Found an old website from Olaf through Archive.Org a lot of the data is gone but most of the news stories are still available.

Website URL:  http://olaf.punted.net

Wednesday/July/18/2001 – – puntme 

hi mom.


Wednesday/July/18/2001 – now you die. – puntme 
i updated the funny section, you go now

Monday/July/16/2001 – 16496 25366 – puntme 
hey, i think i updated something.. but its hard to tell anymore. but really ive been surfing the web and ive found some really funny/disturbing sites.

the parking lot is full is a very funny and dark comic. it deals with many subjects normal people wouldnt touch. sock puppets and necrophilicas for example.
weenies are a very special kind of plush animal, just goto the site and see what i mean you.
fish-zine is a hilarious site and web magazine.
hyakugojyuuichi is uh.. just watch it
and jesus dress up give you a chance to dress up your savior in funky clothes and stuff. well thats it.. heh

damn you blog sites!! ahhh!!

Sunday/July/15/2001 – back in the day – puntme 
heh i updated the flash page and changed the poll (thanks becka). also i tried out dance dance revolution at gameworks and i realize now that my dancing skill blows ass. even some japanese kid was laughing at me.. im so dissolusioned right now

Wednesday/July/11/2001 – ahh jesus – puntme 
good lord people im telling this to you now, do not hit your mouse in anger, i did and the buttons are all warped and the middle wheel doesn’t work anymore, god have mercy!!

Tuesday/July/10/2001 – hootle – puntme 
i finished the network page.. go there now!
network page

Tuesday/July/10/2001 – damn you justice legue!! – puntme 
what would i be with out my typos? anyway i updated the site. i wouldnt call it a major update but its kinda sorta big maybe. i updated the wallpaper section and added 3 more papers. i put 1 flash movie in the flash section. and i added a funny mp3 in the funny section. i also wrote a manual on how to build a blog site. its kinda lengthy though.

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About pteam…
Name – Jimmy
Handle (Nickname) – pteam
Age – 21
Location – South of Cleveland, Twinsburg
Company – PTEAM Internet Services, Inc.

Cars –
98 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster (convertible)
2001 AM General HUMMER (convertible)
2001 BMW Z3 (convertible) (mothers day present for my mom)

Sports – 2nd in the State of Ohio for wrestling, in 1998, ranked 20th in the Nation in 1999
Hobbies – Hanging out with friends, running the company, drivin, working out, going to clubs, and of course girls…
About PTEAM Internet Services Inc.
PTEAM Internet Services, Inc. located south of Cleveland, Ohio has had over 1000 employees/webmasters across the country and touching international borders in the last 4 years.
The business is basically Internet Advertising and Internet Consulting and has been very profitable over the last few years. We also have our own Web Page Designing team, among many other things.
Alot of our business comes from Dell Home Systems Crucial Memory Technology , Crucial Memory Technology, and the Adult Online Entertainment Industry.
Please support PTEAM as we have supported you!


Man spamming was huge back in the early 2000’s  I’m not sure what the relationship is with Robert Sudduth, or PTEAM Internet.  It seams Sudduth hosts/owned SERVERGOD.COM where all these porn sites are stored.  You can still see a list here.  It looks like Sudduth also wrote a script for paying out customers and keeping track of incoming clicks.

You can see one of the companies PTEAM Internet owned “FirstClassLimos.net” is still hosted on SERVERGOD, it seem’s the company was sold in 2012 to THE TENNEY GROUP.

The purchase includes 14 vehicles including several state of the art luxury limousines, including Hummer and Chrysler 300 stretch limousines ideal for retail and party clients. First Class also offers sedans and SUVs for corporate clients. Owner/operator Jimmy Michalek will continue to provide marketing/SEO consulting to the new management team. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.  Source

Who Is Info on ClickMAN.com


Necessity has always been the mother of invention. Such was the reason behind the creation of Servergod.com hosting. Servergod is a branch of the ClickMAN company that was created to host our programming clients. Our programming clients wanted their software hosted by those most qualified in its operation. So who better than the software’s creator? Soon our programming clients recognized the superior quality of our hosting services and began referring their business associates to our network. Servergod hosting now serves a large number of clients who require dedicated servers on a lightning fast network with superior customer service, and superior admins without a lot of gratuitious maintenance and set up fees. Ask anyone who hosts with us and you will quickly learn Servergod.com goes above and beyond the call of duty for all our hosting clients.

Clickman llc demo


We are RAISING payouts!

0-29 signups per period = 30$ per signup
30 signups per period, which is 2 signups per day = 
33$ per signup
50 signups per period, or 3.1 signups per day= 
35$ per signup
75 signups per period, or 4.6 signups per day= 
37$ per signup

All new Stats Program with SEVEN Sites to promote now!

*NEW* WebcamAdventures.Com *NEW*


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Miss these days…

Man some days i just get caught in a nostalgic phase and just think about all the old times online.  Theres no more chatrooms, no more sleeping at night waiting to hear that notification sound for a cracked leet; popping instantly out of bed.  Waking up to find out your cracker or spammer just crashed or froze and that entire list you were cracking and spamming has to start from the top.

How about that entire warez list you just got from pr cerver or mp3 waiting about 12 hours for that full length album to finish downloading in your aol file directory.  Man i remember my shit use to be packed with albums waiting to go to a family members house to sleep over with a pack of cd-rs and a pillow.  We didnt have usb’s and a burn rate of 16 or 32x was fast.

I remember cracking my first overhead at about 13 and showing my mom that i didnt have any chat scroll limits.

The countless nights of getting pws’d or a hardware failure trying to diagnose and repair when now you can simply google your problem or run a software fix.  We had to come up with our own fixes, formatting and reinstalling windows was a pain in the ass.

How about certs for making lcases and other accounts…  damn i still remember the same one i used all the time “LOTTA-STEMS”.

Shit never in a million years did i think those days would end.  It all ended so fast 2005 came everyone vanished some people hung around til about 2008.  Man i remember when my family got our first computer i played some lion king game and looked at encarta fought with my brother on whos turn it was to use it. Getting AOL and organzing my buddylist and my favorites list.

How about when captcha didnt exist.  I remember i really didnt understand how crackers rpm worked or what it meant so i would be adverising a fake cracker PWS with random 3722/21 rpm’s and people would still download that shit.  Hearing that UTOH sound and finding out i just pwsd someone all the passwords were saved.

The countless aims i lost because i couldnt remember the chr10, chr13 strings i used so when you request a lost password you couldnt copy and paste… 

 What about those aim accounts that had locked passwords and 30 fucking people knew it and would log on.

Im going to post shit like this every chance i get so i dont forget about all the awesome times online.  All these assholes now think they know the internet because they have a facebook and gmail.  Some shitty ass wordpress site and never was apart of coding when it was just notepad.  I think now it use to take me years to get a full content website done now it takes days.  Fuck i wasted so much time.

Leave a comment let me know what you miss.

Rampage Toolz (Read Me)

Rampage Toolz 1.1
Thankyou for downloading Rampage Toolz. I can’t garuentee that this
file is virus free unless you downloaded it from
http://www.oogle.net/rampage/ You can go there for help, the latest
version or just info.

For anything about rampage toolz including help remember to goto

Elite IP Stealer (Read Me)

Elite IP Stealer v1.o
Thankyou for downloading this Elite IP Stealer. First I can’t
guarentee that this file is virus free unless you downloaded it from
the www.oogle.net server. For more info on this prog or additional
help please visit http://www.oogle.net/ipsteal/
And of course, because this software was written by Oogle it was
made Virus/Virii/PWS/Deltree FREE! (more…)

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How Did Ryan Johnson aka RJ2 Die?


Source: http://touch.npaper-wehaa.com/clevescene/2015/05/13#story?id=2511530

Anyone know the legitimacy of this (the details.. not his death)? I just found it snooping around a little deeper on the google… This never popped up before when I did a basic search?! All I’ve read about his death was that he was “trapped in an upstairs bathroom”. This says he was essentially murdered it sounds like… and drained his bank account?!? WTFFFFF.

Ed Rhodes Rj lived close to me…i hadn’t heard about the bank account…but locals were screaming foul play.

Eli Godfrey I was still in touch with Ryan when he died. He still had a lot of goals (he wanted to make movies) but unfortunately he was a bit of a mess. Never heard this foul play stuff before, though. Sounds like hearsay.


2014-10-23 23_09_03-Philadelphia 2600_More Information

The Philadelphia 2600 was set up to gather people with a common intrest to represent a stereotyped culture, share knowledge, and have a good time. Everybody at the meetings has something to teach, no matter how new to computers, and everybody has something to learn, no matter how experienced. We ask everyone to keep an open mind at the meetings because even within our group there is diversity. The Philadelphia 2600 was set up for anybody with any electronic and computer intrest, not just “Hackers”. If you’re a graphic artist, come on down. If you’re a cable repair guy, come on down. If you’re a 10 year old midget with a 2X4 for a leg, come on down. If you’re a police officer or government official, you’re welcome too. As for everyone else, you’ll always find someone who’s willing to teach new members and this is the perfect place to do it.

This site was one of Russell Handorf’s old websites from 2001.  He went by satanklawz.


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