for soft desc modify soft_read
m1 Software description (new mail) soft_read
mF Read and enter Library (search) soft_read
mR Read a software board msg soft_read
mY Begin comment to sysop soft_read
mZ Handle input from comment form soft_read

Ba graphic type of thumbnail soft_text SP
Bb thumbnail packet eob soft_text SP
Bd thumbnail packet soft_text SP
Be thumbnail packet eof soft_text
eF End of text, start upload soft_text
eS Start upload soft_text NU
ei Start library upload soft_text
es Get upload info form soft_text
eu Mac file name for lib upload soft_text
uB file names to be uploaded soft_text*

so Cancel library add/update soft_tools

me Update driver record soft_update
mg Display Searchable Libraries soft_update
mh Modify existing driver record soft_update
mi Delete driver record soft_update
mj Delete of driver record confirmd soft_update
mk Select/Create a Driver record soft_update
mm Display List of Libraries soft_update
mn Create New driver record soft_update
mp Handle update/create of drv rec soft_update
mr select drv rec from list soft_update

K9 abort text transmission textman PL
KN text go ahead textman
T1 request text from menu/list textman NU
T2 request text from more button textman
T3 text appl. level ack textman
T4 reset textman domain info textman
T5 Next text record textman NU
t6 Request text for atom mip textman
t0 Get text doc, override gfx prefs textman2
t1 request text from menu/list textman2 NU
t2 request text from more button textman2
t4 reset textman domain info textman2
t5 next text record textman2
U* reserved for future use textman2 M1

Kg PC indicating surcharge switch tih SP PL
MX Q-Link 3 char token (strip X) tih SP
PD PC requests circular dump tih SP
S# Speed indication tih SP PL
S& Init pkt tih SP PL
S? PC suspects host hang tih SP
[email protected] VC connected tih SP PL
SG Start sending to pre-gen 3rd tih SP PL
SR Restore version tih SP
SS Stop sending to pre-gen 3rd tih SP PL
SV Change version tih
SP S] VC disconnect tih SP PL
Sm Download meter toggle tih SP
Su Restore version (RESET based) tih SP
Sv Change version (RESET based) tih SP
XX XS acknowledgement (C64) tih SP PL

Ro Remain online hotkey token timer

ua Users phone number update_800 PL
ub Users first selection update_800 PL
uc Users second selection update_800 PL
ud Get new area code screen update_800 PL
ue Use same phone number for both update_800 PL
uf Confirm numbers & update PC DB update_800 PL
ug Local access # update complete update_800 PL
uh Give user initial list again update_800 PL
up Get prefix(s) for dialing update_800 PL

dE General DB update response update_disk PL
dK Update initial dept keyword update_disk PL
dd Dump database record update_disk PL
dk Request to change init dept update_disk PL
do Change options update_disk PL
dr Request a database dump update_disk PL
ds Show current options update_disk PL
dv Show Disk version information update_disk PL
tC Start catalog to window update_disk PL
tE Disk operation error update_disk PL
tG disk error on catalog request update_disk PL
tM Request to create directory update_disk PL
tPRequest “set prefix” update_disk PL
tR Rename a file update_disk PL
tS Scratch a file update_disk PL
tV Do “set prefix” update_disk PL
tY Will replace tO for list volumes update_disk PL
tZ Will replace tF for volumes info update_disk PL
u1 Generic PC DB update request update_disk PL
u3 Udo Download Complete update_disk PL
uC DOD for Mac update_disk PL

xK Upload abort Upload
xb Upload – data packet end of blk Upload
xd Upload – data packet Upload
xe Upload – data packet – eof Upload

ui Define interest-based bookmarks urlman
ur AOL URL urlman

CI req from pc to go into chat Usher NU
CJ Enter lobby from gen 4 Usher NU
CK Go to “similar” room family Usher NU
L! List Public Usher NU
L$ list sanctioned Usher NU
L& active sanctioned Usher NU
L( <More> public rooms Usher NU
L) <more> list of sanctioned Usher NU
L1 Request locate form Usher NU
L2 send create form Usher NU
L3 send private form Usher NU
[email protected] list member created rooms Usher NU
LB List rooms Usher NU
LC List rooms (continue) Usher NU
LD List PC from Conf Usher NU
LF List Conference Rooms Usher NU
LP List Rooms in People Connection Usher NU
LQ Quit list rooms Usher NU
LR List rooms in P.C. (LP cont’d) Usher NU
LS List rooms w/class and format Usher NU
LT Continue of LS Usher NU
MA Switch to Porch Usher
ML Switch to Library Usher
MM Switch to Porch Usher
MO Switch to Library Usher
MP Switch to Library Usher
MQ Switch to Library Usher
MR Return to room 0(Q), goto PC (^Q) Usher NU
c% Go To Private Promenade Room Usher NU
cG Enter Auditorium Audience Usher NU
cL Change rooms from list Usher NU
cQ Go to Public Room in P.C. Usher NU
cT Enter Auditorium as Master Usher NU
cV Go to Private Room in P.C. Usher NU
cb List People from room list Usher NU
cd List People in P.C. room Usher NU
ch Make room private Usher
rA Assign room to casino lng or gam Usher NU
rB List rooms (casino) Usher NU
rC List rooms (casino, continue) Usher NU
rD Force to leave room Usher
rG Change room to casino game Usher NU

v1 add a view rule view_rules
v3 select level 1 cug view_rules
v4 add function view_rules
v5 edit args view_rules
v6 save view rule view_rules
v7 add func. to view rule view_rules
v8 edit args for a func. view_rules
v9 select level 2 cug view_rules
vE add user_rights to mask view_rules
vF remove user_rights from mask view_rules
vG add user_rights to value view_rules
vH remove user_rights from value view_rules
vI add user_preferences to mask view_rules
vJ remove user_prefs from mask view_rules
vK add user_prefs to value view_rules
vL remove user_prefs from value view_rules
vM add user_session to mask view_rules
vN remove user_session from mask view_rules
vO add user_session to value view_rules
vP remove user_session from value view_rules
vQ add user_group to mask view_rules
vR remove user_group from mask view_rules
vS add user_group to value view_rules
vT remove user_group from value view_rules
vU add vp attr to mask view_rules
vV remove vp attr from mask view_rules
vW add vp attr to value view_rules
vX remove vp attr from value view_rules
vY add cug to list box view_rules
vZ remove cug from list box view_rules
va list of view_rules view_rules
vb undelete view_rule view_rules
vc get rec & display undelete form view_rules
vd display delete confirmation view_rules
ve more records view_rules
vf find view rules view_rules
vg list all view rules view_rules
vh select level 3 cug view_rules
vi insert function view_rules
vj get rec & display modify form view_rules
vk get rec & display delete form view_rules
vl delete current view rule view_rules
vm cancel and pop current form view_rules
vo delete function view_rules
vp form for editting action type view_rules
vq show args for a func view_rules
vr insert func for view rule view_rules
vs modify action type view_rules
vt get rec & display rename form view_rules
vu rename the view rule view_rules
vw add user_feature to mask view_rules
vx remove user_feature to mask view_rules
vy add user_feature to value view_rules
vz remove user_feature from value view_rules

W1 Chart tool tester watchman
W2 General watchman token watchman
W3 General watchman token watchman
WM Watch manager request watchman

i2 Open two chat IM window – no msg whisper
iA Able to receive IM whisper_gen3
iG Accept flashnotes for games whisper
iN Request to send IM whisper
iO Is user available? whisper
iR Unable to receive IM whisper_gen3
iS Send FlashNote – single form whisper
is Instant Msg from 2 way chat whisper

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