AIM 4.7 Boots

There are a lot of 4.7 boots out there. Heres a list of some of them (note: most are in aim filter)

Comment Crash (send lots of “<—“s to someone to make them crash)

Buddy Crash (sends a buddylist full of <hr>)

Font Crash (sends lots of different colored text to an IM)

BG Crash (sends lots of different colored backgrounds to someone)

Font Face Boot (sends lots of different fonts to someone)

Black Box Boot (sends an overload of html that crashes the victim)

Graphite Light Boot (a boot I found awhile ago that would sometimes crash computers sometimes or just there aims. It has random effects on the victim. May still work)

Add Buddy Boot (the link would crash the victim if they clicked on it because of the long ass name)

New A: Lag/Crash (would either lag the hell out of someone or boot them)

File Crash (sends a long ass fake file name to a victim which ends up crashing there aim)

Icon Crash (would crash someone with an icon that says it meets the limit but it doesnt)

Direct Connect Icon Crash (sending Icon crash through dc would either lag the victim or crash them)