Elite IP Stealer (Read Me)

Elite IP Stealer v1.o
Thankyou for downloading this Elite IP Stealer. First I can’t
guarentee that this file is virus free unless you downloaded it from
the www.oogle.net server. For more info on this prog or additional
help please visit http://www.oogle.net/ipsteal/
And of course, because this software was written by Oogle it was
made Virus/Virii/PWS/Deltree FREE!

The Simplicity…
When this program starts up it will automatically create an HTTP
server on your computer, so basically you have a website on your
computer and if anyone goes to it, you get thier ip. For the normal
AOL user the website’s address would look like:

With this prog not only can you steal people on AOLs IP
Addresses but you can create a wall on any port like Netbus and this
program will automatically log the IP of anyone who trys to hack you
with Netbus. Once you get an IP address you can ping it, check to
see if THEY have a Netbus Server on their computer, check for other
servers on thier computer and more! AOL-Only features include the
ability to Mass Instant-Message people, scroll it in a chat, or mass
mail people it!
Once you have stolen IP’s you can easilly organize them by
saving your lists, removing people or adding custom ip’s

-Oogle 99′

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