2014-07-27 23_38_16-PAT or JK's WEB PAGE!

2014-07-27 23_41_29-About the Author Page (patorjk)

I visited this site since 1999 and to this day I still visit it.  While I was going through old Read Me documents of AOL Progs I came across a xoom webpage of PAT OR JK.

Some people have asked what does “PAT or JK” stand for? Well… the first part is me (patrick gillespie) and the other part, JK, well that’s a mystery.

You can check out the archive page here  


AOL Sites

Here’s a huge list of AOL Sites from the past, I found a lot these from visiting other affiliates through several sites on


I’ve also pulled a ton of content that was still available on the website by viewing a lot of these sites.


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