[email protected] Contacts [Doc]

AOL Germany

Astrid Henrich – AOL Germany Technical Producer responsible for [email protected] forms production
AOL Screen Name: HenrichA
German business hours: 49-40-36159-417

Bernhard Horstmann, AOL Germany Chief Technology Manager
Screen Name: HorstmannB
Germany business hours: 011-49-40-361-59-201

Stefan Krause – AOL Germany Account Manager for [email protected]
AOL Screen Name: StefanBAG
Germany business hours: 011-49-40-361-59-210

Anxie Systems

Piotr Zolnierek – Anixe Systems, 3rd-party German developer of [email protected] web and comm server applications installed on Reston servers
Email: [email protected]
Office Phone: 49-6237-979080
Cell Phone (Germany): 49-173-2004274
Cell Phone (Poland): 48-601-705466
ICQ 18937929

Bill Akers – Director of International Marketing
Email: [email protected]


Prentis Brooks
NT Web Support
phone 703-265-0914
[email protected]


Anne Bunn
Account Manager
Phone 49 69-66580150
[email protected]

Christine Butsmann
Product Manager
Phone 49 69-66580150
[email protected]

Maxie Krebs
Product Manager
Phone 49 69-66580150
[email protected]

Gary Phillips
Y2K Contact
[email protected]

Adam Fishman
Worldspan Atlanta
[email protected]

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