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OK,if anybody here doesn’t know what a server is, then don’t worry about it. Below, you see a bunch of songs, don’t worry about the junk in front of it that says like (~audio) or something, just scroll through the list and look. There are games/proggies/punters, and MP3’s on the list. For those of you who don’t know what a MP3 is, its a complete version of the song that sounds just like a cd but its on your computer. If you need a MP3 player, i suggest you get NAD, its real small and short to download. Once you find a song(s),a Game(s),a proggie(s), or a punter(s), just click on the little animated mailbox, it will bring up an e-mail form to E-Mail me. In the subject, type MP3, and then in the main E-Mail, type the # of the song/game,etc… on the list, the name of the song/game,etc…., and the author if its a song. I will then reply to the mail with the item you requested attached. Come back often, because I update my list with more and more stuff!!!!

Server List

0 Ao·NiN ’98  · Server List 1 1 Ao·NiN ’98  · Server List 2 2 Ao·NiN ’98  · Server List 3 3 Ao·NiN ’98  · Server List 4 4 Ao·NiN ’98  · Server List 5 5 Ao-Nin Server



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