TCP\IP: A Mammoth Description


TCP\IP: A Mammoth Description By Ankit Fadia [email protected]

TCP\IP or Transmission Control Protocol \ Internet Protocol is a stack or collection of various protocols. A
protocol is basically the commands or instructions using which two computers within a local network or the
Internet can exchange data or information and resources.

Transmission Control Protocol \ Internet Protocol or the TCP\IP was developed around the time of the
ARPAnet. It is also known as the Protocol Suite. It consists of various protocols but as the TCP
(Transmission Control Protocol) and the IP (Internet Protocol) are the most, well known of the suite of
protocols, the entire family or suite is called the TCP\IP suite.

The TCP\ IP Suite is a stacked suite with various layers stacked on each other, each layer looking after one
aspect of the data transfer. Data is transferred from one layer to the other. The Entire TCP\ IP suite can be
broken down into the below layers-: (more…)

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Extracting Web Server Information using Telnet

Extracting Web Server Information using Telnet / by R a v e N

Welcome to yet another BSRF tutorial. This time, I will teach you most basic command in the HTTP protocol, and how it is possible to extract tons of web server information and other pieces of info using this command only and a telnet client.

Okay, you are about to learn what your browser does when you type in, say, First of all, it connects to on port 80. If there is an answer on the other hand, which means that the port is open (the port is not closed or blocked by any filtering software, such as a firewall) and a TCP session can start, your browser would usually type this:
get url HTTP/1.1
(followed by a blank line) (more…)

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Local Windows hacking for newbies

| |
| Your computer |
| is dead… |
| and it was so alive | Local Windows hacking for newbies
| _______ |
| |.—–.| | Written by MiggyX for the Black Sun Research Facility
| ||x . x|| |
| ||_.-._|| | Contact : [email protected]
| `–)-(–` |
| __[=== o]___ | Coming together is a beginning, Staying together is
| |:::::::::::|\ | progress, Working together is success!
| `-=========-`() |
| You shouldn’t have |
| installed: |
| |
| -= Win’95 =- |


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This is a fairly simple modification that can be made to any phone. All

it does is allow you to take any 2 lines in your house and create a party
line. So far I have not heard of any problems with it from my friends that
have set one up and I have not had any either. There is one thing that you
will notice when you are one of the two people who is called by a person with
this box. The other person will sound a little bit faint. I could overcome
this with some amplifiers but then there wouldn’t be very many of these boxes
made. I think that the convenience of having two people on line at any one
time will make up for the minor volume loss.

(> Phone Modification Instructions <) (more…)

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– The Marshals of Dynamic Discord –
– Present –
– The Chartreuse Box (or any other obnoxious color) –
– By: Wonko The Sane –


The Chartreuse Box, so named because this is an obnoxious box
and chartreuse is an obnoxious color, is designed to take
advantage of the thousands of dollars Ma Bell pays to the electric
company each day. As you know, your telephone line is a constant
power source. The chart box is designed to allow you to tap that
power source for whatever sicko purposes you might have in mind.


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Crimson Box Plans



The Crimson Box is very simple device that will allow you to put someone
on hold or make your fone busy with a large amount of ease. You flip a switch
and the person can’t hear you talking. Flip it back and everything is peachy.

MATERIALS: >-:->> 100 ohm or less resistor
>-:->> SPDT toggle switch, On-Off
>-:->> Solder and soldering iron
>-:->> 3 feet of good wire
>-:->> Wire cutters (more…)

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Soft-ICE [Read Me]

Please read the Soft-ICE for Windows 95 documentation for
the latest product information.
1) To install Soft-ICE for Windows 95, run SETUP.EXE and the install wizards
will guide you to completion. Once this is complete, please consult the
‘Starting Soft-ICE for Windows 95’ section of the documentation. Soft-ICE
cannot be run directly from Windows 95, or from a DOS box within Windows 95. (more…)

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