You might be an AOLer If..

..If the hearing the wav ‘uh-oh’ filled you with joy
…If you remember the song {S Coochie played
…If you’ve ever been bumped offline with the message “stop hacking” or any custom message
…If you’ve ever had to change your member directory / profile tag so people would stop stealing your leets
…If when you think of Fungii you don’t relate it with science, you relate it to MaGuS
…If you’ve ever logged into an AOL employee’s only area to read what they’re saying about you
…If you remember the song Rice, Rice, Baby
…If you were engulfed in rage when someone called your home phone & it kicked you offline
…If you’re accustomed to busy signals when trying to sign online
…If Character 13 was your favorite character
…If you’ve ever tortured someone by moving their mouse pointer around or opening their CD rom
…If turning someones screen black & talking to them via Sub7’s matrix chat made you feel like a true hacking badass
…If you spent more time making your profile look cool then you did on your homework
…If you quit school to focus solely on collecting leets
…If you didn’t quit school & the first thing you did when you came home was run to your computer to check your leets
…If you’ve ever had the epiphany of loading a password list into the screen name section of a cracker
…If you’ve ever spent hours OH scrolling ‘HaNsOn SuCkZ’ in private room Hanson
…If you’ve ever typed /MM Me
…If randomly hearing the wav {S goodbye ever made your heart drop
…If you ever felt was organized snitching
…If the word Token has absolutely no relation to arcades
…If you’ve ever owned a copy of MAOL
…If your first version of AOL came on a floppy
…If you know the significance of seeing “Last Log on” on your welcome screen
…If you’ve ever posed as someone in an attempt to receive a free leet screen name
…If you’ve ever just asked someone in a lobby for their password and had them give it to you
…If you remember the day they added “AOL will never ask for your password” in red letters on the IM boxes
…If you remember people STILL giving your their passwords
…If you remember when pwned, 0wned, l33t, etc had absolutely nothing to do with gaming
…If you were and still would be impressed with the intro’s to Mad Cow, Exorcist and Hell Raiser
…If you’ve ever used a hex editor to change an e-mail to yours so you receive everyone’s cracked sns & pws
…If you immediately exited a room when “CATWatch01” entered
…And If you remember that name always idling in ‘pre’ (why were you in chat pre? you perv.)
…If you ever lost your screen name because you talked shit to TOSAdvisor
…If you were brain fucked when you realized there was more then one person who used that SN
…If your parents ever called AOL to find out why their account didn’t work & AOL read them what you said in the chat
…If you’ve ever had to use a program to bust your way into a full chatroom

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