Forever 1.7 (Read Me)

Forever V1.7 was made by Flake for the MP3 Group ‘Forever’.
This version was created Sept-3-99
If there are any BUGs or Suggestions email me at (
The Flake Homepage is

I wana say peace out to:
ReLLiK_A – Fuck it all!!! 101% pure good times!
Gryphon – Keep learning man. and remember “abandone all hope”
The Mad Butcher – Dude we are a good team.
Fuel – You are the king of VB. Thanks
Darkmoon – Thanks and now Dark is HUGE!
Coasty (of gcmp3) – You are the dopest, thanks.

Shouts to
-Dark- you guys rock the Movie SEEN
-Audio- Nice job keepin MP3s alive
-UPS- Kings of Warez
-GCMp3- You guys are the best!

Peace Out- Flake

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