Geniculi Chat Encrypt (Read Me)

Geniculi Chat Encrypt by Cobra

v 1.14 – A chat encryption prog for AOL 4 and 5 chat rooms


You will get a blank window when you start the application. This is the chat window.
Any mouse action on this will do something. Left-clicking enables it’s movement.
Double-left-clicking minimizes/maximizes it. Right-clicking pulls the menu up.

The Menu:

Turn Encryption On/Off

Change Key Code – your key code enables only those with the same
code to decrypt your text – you and any other party wanting
to chat together must have the same key code

Catch Only Encrypted/Catch All – the chat window will either grab only
the encrypted text from the room or grab everything



Other needed files:

This application requires Visual Basic 6 Runtime files, which can be found
free at AOL keyword VB.

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