Distortion (Read Me)

SuP this prog is GUARANTEED no PWS Or Virii. If you DLed a copy with
PWS or Virii, you didnt get it from me, cuz i would NEVER send out PWS
or Virii. So feel free to run all ur PWS and Virii checks befor you run
this. If you are suspicious, then Just delete it, it’s ur loss.
Ignore.exe is an Auto-Ignorer, and Serva.exe is a server. The reason
they r separate EXE’s is cuz I dont have my forms, cuz i got a new comp
and my old one is in storage until November. Have fun!

AoMess Read Me

AOMess v3.0 FiNaL! Sept 1995
I now present you with a non-beta, complete MeSS!
– Mass Mail
– Bust In
– Three-line scroller
– Find Mail
– The LynX CD Player
– Mail Bomb
– BombFixer
– Punter
– DriveHell
– Da UsuaLs
– Options Saver
– Load AOL
– a clock…… so you can see how long ago you should have
gone to sleep. (more…)

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KnK [Read Me]

SuP this is one of the founders of KnK, and the main Web Page builder. All the ftp links on my site were uped by me. I always scan all of the files. If you see our KnK.nfo, or File_id.diz uped by other groups, well there lamerz. Always dl our stuff from our site at http://knk.tierranet.com. I will always keep the stuff safe. If you have any problems e-mail me at [email protected] or [email protected] I wont be able to answer all questons on how to use them tho.



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Mercy [Read Me]

This fine proggy was programmed by JuiCeLeSS…To get it to work you have to
put everything in c:\mercy.

This is only a version 1 beta 2..The program will get much better with later releases.
Remember to check out http://pages.prodigy.com/MI/juiceless/juiceless.html

Put the VBX’s and DL’s in your window system directory. I am pretty sure you guys know how to add a icon to your program group so i won’t even tell yah how.


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AIM Clone [Read Me]


Anyway, thanks for downloading yet another annoying version of the ‘cloned’ AIM. This is for the new Beta AIM version 2.01.1056 with file transfer capabilities. It will allow you to run a total of five AIM clients (exe’s) at once. That means five names. That means being really annoying if you want to. Ah well…I made it again because I had nothing better to do.

>Instructions on use:

Since so many of you that downloaded the other AIM Clone I had were too stupid to know how to run it, I need to tell you here.

Each AIM Clone (Clone#.exe) needs its own working directory. That means, if you want to clone you need to copy files. Okay, now what files do you copy, and what directories will you need? Read on…

Say you want to clone ONCE. You would make a new directory ANYWHERE, and name it something like ‘Clone1’. THEN, you copy all of the files from your current AIM95 directory (or wherever AIM is installed), except for the help files and AIM.EXE. Paste those files into that directory I told you to create before. Unzip Cloned1.exe to that directory. Now you are ready to be extremely bored and clone.

Run AIM as normal…sign on…blah blah blah. Next, run Cloned1.exe. Wow, now you can sign on under another name. YAY. Yeah, you’re welcome.

http://eric.krayon.net or http://i.am/aorta
[email protected]