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     It’s AOL’s Most powerful staff tool, only accessible from within the AOL building. This tool, called “Online CRIS” is what gives in-house AOL staff access to your account.  Recently in the news, there’s been a lot of controversy about AOL’s privacy practices.

     A Navy officer was almost discharged from the army because an AOL staff member gave out the address information to navy investigators from a profile that contained the word “gay”. This caused an uproar in the media, and AOL members wondered how easily someone could find their address or billing information by simply knowing their AOL screen name.  Even Steve Case had to write a “Community Update” letter to AOL members in an attempt to stop the anti-privacy image that was being given to AOL. The pictures below are of the same tool used in these incidents.


The pull down tab for in-house billing/tech staff.
   Online CRIS access has also changed for staff members within the past year. They can no longer view a members password, simply change it.  They can also only view the last 4 digits of credit cards.  This is because a small group of AOL staff members were abusing the tool, the fact that we have these
pictures –  leaked from within the aol building is an example of why AOL cannot trust their own employees.


AOL Prank Call’s

This Page is updated as I think of new material.
Last updated: 12/21/97

 The E-Mail Confusion –  A Great prank call, must read!

 Technically challenged. – Pretending I bought a modem, but no computer.

The Virus – If you liked my other calls to tech support, you’ll love this one.

Psycho Online- Pretending I was a mentally insane, fat, lonely man, who needed AOL.

 New user troubles – Complaining about my “stolen credit card” not working.

“Fun with AOL Tech” – Prank call that had AOL tech a little confused.

“Cybersex” – The call that got the ladies at AOL a little mad at us.

“At dot com” – Prank call where I played an Internet idiot.

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“At times one remains faithful to a cause only because its opponents do not cease to be insipid.”
— Nietzsche

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– Ernesto “Che” Guevara (1928-1967)

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The website still is online today but redirects you to a youtube video.  The one below to be exact:



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