It’s 1998 I’m in Sixth grade and I’m 11 years old.  Back then it seemed like time took forever to go by.  As i look back today i realize wow I learned a shit load in 2 years.  Well like I said its 1998 ! and my family finally gets their own computer im almost positive its a Compaq Persario.  

AOL was already pretty popular but I’ve never heard of it.  My father was in the Sales and repair of Televisions and VCRs so I guess you could say he was in the “tech scene.  I know before getting AOL we played games from Lion King, looking at encarta, Redneck Rampage, etc.  Im pretty sure i could be getting ahead of myself with my dates but hey its a long time ago.  Shit who would have thought I would be typing this from a phone that’s more powerful then some laptops.

I remember being in school and trading screen names with friends so we could chat online.  I remember chatting with my one friend and later on saw his font colors changing in an instant message.  I did the same thing back to him by switching every color manually.  Then the next day asked “Hey man how are you changing your text color so fast?”  He said oh it’s a program called AOL Prop I think it was “AOL4Prop“.  Aka a Fader.

I remember it being a pain in the ass and was missing all sorts of dll files.  I never gave up and pushed myself to figure out how to use this program for America Online.  It was hard because the internet wasn’t like it was today and the search engine then was Dogpile or Askjeeves.

I finally figured out the whole fader/ AOL Prop thing and I can also remember downloading south park and other games which required the same dll files.  It was a pain in the ass getting online to use the computer because I would have to fight my older brother for who’s turn it would be next.  So I remember waking up about 2 hours early every morning before school so I could sign on.

I would do little things from organize files on Windows , add favorites to my AOL, fix my Buddy list, etc.  Each day was something new.  After the fader I began using other programs for AOL some that stick out the most are Gothic nightmares, Prophecy, Solar Winds, Dreamcatcher, Rampage Tools, Methodus Tools and so many more.  

After I thought I was the biggest Hacker online using all my programs from scrollers, macros, email bombs, punters.   I actually started making webpages that were dedicated to AOL proggies.  I would download and test progs and upload them to my site usually angelfire or geocities with a cool redirect like cjb.net or 8op until I could finally afford my own domain.

I made tons of websites from South park, PlayStation cheat codes, Prog sites, WWF and so many more. Back then it seriously would take months to create a website that could be made in 3 days today.  The tools and content management just wasn’t there back then.

It’s amazing how little was archived from back then.  I seriously thought AOL would never disappear and technology wouldn’t advance as fast as it did.

I remember purchasing domains from my personal name, cjonline.net? And some others.  Some websites I visited was lenshell, new world, strgame, phatz progs, etc.  

After web design I wanted to get into the programming of AOL progs.   

 Stay tuned for 1999.

AOL Prog Passwords

All Passwords Are Case Sensitive.

Prog Name
Acid Burn PiXY RuLEz You!
Adidas toolz poiuyt
Afterlife Eraser is GoD
Agent Orange I Crap On Lamers
America Off Line maxuck or ivan is a fairy
Anti Mass Mailer bud is blah
AoBliss Tosser Welcome to the wonderful world of Bliss
AOExtacy BoW 2 MaTT
AOExtacy Phisher Matt is king


AOFuck 1.”PiXY RuLEZ!” 2.”WaNG DanG” 3.”JeREmYe RuLEz!”
AOInsanity TOSer mac sucks
AoPussy v1.0 13245AoPussy
AoPussy v5.0 bomb,dog,hamburger,eye,woman
AOPussy ver. 5.0 Final push buttons in this order 1,3,2,4,5 Pickides password is 125
Area 51 Tosser v1 WoRM RoX
Area 51 Tosser v2.5 gtworm button #11
Argon termer 85203
ass gas own
Audio x beta 1 zzeerr00
Biestly Toolz BiestlyIsPimp
Benjamins Hack The Fuckin Planet
Bloodlusts Account Creator I Bow B4 SkiTzO
BLUE CROSS V3 Blue Cross Rox!
Blue Cross 4.0 175963
blue ink link idler linktalker
BoNG TOSer Praise Da BoNG or PaWn Kicken 96
Byrd Toolz V4.5 D-TRAIN
Citadel Final 1. I Love Kimmy (PW under Citadel) 2. STFU (Strom Toolz PW) 3. Ozzy (Who to punt under Death Toolz, Start)
Color Tosser Playa (click on the “I’m not racist” button)
Corruption Tosser v1.5 DIE
Demolishing AIM 2.0 klown
Diablo 1.2 heartattack
Diablo toolz²·º dialbo rocks
Ditto Punter N64
Dimension 7 LithiUm
Dogg Pound Tosser BoW B4 BiGDoG
Dreamcatcher NYTS DA MAN
eJect-A-Tos smoke ‘EM
Elements of Destruction click ownz all
Error Punter 5.0 by nash bombEverythin23
Evil Wayz Punta 2.0 The Lighter
Exorcist 2000
Exorcist (Secret Area) 1984#
Exorcist Enter this code first “666x”
EZ Tos 548
FBI Show me the Money
FBI AS28 (All the AS PW’s are Alicia SilverStone Pix!!!) AS1 AS2 AS3 AS4 AS5 AS6
Final Fantasy 7 FF7 HiGhWiNd
Fire Toolz V1.1 Master Access= FaG God Access= Rj2 is GOD
Fire Toolz X V3 Ho= CC Generator SEX= Secret Keyword HORNY= Secret Porn Pic SCRLL= LIST= FiRe ToOlZ=SeX,PoRn,FaG,Rj2 is god,(im me 4 master acces)
Genocide BACONBY
God Punta Secret Area Dial = 1,2,8,2,3,2,5,2,6 PW-Cracker = kaiser
Happy Tosser BKaLLDaY!
Harrass Tosser (click on icons in this order: 1 3 2 4 )
HavOk HeLLo aLL wHAt
HaVoK Final havok is god god is havok
Havok Plat BoW To ThE IsLaNdEr
Havok Platinum Loves Cuteone
hero final ijeet0
Holocaust v1.5 J4 RULZ
james bond toolz picka
ja rule dat acc 2 beta i wanna rule!
judgement day vbnm
juggalo toolz 2 secret area Forsaken
K-Toser2 tosgeneral
Lotto Tosser Happy Daze
Lame scroller BoR ownz chat & logo ßôR on i face
Lethal fragment 3.0 hold alt and press 0254
Magenta 854854
Matrix Toolz 1.0 AoL SuX AsS
mean’s termer 1.0 Mean
Menace II Aol ‘Ol Dirty Basterd (get it wrong….virus)
MIB Final TFish Rules!
Ne0’s Massacre Masta Ne0 Rox Da HoUsE
Nitric Acid SGX
nitz toolz nj4eva
Old School Wreshet 0SW in 2000
Paco-tos enter
Parasite v1.0 anthony
PePsi3.0 PePsi DyNaStY
phreeze v1 password
Punky Tosser FindWindow
Rage Punter ddp
Rampage toolz 2.0 weed
rape final Discriminate
rebel’s toolkit rebel
Ridah’s Insta Tossa BluE RiDaH
Sabotage PW Cracker 3.3 leetness
seadoo final Seadoo
shut up x’er lolzzz
sleepy hollow purple
soul stealer Killer
Super Scotch GOBLIN
tdc ima ²·º porn
techno terror Masud
thorn 3 pepsi
tortuga 3 1st – turtle ownz all 2nd – NHSclass2001rulesEVERYONEinTHEworld
union ascii UNioN OwNz YeW
ups ?UpS?
vs. 2000 vb3hacker
Wicked Destruction 311