Prog Password List

Acid Burn: (one of these) PiXY RuLEz You! or upsidedown or03/17/96

Agent Orange Tosser: I Crap On Lamers ivan is a fairymaxuck

Anti-mass mailer: bud is blah

AoAbortion Tos: Fuck TeRRoR, FAC: KK

AoAbortion FAC: KK

AoAkira: GrEEn DaY

AoAsting: BuBBa , Ugh(AsTiGMaX), John(Prez), AsTiG RuLeZ(member)

AoBliss Tosser: Welcome to the wonderful world of Bliss

AoBomer v1 b1 bot scare: YoUsUck

Aobomer v1 b1 tos: Only TOS LamerZ

AoBomer v1 b2: TOS ALL LAMERZ

AoBomer v1 b3: ALL LAMERZ DIE!

AoBomer96: (this proggies is a virus)

AoChump: SPiNAL KiX

AoControl: Skyway rpo (<— rumour, try it)

AoCool: (there is no right password, this program is a virus!!!!)

AoCrash tos: CrAsH and BurN

AoCrash FAC: ……….AoCrAsH………. (10 on each side)

AoCursed: (stealth virus, norton won’t be able to detect)

AoDelf Tosser: Bow B4 the BoSS,or enter any Password,then when you go into the programm goto about and get all the features

AoDemon v1: exit light enter night

AoDestiny: DeSTiNY!

AoDestiny personal pw: off

AoDestiny Tos: whammi

AoDirt: BoW 2 MaTT (rumors are that it is a virus, maybe)Phischer—> Generator:Matt is king

AoDirt FAC: i Bow B4 SkiTzO

AoDiRT Phiser Generator: Matt is king

AoDirth: (just dbl clik on black part of intro screen then dbl clik on very bottom right corner of pw screen)

AoDragon: KeWl!

AoDuhg: Dugh is Able

AoExtascy: BoW 2 MaTT

AoExtascy Phisher: Matt is king

AoFuck: 1) “PiXY RuLEZ!” 2) “WaNG DanG” 3) JeREmYe RuLEz!”

AoFunk’s Options: Funk AOL

AoGone FAC: I know the prefix

AoGone Tos: 1) TOS that Lamer!!! 2) I am not lame

AOL Guide: sniper (get it wrong….virus)

AoHades v3.5: Cyber’s World

AoHawk: AzN is Da BoMb (real)


AoHell96: (it’s a virus donot run!!!!!!)

AoIce: …Iceman rulez AOL

AoInfo: Virus fucked up youre computer!!!!!!!

AoInsanity: nin,leaf,happy,anarchy,happy,aol

AoInsanity Tosser: mac sucks

AoInsaniy FAC: down with religion

AoJimmy: Jimmy

AoKilla: (has aids2 virus….beware!!!!)

AoKrusher: Vanessa

AoKrusher96 b2 FAC: AoKRuSHeR iZ Da SHiT

AoLame: Kewl dOOd

AoLame Tos: TOS da LAMER

AoLames’s Room Destroyer: AOLaMe RoX! (type it wrong, and it will fuck u)

AoLSD: (it release a virus on its 26th use)

AoLucifer: Password

AoMD:Oslo, Password Cracker:K-Rad, Gold:Botch

AoMike&Dave: Oslo

AoMike&Dave Password Cracker: K-Rad

AoMike&Dave Gold: Botch

AoMisc: MaXeLL

AoMorph: (do not use…..deletes your whole hd…..)

AoNgger: I hate all nigers

AoNirvana: boognish

AoNitro: Lee and Rage

AoOnfire: ivan is a fairy

AoPassword: RIP TUPAC

AoPussy v1.0:13245

AoPussy (for 3.0): (BEWARE!!!!!!! AoPussy 3.0 iz infected with two Viruses)

AoRage Tos: *RAGE*

AoRage Phake Account Maker: *we are all alike*

AoSabre: KNiGHT KiX

AoSabre v2 b4: KNIGHT RULES U

AoSabre (Macros): HoTCLaMCHowDa

AoSniper; Da BomB

AoStr8: let me in

AoStoned: 1800666

AoStorm3.0: Lynch Mob     Blue Murder    Kaptain Krunch    KaOs  iz Kewl

AoSupra: 5119126

AoTips: I want to see the TiPS

AoUltimate: Clock, Dynomite, House, AOL, Happy Face

AoUltimate Tos: computer

AoWax: zaskar

AoWuTang: (drag the blow torch icon over the lock)

AoWuTang Fuck u Tosser ( comes with wutang2):  Fuck Yor AOL

AoX-treme: Click twice on 1, once on 2 , once one 1 then Sign on,

Account Generator: fake account,TOSer&TOSbot:america

online TOS= LooP

Aqua Zone v2: KingMIke

Area 51 Tosser v1: WoRM RoX

Area 51 Tosser v2.5: gtworm button #11

AsTiG: Lock and load

Aztec: 3289# Dial

Balla’s FAC: BaLLaiZurGoD

Balla’s Phisher: BaLLa RuLeS!!

Balla’s Phisher SE: BaLLa fux da twins!

Blaster Toser: GzAizGod

Bloodlusts Account Creator: I Bow B4 SkiTzO, 1st PW=Uderground 2nd=Hackers

Bluntsmoka 2: are u a bLunTSm0kA 2??

Bluntsmoka 2 prefix: splif er bLunT?

Bonez1.0 beta 5: Bandits

Bonez1.0 beta 6: AOL Sux Shit

Bonez1.0 final: BoneZ Sucks!

Bong Tosser: Praise Da BoNG or PaWn Kicken 96

Brody’s Account Generator: 1) Fuck You Evil’s 2) Brodyman

Cannon Blaster Tosser: GzAizGoD

CaToSer: CaT RoX

Color Tosser: Playa (click on the “I’m not racist” button)

Coolio’s FAC: BoW B4 DoG BiGDoG

Corruption Tosser v1.5: DIE


Crypt: DTXA83A

Crypt Acme Info: AcMe FoReVeR (contails all pws to proggie)FAC:ELiTe,elite Pisher : WaReZ mail , pisher: Mail Pish

Da Shit: PLuZ

Darkside of Aol: The Darkside is my side

Dbomb: (virus if wrong)

Dead Fish Tosser: SMURFZ RULE

Defend Tosser: ummm…let me in

Dimension 7: LithiUm

Dogg Pound Tosser: BoW B4 BiGDoG

eJect-A-Tos: smoke ‘EM

Exorcist: 2000

Exorcist (Secret Area): 1984

EZ Tos: 548 ENTER, FAC:4013 , FAC: 2:***it’s So Easy***

Fate X 12.0 ( A Virus do not run)

Foe RHiL: FoE RHiL BeTcH

Forks Tools: HELL

FoRx Toolz 2000: Hell(serial #-> FoRk-110–11-00)

FumFac Fake Account Generator: JizzMop


Generation X Tosser: TaLoN

Genocide: BACONBY

Graveyard: TONY

Ground Zero Tosser: Your Empty Future Awaits (X in Blue, Purple, Yellow squares)

Guide Aol: sniper

Guide 95: (fake program, no corret pw)


Happy Tosser: BKaLLDaY!

Harrass Tosser: (click on icons in this order: 1 3 2 4 )

Hate 2 the Aol: Enter iLL

Hava’s Enforcer v1.0: Kaboom

Hava’s Enforcer v3.0: *666*

Holocaust v1.5: J4 RULZ

HukT OnlinE : ReCogNiTa

Inc Phisher: BaLLa iZ a GoD!

Inertia v1: I Hate Lamerz


Judge Tos Bot: MaSTa JC rules all!

Kashmir v.09: Groups suck

K-Toser2: tosgeneral

Lamer-free zone: tips sips cufk

Laz Tos v2.0: print

Laz Tos: LaZaRuS Wants To Become a Senior

Lotto Tosser: Happy Daze

Magik Online Tosser: Outlaw


Menace II Aol: ‘Ol Dirty Basterd (get it wrong….virus)

The NBHZ!! v1.0 Tos: Open Sesame

Newhade: Cyber’s World

Nightmare v1.0: 43861

Nightmare v1.0 fac: Sponge Monkey

Nightmare v1.0 tos: Pork N Beans

Nitric Acid: SGXNiTRo

Non-Lame: 23-26-0

Now Toolz: MOoSe

OH KW: TOSer Has Terminated

Penetrate: AOL Penertration Time

Pentagon v1.0 Tosser: 424364

Piss on Aol: MiNd N CoDe

Pixy Gen (serial #): 12-3228-8007-263-PiXY-efkj384

Predador: packers

PwP Tosser: PwP KiX Ass

Punky Tosser: FindWindow

QEMM8: 000-18A-40708

Rampage v1.0: OKIDATA

Rampage v2.0: …………………………………….&HWDAS….. (43 dots, then &HWDAS,then 5 more dots)

Razor’s Tosser: RaZoR ToX Da WeRLD

Real OH: Rukes ALL (possible virus)

Real X-treme : Loop

RedKing Phisher: Andrea Sux

Reflex: BOMBS

RHiL: FoE RHiL BeTcH (hit either E, I, L, or N)

Rhymea FAC: MiRaGe RoX!!!

Rippclaw (new stuff): CHARON RULES

Rippclaw Toser: PRINCESS IS KEWL

Ridah’s Insta Tossa: BluE RiDaH

Scope Tos: the password

Secret Service Tosser: LaZy

Shaft fac: America Online

Skamz v1: 831

Skamz v2: 831-637

Skeptic MMer (serial #): 828-SkePTiC MMer-828

Skitzo: 8769

The newest Skitzo: Visa

Skitzo that comes with AoDirt: i Bow B4 SkiTzO

Skitzo’a New Account Generator: 8769

Snake50: Password

Snake’s Prog:Realm of The Snake

Sniper’s Tosser: All eyes on me

Stormfront beta3 tos: IDFKA

Stormfront beta3 fakes: ORANGE PEPPER

Stormfront beta4: 2nd button three times, third button twice, the  i got this

StormFront’s Toser: theENDisnear

Stormfront4 b1: button 4 TWICE, button 5 TWICE, then click on I

Sumbdy’s Tosser: Bastard 4 life!

Super Mad Cow v2.0 Tos: TOS COW (pw for all the stuff is 5051#)

Super Mad Cow v3.0 Pw Finder 1590#,Secret Area 1350#,TOSer 1650#, 5150


Tekno Tosser v1.0: PeaceOut

Tekno Tosser v2.0: RaveTilDawn

Tekno Tosser v3.0: UPS Rox

Tekno Tosser v4.0: WarezGirlz

The-NBHZ!!v1.0 TOS: Open Sesame, rooms: OH Rom

TOSHELL: bow b4 skitzo

TOSmoker: TweeD Mutha Fucka!

Tostitos: whatsyourfavoritecolor?

Uloc FAC: Bow B4 Me


Ultra Killer Instinct: NIN,Weed, Face,Anarchy,Face,AOL-DuH!

Ultimate Tosser: GOODBYE

Underachiever Tos: NoMoreLamersRome/LamerLess

Underachiever Fuck Room: Gifers SUCK!

UV Tosser: ReeSeS PieCeS

Vanquish: If not today, someday the whole world will bow down before PiXY’s knees

and serve him as a king, not a regular person but as a king.

Vanquish FAC 1: Dec 19, 1981

Vanquish FAC 2: PiXY is the best programmer in the world!

Vanquish FAC 3: PiXY Is the most ELiTe person

Vanquish FAC 4: PiXY RulEZ ALL!

Vanquish FAC 5: Im the best damn lamer on AOL

Vanqush elite PW: I am the astro creep a demolition style hell american freak yeah!

Vesa Tosser: Wu Wear

Vortex v1.0 b2: VorLeXiuS RuLeS Us ALL

Vortex Tosser: 6699 ENTER

W.P.I. Tosser: Try Again

WaaS HT TOSer: SiN turbo MB

WaaS HT v2,3 :tosser:ViTaS(AVITOS)

WaaS v3.3: ViTaS

WaaS Tos: j

Who ON Maker: WhO is YoU?

WoReZ 2.0 OH Pisher: (press space 16 times then )do


X-Men Screen Posters: MVW-92958-1201

X-treme: (click twice on 1, once on 2, once on 1 then sign on!)

X-treme: LooP

X-treme account generator: fake account

X-treme tosser & tos bot: america online

Ying’s FAC: beotch!

Ying elite version: yingizdabomb!!!

Zen’s Instatosser: Zen Rules (this is a fake program)



If ya have some Passwords that is not on da list

sent it to me!!!

Greets to the Dude howe done it before!!!


Send Da new Passwords and Proggienames to:


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  1. Yeahhh! I remember hunting down passwords for secret places in the programs (I believe AOpussy loaded up porn pics). I remember there was one program that had multiple passwords for different areas or features, and one of them was the archie bunker section or whatever…. haha good old times

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