Cloning AOL 2.5

Subj:      How to clone

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Subj:      How to clone

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Subj:      How to clone

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Subj:      How to clone

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I.Getting a Clone:

Getting a clone requires three parts:

A.Downloading AOL95

All you gotta do is go to Keyword “Get95”

B.Signing Up and Setting Up an ISP

This part is a little more complicated, and yer prolly

gonna hafta pay for it.  To find an ISP (Internet

Service Provider) go to and do a

search for Internet Service Provider.  You should get

a list of stuff, and eventually go into regions.  Find

a list of ISPs in your City, and go to one of their

sites to sign up.  They usually run around $15-$20 a                   month, but with one you can get an account on AOL for

$10 a month.  You have to set up settings like a TCP/IP

(Under Control Panel: Network) and a Dial Up Network

(Under My Computer), the service should give you the

information like LogIn, PassWord, and DNS, and if they

don’t, ask for them.  All ISPs are diffent so I can’t                        tell you exactly how to set it up, but once you have

it set up, you should be able to sign onto your ISP

through Win95 Dial Up Networking, then open AOL and set

it to TCP/IP connect and sign on with ease.

C.Getting A Second Account

You now are hooked up to your ISP.  Open AOL95, and

THEN AOL 2.5, sign onto AOL95 with the account you                            normally use, and get a <>< or fake to sign onto AOL

2.5 with.  THIS IS YOUR CLONE!

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