Source:  I actually knew the guy way back when spamming was legal. He made his fortune from spamming. He would show me $20,000 checks for a single months pay at times. He had 30 or so computers set up sending out millions of spam a day. He was always crazy. He would buy a Mercedes SL500 and crash it in that very same stream and tell buddies “I told you I’m crazy”. I guess he finally completely lost it and destroyed his mansion, cars, and furniture. I’m still pissed I never took advantage of the days spamming was legal. Just to give you a hint about how successful spamming was check out It’s a friend of his (and mine until he became a cocky asshole) who actually invested wisely in other businesses as well to maintain his fortune. Anyhow, that Lamborghini you see was purchased with nothing but spam money! The internet in it’s early days was fucking gold.



Domain Name: PTEAM.NET

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  1. I use to design interfaces to Ryans *rj2* programs as well as porn sites he had purchased. So much money was made by spamming. Miss ya bro

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