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AOL IP Addresses

IP stands for Internet Protocol address. Internet Sites and people who connect online have an IP address. An Internet Protocol address indentifies your online connection. There are two types of IP addresses: dynamic and static. Static IP addresses are alyways the same. People who do not sign on through the phone line and are alyways connected have a static IP. If you connect via a phone line then you have a dynamic IP address. Dynamic IP addresses change each time you sign online. People who sign on through AOL get an IP address when they sign online. This IP address is dynamic — it will change everytime you sign online. IP addresses always take on the form xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx where xxx is a number between 0 and 255.

A DNS address is your IP address changed to words. For example, “” is the IP address for www.aol.com and “www.aol.com” is the DNS address. In this tutorial you will learn manually how to convert an AOL dynamic IP address into it’s corresponding DNS address.

First we will obtain your IP Address.
To do this, click Start, Run, and type “winipcfg.exe”. This will bring up something that looks like this:


Obviously, your IP address is where it say “IP Address”.

To convert it to your DNS address you first will need to learn how to convert into hexidecimal.

Your IP address will be in the form, xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx as said before. Here we will use aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd in order to distinguish between the different sections of an IP address.

Combine Hex(aaa), Hex(bbb), Hex(ccc), and Hex(ddd). Your dns is the combination of these section hexed followed by “.ipt.aol.com”.

For example, mine would be Hex(152) and Hex(207) and Hex(74) and Hex(87) followed by “.ipt.aol.com”. Which is 98, CF, 4A, 57 My DNS address “98CF4A57.ipt.aol.com”