‘ i have used some sendkeys and appactivate,
‘ but to me, that savs alot of time, now
‘ i didn’t use it in all the functions, i only
‘ used it like about 8 times out of all of them.

‘ this bas is just a taste of what i can do,
‘ like a beta. the next bas i make, will be never
‘ before seen options, some options in here are
‘ never before seen! and i bet people will
‘ copy them.

‘ NOTE: some things might not work yet due to the
‘ demands of this bas. the ghosting, and mabye the
‘ aolkeyword2 is a little glitchy, the buddy room
‘ invite still works, but that’s a little glitchy
‘ also, and the signonguest that will be done in my
‘ next bas. and a few other things are glitchy at the moment.

‘ peace,
‘ dsk

‘ dsk info

web page: http://dskrealm.cjb.net
comment: still working on dsk’s realm
e-mail: [email protected]
aim: i am dsk