2 thoughts on “AOL WaReZ RoOmZ

  • I remember when I was visiting “Server” under they banned that room, and then moved to cerver. That was my goto private room until I stopped going on AOL as much. Good times though 🙂

    I still remember the whole deal of fate and fatezero and the fallout of fungii and magus. Maaan, I got all into collecting all the different fate progz, even the fake ones… and even had a “letter” of some sort about the fallout between Magus and Fungii. It’s a shame how nothing solid came from them after fateX but still the FateZero progs were good, esp the massmailer since I used it.

  • AH man!!! I still remember those progs too! I always wonder what happened to MaGuS and Fungii… Massmailers were fun as heck back in the day!

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