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Welcome to Tau’s AOL Exploits site. Here you will find up to date information on the great things you can do on AOL that are not officially supported by AOL along with other online goodies.

With so many people on AOL with so many people trying to more AOL exploits I encourage all of you to send me your screen shots, e-mails, or Instant Messages having to do with anything funny, interesting, or plain stupid. All credit will be given to you.

Exploits online was created on February 5, 2000 and put on the web on April 20, 2000, in hopes of providing AOL members with the information they never knew they wanted to know. Exploits will bring you up to date information on AOL exploits and information about the ensuing America Online version 6.0. With so many people on AOL, new exploits are being discovered daily. The goal of Exploits Online is not to harm AOL in any way; just to make it more interesting to its members.

Exploits was created by me, Tau, whom you can contact at xxalphai@aol.com.

Think you have an idea to contribute to Exploits Online? E-mail me and you can write your own article

AOL Chat Rooms

Note that you must be using the AOL client to have these rooms opened.

apa – Branch off of ESP
cerver – Servers 24/7.
filez – It used to where Numb, Vox, and everyone else hanged out. But they moved it now due to all the lamers. I’m not posting the new room.
mp3 – Usually full, but they have some good MP3 servers. The only bad thing is that half of them dont know what Napster is.
smut – These people are cool, polular. I made the mass mailer they have been using.
smut2 – Second smut room.
vb – I used to hang out in here, but not much anymore. They all think they’re cool, and some are, but most are not.
vb5 – I usually hang out in here. The people are cool. No tolerance for lamers.

Source:  http://mazur-archives.s3.amazonaws.com/ieetfools/index.html

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