Denis & Poof

From Dennis’s old website

This was labeled “poof.html

jmoney404atl : yo u there

Denis : yea

Denis : sup poof

Denis : nice leet

jmoney404atl : dont tell pad im around man

jmoney404atl : that dude threatened my dad and shit, i just saw your profile

jmoney404atl : yall beefin/

jmoney404atl : from what i hear hes been beefin with the entire internet lately

Denis : you mean you saw his profile?

jmoney404atl : oh ya

jmoney404atl : mny bad

jmoney404atl : yall beefin or what

jmoney404atl : i been stayin low key i dont want net beef

jmoney404atl : been studying programming & shit

jmoney404atl : u wanna see my desktop in linux?

jmoney404atl : shit is hot

jmoney404atl : u there negro?

Denis : not really lol

Denis : yea

jmoney404atl : dont give noone my sn

Denis : nah me and pad arent beefing i just unop’d him

jmoney404atl : u are like 6th person with it

Denis : i wont bro

jmoney404atl : i know u werent really beefin with me that night u were just being stupid

jmoney404atl : i dont think u would really do no shit 2 me

jmoney404atl : but then again i didnt think pad would

jmoney404atl : somehow he pulled all my info

jmoney404atl : i could have retaliated but that would have just caused more drama

jmoney404atl : just gonna let it die

Denis : true

jmoney404atl : i ended up getting paid that $1000

jmoney404atl : but im not advertising anymore

jmoney404atl : that would infuriate him if he found out

jmoney404atl : but it was obvious he was lying i had no fraud sales

jmoney404atl : but yeah i dont do shit nomore

Denis : trendsetta poof = suspended?

jmoney404atl : just studying programming

jmoney404atl : i dont know, he told me if i signed on it he would attack people i know

jmoney404atl : i dont put it past him hes deranged

Denis : lol

Denis : well it got suspended

Denis : idk if they unsuspended it

jmoney404atl : i dont know

Denis : dale suspended like 60 sn’s the other day

Denis : unsuspended dennis for me

jmoney404atl : good way to get fired

Denis : 44 suspended dennis, dale and london

jmoney404atl : like i said

Denis : and unsuspended everything dale suspended

Denis : 44 told me personally dale doesnt work for aol

jmoney404atl : typical aoler

jmoney404atl : he could have used that 60 times

jmoney404atl : instead of doing it 60 times at once

jmoney404atl : used it 60 days

jmoney404atl : and kept the names dead

Denis : well everyone went crying to 44

Denis : about it

jmoney404atl : lol

Denis : 44 threatened to suspend this sn

jmoney404atl : i dont care about sn’s

Denis : me either really

Denis : i just had dennis 7 years ago and i wouldnt mind having it back ;p

jmoney404atl : i dont remember the pw to crunk thats the only sn i want back

jmoney404atl : i made that with regume back in like 99

jmoney404atl : then regime 2k came out

jmoney404atl : regime*

jmoney404atl : noone knew what crunk meant and made fun of me

jmoney404atl : lol

jmoney404atl : pad turned into an internet menace like recently

jmoney404atl : people that pull that get arrested

jmoney404atl : like all those kids with the lexis nexis shit a while back

jmoney404atl : do u know how LARGE of an offense all this internet info pulling shit is man

jmoney404atl : ?

jmoney404atl : it could be a manslaughter charges for everyones info u pull

jmoney404atl : charge

Denis : not if its public info

Denis : it’s not a charge at all

jmoney404atl : true

jmoney404atl : but mine wasnt

jmoney404atl : i havent worried about it though

jmoney404atl : im staying away like he said

Denis : he probably got it from your sponser

jmoney404atl : and he wont bother me

jmoney404atl : i thought about that

jmoney404atl : i think he knows the owner

Denis : probably

jmoney404atl : don’t care anyway im done with it

Denis : i dont trust pad at all btw

jmoney404atl : the money is already in my bank

jmoney404atl : don’t

Denis : true

Denis : im waiting on a 1700 check atm myself

Denis : just got 350 today in the mail

jmoney404atl : thing is pad is not even that og like he claims to be

Denis : he’s alright but he’s deranged

jmoney404atl : thats why all this stuff is still so prevalent to him

Denis : and a bback stabber

jmoney404atl : yes indeed

jmoney404atl : backstabber

jmoney404atl : good call

jmoney404atl : i am the most trustworthy person on the net probabl

jmoney404atl : all i do is clown in chatrooms

jmoney404atl : while i spammed

jmoney404atl : but i dont go in chatrooms or spam anymore

jmoney404atl : seriously need to peep my desktop though

jmoney404atl : its like some fresh ass shit

Denis : link me

jmoney404atl : hold up gotta screen shot

jmoney404atl : uploading to tinypic

jmoney404atl : taking forever not sure why

jmoney404atl :

jmoney404atl : brb

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