Christopher Desrochers “c0rpze” RIP.


Honestly,  when I started this Tumblr account  I had no idea I would be writing about someone I was so close with on AOL.  If you look back in all my previous Progs, Websites there was always a select few shout outs and it was (Kaze, C0rpze, Kittie, ECW).


I recently came in contact with Kaze/Todd someone I haven’t spoken with in almost 15 years.  (My partner in Crime from AOL).  I found an old floppy disk with a bunch of contact phone numbers.  I had no idea what Todd’s or Chris’s last name was all I could remember was they where from NH.


So I did a little digging around on Spokeo/Google- I remembered what e-mail accounts they used all the time and just like that I instantly found out their info.


I wish I got reunited with Kaze a few years earlier.  I couldn’t believe the news he told me: that his brother passed away in 2008.  I was in total fucking shock.  I was just waiting for him to tell me “yo man this is chris’s facebook” and just reminisce on old times back in the AOL days.


I chatted with these 2 from 1998 until around 2005 almost every day.  I chatted with them more than friends I knew in real life.  I tried locating them years ago but never could I don’t know what changed since then or why I was able to find him so quickly this time.  I’m just happy we where able to chat once again.


Shit brought back so many memories.  From talking on conference lines, calling cards (yeah remember those?), prank calling, sneaking in AOL Kids Only after 12:00, programming, raising hell in chatrooms, cracking 3chars, spamming.


I’m gonna miss this dude so much.  It seems so unreal.  Growing up and getting old sucks, I wish I could just travel back in time to the pr pokemon days, where I never thought I would grow up this fast / aol&aim would never disappear.


RIP Chris / C0rpze  – I will never forget ya bro.  I wish heaven had an internet connection.


I still remember Chris/C0rpze’s screen name’s :

[email protected] (JLT200)

[email protected] (iOX)

[email protected] (c0rpze)



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