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denis: just so you know im getting all your bots dropped monday

drunkenly has entered the room.

Troubled: » –Tech N9ne – The Waitress «

diAnaz: poofs gona sign offline for an hr and get on conf then come back
on and be like

: just because you didnt have your perms

diAnaz: yahhh partied with my niggas and hoez

: all nite

: you made a new room

Troubled: LOL

Smh x: no one had the perms to unimm

HarM: lol

Smh x: because your a dumbshit who cant mod a room with ful ops

denis: who needed to be unimmed?

denis: no one

trendsetta poof: what is your dumb chubby ass rambling about now diana

diAnaz: you

: yes. he feels the need

HarM: to let us all know

HarM: he’s the man

trendsetta poof: i was gone from 6 pm till 1 am last night

diAnaz: lol

trendsetta poof
: and u were here alllllllllllllll night

denis: btw scott im the one who took everyones unimm

denis: and setperms

denis: 😉

denis: shouldnt have unop’d me

Smh x: i know that

denis: maybe i wouldve gave them back

diAnaz: allllllllllllllll night huh

: like you 2nite?

trendsetta poof
: yep atleast i can admit it

denis: you lying about getting 5 complaints

diAnaz: i never denied it

: i didnt ban anyone

trendsetta poof: i have options to go out, u dont

denis: all day

trendsetta poof: thats the sad part

Smh x: im not though

diAnaz: um

Smh x
: i would show you logs if i saved them

denis: who complained then

diAnaz: ya it is sad… you CAN go out and you dont

: i cant

: name them off

diAnaz: so i dont

trendsetta poof
: you can go out too

trendsetta poof: u just dont have any friends

denis: even poof IMed me like "who complained?"

diAnaz: not here

: they all in LA

: 😛

: did you not poof

Smh x: uhh the last one i remember is poof

trendsetta poof: i said u removed my setperms

denis: i took everyones setperms

trendsetta poof: and u scroll ops and shit everytime u enter

denis: when you and pad were argueing

trendsetta poof: scroll on the bot i mean

diAnaz: DUDE its ops who caress

: jesus

trendsetta poof
: yeah dude u oped and immuned pad and removed my immune

denis: i enter once every 2 days

trendsetta poof: took sides

denis: i didnt remove your immune

denis: i removed your ximm

denis: and his

trendsetta poof: u removed my ability to

diAnaz: omgz he unimmuned me

: and both your set perms

diAnaz: >:|

: W ¯ º ¯ X Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony – Budsmokers Only

trendsetta poof: i ban people who disrupt chat making sn’s about dead relatives is
disrupting chat

trendsetta poof: just happened to be mine

denis: make sn’s bout his daughter

denis: or get some skill and own him

diAnaz: if it was about me i bet youd laugh

has entered the room.

denis: or stfu and take it like a man

trendsetta poof: well i would but im not 4 foot tall 65 pounds

trendsetta poof: get some skill and own him lol

Crypt Keeper has entered the room.

denis: either way smh’s bots are getting dropped

Smh x: ^

Smh x: OL

trendsetta poof: sup max

denis: no need to laugh

Crypt Keeper: sup jon

Smh x: i have about 3k bots

denis: i believe all your AOLs were dropped

trendsetta poof: shit

Smh x: so im good to go bro

denis: i have logs of 44 telling me this shit broe

diAnaz: oh god

Smh x
: no they werent

Smh x: rofl

Crypt Keeper: word

Troubled: » –Tech N9ne – Crybaby «

Smh x: prendles were

trendsetta poof: relaxing

Crypt Keeper: working on getting drunk

trendsetta poof: tking it easy tonight

trendsetta poof: no alcohol for me tonight

Smh x: i have 3 aols online right now thats been on for more then a week

trendsetta poof: lol

Crypt Keeper: yeah

betray them: poof

trendsetta poof: i been in bed hungover all day

betray them: do you know where bash has been

trendsetta poof: fuck all that

trendsetta poof: probably enjoying life

Crypt Keeper: smhx, thats really cool.. i want to be just like you when i grow up

dextro: i just saw bash on wow

trendsetta poof: nevermind

betray them: or probably dead of alcohol poisoing

trendsetta poof: hes playing wow

betray them: ROFL

Smh x: all i have to say if prende wasn’t dumb he wouldn’t set in and give you full perms

diAnaz: loll sis you play wow

Crypt Keeper
: bash lol

Smh x: xop denis / good enough for now

Smh Owner: [ Uccom » denis has been op’d ]

dextro: >:[

Smh Owner: [ Uccom » denis has been immune’d]

dextro: no

Crypt Keeper: the dork that claims to have my info

trendsetta poof: sis plays the hell out of wow

dextro: stop lying

diAnaz: what character are you

trendsetta poof
: dude u do

trendsetta poof: lol

Crypt Keeper: thats cuz sis is a game nerd

dextro: none

betray them: lolllllllll

dextro: night elf hunter

betray them: LOL

trendsetta poof: wow is fun though when it’s new but that shit is massively old to me

betray them: di do you play wow

trendsetta poof: so its not fun anymore

diAnaz: i did for like 2 weeks

: idkwot u laugh at

Crypt Keeper: i’ll call sis up and she’s like "not now playing wow"

dextro: im bored of wow also

trendsetta poof: when the xpac comes out ill play again for a year or so

Crypt Keeper: and hang sup

Smh x: not mine

dextro: I’ll wait and play when I get WOTLK

trendsetta poof: me too

Crypt Keeper: Crypt Keeper (10:52:09 PM): i’ll call sis up and she’s like "not now
playing wow"

Crypt Keeper: right sis

Elite has entered the room.

dextro: no

trendsetta poof: me, ryan, kyle, u, bash we can all roll dk’s

trendsetta poof: and run around

dextro: i don’t play wow

Crypt Keeper: stop lying

Elite: man

denis: W ¯ º ¯ X Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony – Tha Crossroads

Elite: lvling alts is boring

dextro: when i first played some bitch was in the woods and kept coming up
and killing me

trendsetta poof: u said u just saw bash on wow nomore than 47 seconds ago

Crypt Keeper: take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls
are pretty

trendsetta poof: just reminding u

dextro: i was so confused

Elite: but it feels pointless

diAnaz: lmao

: to play my dk

Elite: on beta

dextro: i said to kyle, im like lets kill that fucker

dextro: he goes

Crypt Keeper: damn nigga

Elite: because in the end

Elite: it wont matter

Crypt Keeper: said 47 seconds

dextro: ”no way thats poof”

trendsetta poof: ROFL

betray them: do you know warren buffet’s daughter????????????

Elite: and ill just know the quests

Crypt Keeper: lol

sodomize dykes has entered the room.

trendsetta poof: when i was there with yall

trendsetta poof: on my rogue?

Elite: but i want a 70 huntard

trendsetta poof: ahahha

Elite: for the xpac

trendsetta poof: thats funny

dextro: idk it was shamvika

trendsetta poof: ya

dextro: or somethihng

trendsetta poof: my rogue

Elite: u fools still play on suramar

trendsetta poof: human female 70

dextro: i must have been flagged for pvp

trendsetta poof: u were

betray them: rofl

dextro: because u killed me 39894 times

betray them: i would believe it

trendsetta poof: no i dueled u

trendsetta poof: and u accepted

trendsetta poof: and i kept killing u

dextro: my first fucking time on

Crypt Keeper: betray, who are you

trendsetta poof: hahah @ lets kill that fucker

Elite: sis

trendsetta poof: thats so funny

Elite: poof owned u?

dextro: i didnt even know what i was doing and u were slaying me in the woods

trendsetta poof: she was like level 3

dextro: i thought it was part of the game

trendsetta poof: and i was 70

Smh x: angyl

Elite: lol

betray them: sis it’s all good though

Elite: thats mean

Elite: as fuck

Elite: ROFL

dextro: like some monster

betray them: dont even worry about that

Smh x: is 44 online right now?

Elite: it was quick deaths

Elite: idk

Elite: i dont watch for 44

Elite: wtf

Smh x: well

Elite: i talk to him usually

Crypt Keeper: yes you do

Crypt Keeper: liar

Elite: when he IMs me

betray them: Elite: 44s coming to my wedding dude

trendsetta poof: she was walking around with a +spirit staff on her hunter

trendsetta poof: so i felt the need to kill her

trendsetta poof: over and over

Elite: 😀 i love that word

Elite: lol

Elite: he IMs me

Smh x: next time you see him online, ask him if he blackisted me prendle and turbzy

dextro: thats ok poof

Elite: i bet he did

dextro: i will avenge that day

Elite: for being idiotic

Elite: botters

betray them: i could see him

Smh x: i didn’t bot

trendsetta poof: i let u attack me for like 20 minutes straight

Troubled: » –Tech N9ne – Shit Is Real «

Smh x: i don’t bot

trendsetta poof: lol

Smh x: LOL

Crypt Keeper: 44 blacklisted me for poosi 1 time

Elite: ..+ spirit staff

Crypt Keeper: faggot

dextro: lmao

Elite: on a huntard?

Elite: poof.

dextro: poosi snitched?

trendsetta poof: i went afk and came back and sis was still stabbing me with her [broken

Crypt Keeper: yes

Elite: u kno how they fuckin nerfed

Elite: hunters

Elite: pre-bc?

trendsetta poof: going nuts

dextro: lmfao!!!

dextro: LMFAO

Smh x: i haven’t for like a month unless it came to.. a chat i owned

dextro: broken dagger

betray them: poosi snitches to newbie jorden, sis

betray them: lol

Elite: theyre givin bm ones

dextro: hahah

Crypt Keeper: they suspended names that no one even knew

Elite: something back

trendsetta poof: haha

Elite: finally

Crypt Keeper: lol

betray them: aka sandman

betray them: so i mean

betray them: vnsa

dextro: crypt

Elite: ability

Crypt Keeper: what

trendsetta poof: i have a 58 shaman i just got to outlands with but i just cant get back into

dextro: cus they can see all ur names in the aim box

Elite: to tame any animal

dextro: its fucking gay

Smh x: angyl can you tell your boyfriend to add me

trendsetta poof: i havent played for months

dextro: i always delete mine

Smh x: and take smy off his list

Crypt Keeper: i know

Elite: yea

trendsetta poof: shaman is a great class to play

trendsetta poof: i like healing

Elite: when i go bax 2 wow

trendsetta poof: chain heal owns

Crypt Keeper: and a little while after that when i got some of them back

Elite: im 2 lazy to actually

Elite: speak

denis: W ¯ º ¯ X Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony – Me Killa

Elite: at the moment

Crypt Keeper: they suspended all of them that i used with my vpn

Elite: sry

Elite: 😀

Troubled: lmao

Smh x: vpn

Smh x: lol

Crypt Keeper: and then that nerd klear suspended them too

vnsa la nada has entered the room.

trendsetta poof: lol klear

Crypt Keeper: he suspended imax 8 times

Smh x: klear couldn’t suspend though

Liar has entered the room.

trendsetta poof: that dude is so not elite

Elite: klear was a nerd

Crypt Keeper: well who ever his contact is

Crypt Keeper: idk

Elite: his mom

Crypt Keeper: i dont do the aim shit

trendsetta poof: i gave my method of suspending aims out on conf last night

Elite: worked for aol

trendsetta poof: lol

dextro: klear dated vnsa

denis: W ¯ º ¯ X Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony – Land Of Tha Heartless

vnsa la nada: omg wtf

trendsetta poof: i learned it in 10 minutes

dextro: that was her aim hero

Elite: his mom was his contact

trendsetta poof: brb

Smh x: poof

betray them: ROFL angyl

betray them: yeah

Smh x: suspend denis

Crypt Keeper: what conf

betray them: you knew about that too?

Smh x: i wanna see him cry

Elite: yea

betray them: rof

betray them: l

Elite: didnt he get his mom

Elite: fired

betray them: i died laughing when i found that out

Elite: i think thats why he left the scene

Elite: imo

Elite: he cldnt do shit

Elite: without her

betray them: of course thats why he left the scene

betray them: he was crying on conf

Elite: rofl

Elite: LOLOL

diAnaz: klear was who

betray them
: i have that recorded

diAnaz: moo?

Smh x
: angyl

Elite: man

Smh x: denis: btw 44 doesnt like angyl or mythdenis: since he found out they were selling
the sn’s he was getting for them

Elite: i miss confs

Elite: they were so dramatic

betray them: back in the days

Crypt Keeper: angyl

Nirvana has left the room.

Crypt Keeper: shut up

Elite: lol.

Crypt Keeper: you was always on skype

betray them: when alf used to go into withdrawals

Crypt Keeper: and i could barely hear you

Elite: i never confd much

Elite: wit u

Elite: tbh

betray them: if he didnt get into conf

Crypt Keeper: i didnt say you did alot

Smh x: angyl you see what i posted?

Nirvana has entered the room.

dextro: rofl @ selling sns that 44 gives

Elite: yea

denis: yea angyl did you see what he posted

Elite: and i laughed

dextro: id so the same thing

dextro: do

Crypt Keeper: angyl are you still fat

Elite: c wut who posted

Elite: rofl

Smh x: denis: btw 44 doesnt like angyl or mythdenis: since he found out they were selling
the sn’s he was getting for them

Elite: cause i dont post shit. 😀 if 44 doesnt like myth idk. he seems to.

denis: what that lamer pimpleon520 posted

Smh x: tjat

vnsa la nada: wow

vnsa la nada: don’t be so gay next time

vnsa la nada: who invited me hereeeeeee

Elite: i dont talk bout sellin sns wit him

Elite: rofl

vnsa la nada: angyl was it you?

Elite: and ive only sold fernies released names

denis: i do

Elite: ROFL

denis: 😉

dextro: thats so gay. 44 must feel like a hero

Elite: sick was fernies

Elite: -shrug

denis: what sn’s of fernies?

denis: W ¯ º ¯ X Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony – No Shorts, No Losses

Smh x: he said

Elite: sick

Elite: i took it off him

Smh x: he socialed aol’d for sick

vnsa la nada: smh

Elite: he tried to reset it after i sold it

diAnaz: people make such a big deal over 44

vnsa la nada
: own my asshole and kick me out babes

diAnaz: isnt he just an aoler worker

: for almost 200

diAnaz: whats so special about him

Crypt Keeper
: give me 44’s number and i’ll postpone his future

Elite: so i reset it again

Elite: and locked fernie

Smh x: he can suspend and get names

Elite: out his gmail

Elite: lol

Crypt Keeper: there is nothing special about 44

betray them: lol

Crypt Keeper: he’s fat

fernando has entered the room.

dextro: id be suprised if 44’s info hadnt been posted by virus or someone else

Crypt Keeper: with a pimply ass

betray them: you newbies dont konw his real identity

betray them: lol

fernando: oh this sn?

fernando: ;x

Fernando has left the room.

Elite: hes cool to talk to bout certain things

betray them: ROFL

Elite: no.

Elite: i said sick

VA 20147 (703) 858-3870

ferdinand has entered the room.

Smh x: =

Smh x: 44

ferdinand: or this one?

Smh x: xban ferd

Ferdinand has left the room.

dextro: hes cool to fcking snitch to u mean

Elite: what a newbie

Elite: i said sick

Elite: like 3x

denis: thats me

denis: btw

Elite: o

Elite: haha

fbc has entered the room.

fbc: 😉

FBC has left the room.

Elite: i was bout to say

Crypt Keeper: sis

Elite: bitch i gave u ur gmail back

Smh x: status

Smh Owner: [ Uccom » Status » Client: Stand Alone, Protocol: 2A, Ops: 5, Imm:
95, ABs: 21, AWs: 0, Locked Ops: 40, Locked Imms: 40, Locked Unbans: 4,
Bans: 0, Ban Pause: 20, Ban Queue: 0, Rated: False, Owner: Smh Owner ]

dextro: what

Crypt Keeper: what color panties are you wearing baby

dextro: brown

Elite: lol

Crypt Keeper: hey smhx op me

Crypt Keeper: brown?

Elite: u took fernies sns

Elite: ?

dextro: brown skid marked and white

Crypt Keeper: thats not sexy

dextro: oh

dextro: sry

Smh x: i don’t know you

Smh x: LOL

Crypt Keeper: so what

Crypt Keeper: no one does

Crypt Keeper: im a newbie

Crypt Keeper: im not going to go all ban happy and shit

vnsa la nada: whos going to own my asshole

vnsa la nada: n__n

vnsa la nada: and kick me

vnsa la nada has left the room.

Crypt Keeper: que hola!

diAnaz: wow this movie is gay

Crypt Keeper
: what movie

diAnaz: hairspray or we

: w/e

betray them
: di

diAnaz: ya

Crypt Keeper
: diana are you still dating that one dude that told me i dont know who im
messing with?

betray them: did you make phil watch the notebook

betray them: with you

diAnaz: LOL no, but hes watched ones just as cute

: what dude crypt

: i suggest u dont mess with phil

dextro: hes a big bad

dextro: spammer

Crypt Keeper: that guy just said his name

Crypt Keeper: phil

diAnaz: phil said that?

: lol

: W ¯ º ¯ X Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony – 1st Of Tha Month

diAnaz: OHH

betray them
: lol

diAnaz: that time you called me nonstop?

Crypt Keeper
: yeah when i looped ur phone that night

diAnaz: yah idk what he said

has left the room.

diAnaz: but ya im still w/ him

: LevittownBucksPA: 20mPA heredenis: wtfux

Crypt Keeper: he said he’s fbi or somthing

Crypt Keeper: lol

dextro: lmao

diAnaz: he was prob fuckin with you

: lol

: sarcastic

Crypt Keeper
: lol

diAnaz: hes not that gay

Crypt Keeper
: i hope not

Nirvana has entered the room.

Crypt Keeper: because i could careless if he was fbi or not lol

diAnaz: yaa hes extremely sarcastic

: takes time getting used to

: 😛

diAnaz: brb cig

Crypt Keeper
: did u let him poke u in the butt yet

betray them: was he being sarcastich

betray them: when he said he had to use extra lube

betray them: for anal sex

Crypt Keeper: i poked sis in the butt when i met her

Crypt Keeper: lol

Troubled: » –Tech N9ne – Pain A Dark Picture (Feat. Dirtball) «

drunkenly has left the room.

Speech: i hope you all

: diaf

Crypt Keeper
: me too

dextro: wtf

Crypt Keeper: high 5 speech

dextro: id appreciate it if u acted like we didn tknow eachotjer

dextro: in public pls

Crypt Keeper: oh

Snap has entered the room.

Speech: dextro would you like to rub my penis you gothic whore

Crypt Keeper
: why

dextro: i still have those bumps

dextro: from that night

dextro: wtf

diAnaz: ya right sis came in the day after hella bragging

: jamal just called ME gothic

Crypt Keeper: lmao wtf

dextro: wow

diAnaz: ‘i hung out with crypt hehehhe’

betray them

diAnaz: k brbr

: lol

dextro: u better brb

betray them: sis

betray them: the guy on anson

betray them: is familiar to me

betray them: why so?

dextro: anson?

dextro: idk what that is

Crypt Keeper: hanson

betray them: the screen name

Crypt Keeper: hey sis

Crypt Keeper: download

Crypt Keeper: d4l – tat it up

betray them: he’s part of your aim blast group

betray them: i think youd know lol

trendsetta poof: tatted it up

Smh x: denis is on lacdeville @ gmail . com

Crypt Keeper: yeah sis

Smh x: LOl

trendsetta poof: tatted up*

trendsetta poof: and its not d4l

Speech: smh

: -claps-

trendsetta poof: its affiliated

Speech: good work

: you’re elite

: Smh x: email password=denis: crack it

drunkenly has entered the room.

Speech: rofl

Crypt Keeper
: the one im listening to says nce entertainment and d4l

Speech: its denofnis1

: denis: "crack it"

denis: W ¯ º ¯ X Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony – Buddah Lovaz


trendsetta poof: weird d4l aint even on it


Smh Owner: [ Uccom » Msg » speech is Immune, cannot ban ]

Speech: LOL

: :-*

trendsetta poof: just fabo from d4l

denis: >:o*

Crypt Keeper: :shrugs:

Speech: his asq answer is

: "mob"

trendsetta poof
: people tag shit incorrectly though

denis: ROF1

Crypt Keeper: tat tat we tatted up, miami tatted up

trendsetta poof: its common

denis: IT IS

denis: !

Crypt Keeper: oh shit

Crypt Keeper: i just asked this girl what color panties she’s wearing

Nirvana has left the room.

Crypt Keeper: (11:11:31 PM): im not

Crypt Keeper: (11:11:43 PM): oh by the way this is her mom

Crypt Keeper: lol

Nirvana has entered the room.

trendsetta poof: get the digits max

Crypt Keeper: pb her mom huh

Crypt Keeper: sis might get mad if i do lol

dextro: what?

dextro: what are u talking about

trendsetta poof: thats sis’s mom ?

Crypt Keeper: nah

dextro: No, because im on the phone with my mom

Crypt Keeper: i asked this girl what color panties she’s wearing and it was her mom at the
computer and she said she’s not wearing any lol

trendsetta poof: nice

dextro: gross

trendsetta poof: pics?

Crypt Keeper: she signed off, said her daughter is out and she’s signing off to sign on her

Crypt Keeper: didnt have time to ask her for her sn

denis: W ¯ º ¯ X Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony – Die Die Die

Utility has entered the room.

Speech: r0cky

: is new

Crypt Keeper
: ima call her house and ask her mom for some phone bone

dextro: god

OnlineHost: We’re sorry, we are unable to send your message. Please remove the Web
address and try again.

dextro: this bitch is so drunk

Crypt Keeper: is that ok sis

Lysette: max you whore

denis: whos trying to hack me?

dextro: no

Crypt Keeper: you’re a whore ally

denis: accounts-noreply @ to ds86.netshow details 10:13 PM (2 minutes
ago)ReplyTo initiate the process for resetting the password for yourlacdeville @ Google Account, visit the link below

dextro: it’s not

Speech: LOL

: dennis guess who

: >>smh<<

: for you

diAnaz: specs: dianaspecs: whats it meanspecs: intellectualspecs: ?diAnaz:
umm… what?

: sometimes

Lysette: jk

dextro: specs is a freak

Crypt Keeper: lol

Nirvana: jamal, you calling anyone new is like ally calling someone fat

Nirvana: no offense ally

diAnaz: diAnaz: you duno what intellectual means?specs: obviouslyspecs:
if i askedspecs: i dont know

dextro: jamal called me goth

dextro: ROFL

Speech: whose nirvana

: diAnaz: it means smartspecs: oh okdiAnaz: which youre obv not

: lol

: jesus

: you new gothic faggot hacker homo kids

: :/

: sis is goth

trendsetta poof
: how do u not know what intellectual means

dextro: jamal know ur role young grass hopper

Crypt Keeper: who is jamal

dextro: ur new here

Lysette: if i was fat

dextro: settle down and learn to hack

Lysette: but ok

Crypt Keeper: jamal are you black

Speech: im a nigger

: from africa

: heres jamal

Crypt Keeper: word

Crypt Keeper: word up my nigger

Speech: zimbabweeeeeeeeeeee

trendsetta poof
: the only thing black about jamal is his makeup

dextro: hold on ill show u how jamal became known

diAnaz: Lysette: if i was fat

diAnaz: LOL

: wtf.


: thats me

: np

Speech: and this is me with flat hair:

: no

denis: W ¯ º ¯ X Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony – Mr. Ouija 2

Crypt Keeper: jon, r u tatted up?

trendsetta poof: nope

Crypt Keeper: tat tat tatted up


dextro: thats jamal

Speech: rofl that aint me

: thats shopped

: rofl

dextro: that IS u

dextro: dont even front

Speech: its shopped tho

trendsetta poof
: little shop of horrors

dextro: ur shirt is shopped

Speech: i dont look like that

Crypt Keeper

denis: you do look like that jamal

denis: rof1

denis: dont lie

denis: broe dont pull a kristy on us

Speech: i used to 2 yrs ago

trendsetta poof
: max u ever jacked off in a condom?

denis: 2 yrs aka 2 minutes

denis: until that link was posted

trendsetta poof: i was bored & i did that shit last night

Speech: lol

trendsetta poof
: lol

denis: then he franticly fucked his hair up

denis: rofl

dextro: wow

dextro: akward.

denis: W ¯ º ¯ X Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony – Mo’ Murda

Speech: i want to see pics of sis

has left the room.

dextro: no

dextro: dwai

denis: shes nothing to look at

Speech: i heard she was goth

: from angyl

: rofl

trendsetta poof: last time i saw sis she was wearing a taproot shirt

denis: just imagine mistress j 20 yrs younger

Troubled: » –Tech N9ne – Psycho Bitch II (Feat. Liquid Assassin) «

dextro: angyl calling ME goth?

trendsetta poof: in 7th grade

denis: angyl isnt goth?

Crypt Keeper: sis is sexy

Utility has left the room.

Utility has entered the room.

dextro: whats up with goth ppl calling me goth

Speech: r0cky is new

has entered the room.

dextro: im just a regular looking girl

trendsetta poof: angyl has blue hair and last time i checked she isnt a dranei

dextro: not goth, not emo

Nirvana: in the pic with the flat hair.. you look uh.. confused about your gender

dextro: dude

trendsetta poof: so id say thats border line goth

Speech: how so

: @ nirvana

: how so?


Nirvana: are you also slow?

ial has entered the room.

dextro: THAT girl is calling me goth?

dextro: Look at her pics with blood and shit

trendsetta poof: lol

Speech: rofl

: dis shit is g0ne by 2morrow when im h0me

Nirvana: i remember when angyl was new to aim

ial: 1

ial has left the room.

Nirvana: and no one had heard of her

Nirvana: and poof was like

dextro: not that long ago

Nirvana: angyl is that hot new hacker chick

Nirvana: ya last year or the year before

diAnaz: ya poof is schizo

trendsetta poof
: i was delusional what can i say

Nirvana: ya cause then i went and looked at the pix you were linking and i was like

dextro: lmao

dextro: jamal

Nirvana: nevermind what i was like.

dextro: did angyl say i was goth

dextro: shes never even seen a picture of me

Speech: idk

Crypt Keeper
: nirvana, what color panties are you wearing

Speech: i think

: can i see a pic of u

: theres like one pic of me circulating the internet and i dont even look
goth in it

Nirvana: ew fuck you

trendsetta poof: diana, schizo would mean voices talk to me inside my head

Crypt Keeper: bend over baby :-*

diAnaz: o ok

trendsetta poof
: so i’m going to have to call bullshit on that 1

Crypt Keeper: sis

diAnaz: i have like 19 pics of sis

: lol

Crypt Keeper
: you wanna see what i look like

dextro: ive seen u

dextro: ur goth

diAnaz: they are locked up in my drawer on some cd somewhere

: god knwos where

Crypt Keeper
: no im not lmao

dextro: damn str8 they are

diAnaz: lol

: i only send pics to ppl who keep them on lock

dextro: i know crypt

dextro: ur hot

Nirvana: to me sis just looks like an average middle class white chick that might listen to a
little country music and pop a couple pills here n there

diAnaz: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

: let’s make hax0r babies

dextro: i do listen to country

dextro: nothing wrong with that

trendsetta poof: ok so

trendsetta poof: it’s vote time

diAnaz: she only has um

: my myspace

diAnaz: carrie underwood

: on her myspace

trendsetta poof
: who’s more likely to kill themself over aol opssec44 or trainreq

dextro: i have all kinds

trendsetta poof: taking votes

dextro: of country on my myspace


diAnaz: i like country too

trendsetta poof
: 1 for trainreq

Crypt Keeper: wtf

DevilWearsPrada has entered the room.

trendsetta poof: 2 for opssec44

Crypt Keeper: the link didnt send

Crypt Keeper: how do i link in here

dextro: i have

diAnaz: take out the www

: crypt

Crypt Keeper:

dextro: yeah

Crypt Keeper: there

dextro: no www or http

DeVilWearsPrada has left the room.

denis: poof

diAnaz: what is that

: sis which one is u

: crypt i got another pic of u

Crypt Keeper: ok thank you diana, sis

Speech: in that pic

: 44 works for aols security department

Crypt Keeper: which one do u got

dextro: im the blonde

dextro: well

diAnaz: that looks like adam+cab combined

trendsetta poof
: dude is a gigantic dork

denis: 44 isnt some kid

dextro: the blonde in pink in the back row

denis: W ¯ º ¯ X Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony – Shotz To Tha Double Glock

Crypt Keeper: what does diana

Crypt Keeper: me?

trendsetta poof: hi guys im opssec44 i use my job at aol to make friends with teenage
dorks on the internet

Crypt Keeper: lol

betray them: LOL

trendsetta poof: cheer 4 me

trendsetta poof: i am a gigantic nerd

diAnaz: ya lol i dont tremember you looking like that

Smh x
: 44 is a older kid with nothing to do besides talk to aimmers

diAnaz: you had long hair and stuff

Crypt Keeper
: lol

Troubled: » –Tech N9ne – Poisonous (Feat. Liz Suwandi) «

Crypt Keeper: yeah

Crypt Keeper: long time ago

Crypt Keeper: i cut that shit over 2 years ago lol

diAnaz: oh

: you look like a prep

Crypt Keeper
: 1 sec

dextro: I have Carrie Underwood, Gunpowder and Lead, Picture to Burn, Before
He Cheats, Because of you

dextro: on my myspace

dextro: quite a bit of country

betray them: jamal you’re the ugliest person in here

dextro: I am a prep

dextro: so what

Smh x: xopprndle

Smh Owner: [ Uccom » prndle has been op’d ]

Smh Owner: [ Uccom » Msg » prndle is already Imm ]

trendsetta poof: that dude opssec44’s idea of taking a break from the internet is

Smh x: limmprndle

Smh Owner: [ Uccom » Msg » prndle is already a locked imm, cannot lock ]

Crypt Keeper:

betray them: with lysette at a close 2nd

Smh x: lopprndle

Smh Owner: [ Uccom » prndle has been lop’d ]

Speech: betray them im hot

Crypt Keeper
: sis, send me a pic of you

denis: 44 doesnt try to make any friends

denis: he trys to do his job

dextro: I’m a prep but i go crazy sometimes

Crypt Keeper: i dont have your pics on my computer

Nirvana has left the room.

gangster britty: lol maxface

dextro: if theres such thing as a psychotic prep then thats me

Crypt Keeper: oh god

Crypt Keeper: britts in here

trendsetta poof: crypt just wants dem nudez

gangster britty: duh i was hiding

Crypt Keeper: lol

trendsetta poof: trendsetta poof: that dude opssec44’s idea of taking a break from the
internet is rebooting

gangster britty: hi puff<3

Nirvana has entered the room.

trendsetta poof: hi dear <3

Crypt Keeper: poof

betray them: puff

betray them: lol

trendsetta poof: sup

Crypt Keeper: i cant picture u saying "dear"

Crypt Keeper: lol

trendsetta poof: me neither

trendsetta poof: only on aim

dextro: get on stickam

gangster britty: k

Crypt Keeper: lol

dextro: im chilling with my grill in

gangster britty: i’m a special case.

Crypt Keeper: sis

Crypt Keeper: send me ur pics

trendsetta poof: yeah special ed

dextro: i look like poop tho and don’t feel like getting dressed

Crypt Keeper: faggot

diAnaz: crypt youre not as terrible as i thought

trendsetta poof
: yes he is

trendsetta poof: dont get him started

diAnaz: lol

Crypt Keeper
: diana

gangster britty: he’s a jerk

dextro: just add me on myspace

trendsetta poof: hes just like me hes a total prick when provoked

gangster britty: yah

dextro: crypt ive already laid down the rules as far as crypt goes

Crypt Keeper: be honest, did i look better with long hair or short hair

dextro: stay the fuck away from him

trendsetta poof: only difference is he will take it to the next level

sodomize dykes: lol

trendsetta poof: and ill just verbally assault u

gangster britty: i made you cut ur hairs off

diAnaz: i like short

: I mean

dextro: Diana

Troubled: » –Tech N9ne – Too Much (Feat. Kutt Calhoun) «

dextro: Not crypt

diAnaz: what rules

gangster britty
: i hated your hair long

Crypt Keeper: me too

Crypt Keeper: i liked it

Crypt Keeper: but i like it better now

trendsetta poof: diana has a gigantic cock i saw her on railing some
school girl

Crypt Keeper: dont have to comb it

x Hoppus has entered the room.

trendsetta poof: true story

Lysette has left the room.

dextro: wheres ur pic poof

x Hoppus: fake story imo

trendsetta poof:

gangster britty: you looked like you belonged in a shampoo commercial

dextro: I seen a pic of poof in his miltary outfit that adam photoshopped

sodomize dykes: nice url leet son

Crypt Keeper: lol fuck you

gangster britty: LOL

trendsetta poof: loll

trendsetta poof: good look

trendsetta poof: i never use mysapce

sodomize dykes: np

trendsetta poof: my friends irl dont use computers

dextro: who irl doesnt have a myspace tho

x Hoppus: can i b ur irl friend poof?

dextro: about everyone i know does

gangster britty: everytime i think of you with your long hair that song
‘glamorous’ pops in my head

gangster britty: flossy, flossy~

denis: W ¯ º ¯ X Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Carole of the Bones

trendsetta poof: dude myspace is nothing but emo teenage white kids

Crypt Keeper: sis

Crypt Keeper: pics

Crypt Keeper: now

Crypt Keeper: bitch

dextro: fuck u

x Hoppus: i saw a myspace train

x Hoppus: full of black kids

dextro: i told u to goto myspace

Crypt Keeper: im not going to ask again

x Hoppus: so yeah

dextro: those are the only pics I have

gangster britty: i tend to find some hottie botottie guys on myspace

Crypt Keeper: i dont got ur myspace

Crypt Keeper: ho

dextro: i just pasted it fag

trendsetta poof: im a good looking dude

Crypt Keeper: well

Crypt Keeper: paste again

Contract has entered the room.

trendsetta poof: but i dont struggle for vagina

Crypt Keeper: i cant read the chat that fast


Crypt Keeper: im drinking

Crypt Keeper: asshole

trendsetta poof: i dont fiend for it

trendsetta poof: like my friends do

Contract: hello all

denis: W ¯ º ¯ X Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Thuggish Ruggish Bone

trendsetta poof: you’re drinking asshole?

trendsetta poof: supz n1ck

Contract: Hi bud

Crypt Keeper: thats right

trendsetta poof: asshole regular or asshole lite

Crypt Keeper: i eat ass

denis: W ¯ º ¯ X Ice Cube – I Got My Locs On (featuring Young Jeezy)

Crypt Keeper: sis

Crypt Keeper: take it off private

Crypt Keeper: so i can see the pics

x Hoppus: yeah take it off private

Contract: eating ass sounds nasty. a guy at work talks about it all the time

x Hoppus: so i can see your pics

x Hoppus: and bate

Crypt Keeper: fap fap

x Hoppus: woo

gangster britty: gross

Contract: what it do max

gangster britty: fap fap

Smh x: ohi hoppus

Crypt Keeper: not shit man

Crypt Keeper: chillin on aim

x Hoppus: smh

Crypt Keeper: you

Contract: Same

x Hoppus: what’s up smh

Crypt Keeper: word lol

DevilWearsPrada has entered the room.

Contract: not on often now

Crypt Keeper: me either

DeVilWearsPrada has left the room.

Contract: Kind of got boring

Smh x: not much bored

Crypt Keeper: just weekends but im barely at the computer

Crypt Keeper: when i come to the computer i got messages of sis cursing me out

Smh x: getting threated by dennis to get suspended

Smh x: same ol

Smh x: OL

Smh x: LOL*

x Hoppus: lols

x Hoppus: sounds good

Contract: ROF1

betray them: Hardcore Hoppus: put ur wang in my rectumHardcore Hoppus: show
it who’s the man

dextro: thats because u dont put up an away msg

dextro: ur like jordan

x Hoppus: wtf is that shit -_-

Contract: Who is smh

dextro: ”pl dont need to know when im at or away from the computer”

betray them: LOL

Crypt Keeper: lol

gangster britty: what ever happend to jordan?

Contract: I’m so lost here

Contract: Are you FL brit?

Crypt Keeper: he’s at home

x Hoppus: i ate him

Falco has entered the room.

gangster britty: Yeah.

LoliKing13 has entered the room.

gangster britty: Dont tell anyone though

Contract: oicwotudidthat

Contract: thar

x Hoppus: can i fl britt too?

diAnaz: gtfo nick

: ok promise

LoliKing13: ?


betray them: Nick

Falco: diabetus

Contract: teehee!

betray them: Did you hear about Neal?

diAnaz: 😀

Falco: idk

LoliKing13: lol

gangster britty: you can be fl britt, idk

gangster britty: i wanna be someone new

Contract: No, is he ok?

x Hoppus: be

betray them: He’s dead

gangster britty: i’m uh…

Crypt Keeper: be fl max

x Hoppus: fk britt

gangster britty: ya

Contract: whaaat

gangster britty: i’m fl max

betray them: LOL

gangster britty: < crypt

Crypt Keeper: lol

Contract: ROF1

Contract: Who you? dale or rikky?

betray them: lol the "whaaat" just makes it even more hilarious

sodomize dykes: lololol

Contract: Or someone else?

betray them: Option C

Contract: ok…

sodomize dykes: he is InTheAgency546

diAnaz: oh oh baby

: W ¯ º ¯ X All Star And Yo Gotti – Product Of The Streets

diAnaz: touch me and i come alive

Crypt Keeper
: ahhhhhhhhhh

Falco has left the room.

sodomize dykes: ^

gangster britty: ahHhhHh

Contract: Oh that incognito

LoliKing13 has left the room.

Crypt Keeper: tat tat tat tatted up

sodomize dykes: doing barrel roll

trendsetta poof: who is more likely to die from lack of internet fraternization opssec44 or

Crypt Keeper: you got ya thong showin with ya tattoo on ya back

gangster britty: i need another tattoo

dextro: trainreq

Elite: wow

trendsetta poof: tough choice

Elite: poof

Elite: tough one

Contract: man I’m not a fan of tattoos

dextro: angyl

gangster britty: i have 1

denis: wtf who gave faggot ass nick13 the chat

dextro: did u tell jamal i was gothic

Contract: I think they’re trashy looking

Elite: hey nick

gangster britty: its little, and you cant see it

Crypt Keeper: tat tat tatted up a.t.l tatted up, tat tat tatted up, miami tatted up

Contract: LoLOLOol denis

gangster britty: until naked

Contract: what’s up broe

Contract: Hi Elite.

Crypt Keeper: im tired of miami

sodomize dykes: speaking of Nick13

Crypt Keeper: too many cubans

denis: sup nigger

Contract: How you doing broe

sodomize dykes: bummer we dont see that leet around anymore

Snap has left the room.

Contract: How’s KY

denis: good

denis: good

Contract: Good to read

Crypt Keeper: yo poof

gangster britty: stfu about cubans

Crypt Keeper: where are you stationed at

trendsetta poof: y0h

Contract: sodomize either max or I have it

trendsetta poof: fort home

Contract: I forget

Contract: I think I might have it back

Crypt Keeper: have what?

sodomize dykes: is jack

Contract: nick13

Crypt Keeper: you have it

Contract: Oh ok

trendsetta poof: with the couch battalion

Crypt Keeper: if not

sodomize dykes: sup

Crypt Keeper: the pw was ownedthefuckup

Snap has entered the room.

Crypt Keeper: lol

Contract: LOL

sodomize dykes: hear any good records lately

Contract: I changed that to "gotitback:

Contract: "

Crypt Keeper: lol

Contract: When I took it back

Crypt Keeper: man

Contract: But Idk pw now it’s somewhere

Crypt Keeper: you’re crazy

SolD has entered the room.

Contract: LOL

sodomize dykes: i recommend checking out The New Year’s new s/t lp

Crypt Keeper: i didnt understand the pw on your spint account

Crypt Keeper: until i read it outload

Contract: I didn’t either

Contract: What was it

DevilWearsPrada has entered the room.

denis: W ¯ º ¯ X Webbie – You A Trip (Featuring Big Head)

Crypt Keeper: and i was like "oh shit this must be the the pw to all his shit"

trendsetta poof: my uni password is dr seuss related

Contract: ROF1

Contract: Yeah I had a uni

Crypt Keeper: lol

x Hoppus: travis barker

Crypt Keeper: "meunier"

Crypt Keeper: lmao

x Hoppus: got in a plane crash

Contract: Got owned the fuck up

Contract: Yeah

x Hoppus: how fucked up is that

diAnaz: nick didnt you make the pw to Anything ‘nicholas’ or something?

: That was it

betray them: Didn’t recaro had a uni too

betray them: lol

betray them: until primus owned him

Contract: Yeah for a day when ashley emailed me

Contract: Just to reset it

sodomize dykes: yeah, a unibrow

trendsetta poof: i still have a uni and its uncrackable

sodomize dykes: pw: 12345

vbp has left the room.

betray them: lol

diAnaz: o i thought it was kept like that, i was like no shit it got cracked

betray them
: my pw is in latin

sodomize dykes: "that’s what some idiot would have on his luggage"

betray them: jp

Contract: No

Crypt Keeper: my pw is my social security number

betray them: ^

betray them: rofl

Contract: She emailed me last week or something to reset it so I made it simple

Crypt Keeper: lol

sodomize dykes: m4ximum s3curity

dextro: brb trying the last 4

trendsetta poof: if u know dr seuss well u may be able to gguess my password

trendsetta poof: but i have alot of

trendsetta poof: **&*^&^$^%$^’

Crypt Keeper: lmao

Crypt Keeper: idk ask bash

betray them: aim isnt that serious

Crypt Keeper: he says he has my info

betray them: rofl

Crypt Keeper: lol

dextro: rofl

trendsetta poof: i have your info

Contract: greenegznham is poof’s pw

diAnaz: if you know polish youll guess mine

Crypt Keeper
: lmao

trendsetta poof: Max A. Million

dextro: only way bash can get info is if he asks someone for it

diAnaz: easy

trendsetta poof
: 1234 Faggot Fuck dr.

Crypt Keeper: thats right

betray them: lmao

Crypt Keeper: lol

Contract: Speaking of sprint

dextro: i bet crypt has everyones info in here

betray them: Poof

Crypt Keeper: lol

trendsetta poof: Cumville, USA

Crypt Keeper: lol

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