‘-= LiviD32.bas by LiviD =-

’email me:

‘scroll down for autophade, random,

‘form moving and bot help

‘Sup everyone..this is LiviD and

‘this is the first module ive

‘ever given out.

‘this bas has all the basics, and

‘even a few extra things i added

‘that most bas’ dont have…

‘simple 3 and 4 color rgb fade

‘a bunch of mail things


‘how to autophade and make bots (scroll down)

‘how to get random sayings(scroll down)


‘thats it!..its that easy..

‘ok now that i showed ur fat lazy

‘lame ass how to autophade, randomize,

‘move forms and make bots…

‘now, whats the best aol 4 bas?..

‘u damn right its this one!

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