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–==LEET LINK AdvancedAccess Absolute Edition==–

This is FREE Software!

Author: c4rn3vil/NeophytesnVisualBasiX/Chris

Completed: September 24th – 2004


:—This MIGHT* work for DIALUP USERS – one of my buddies’ is using dialup and it worked for him, but however for the longterm extension …This DOES NOT work for DIALUP users!’


This is now fully equiped/ (coded internal with mstcp/ip+winsock/lan, data flows)

It runs now with a EVEN More sufficient encryption.

I’ve added a MP3 Player, [Tight]

I also Plugged in a ‘POPUP Blocker’ You’ll atleast need to have the screen open, ‘POPUP BLOCKER’ atleast.

You may minimize the pop up blocker. to leave the hastle of it getting infront of you.

This is the last Version of the LEET LINKS I’m doing!

I hope you enjoy this fine release by c4rn3vil/neophytesnvisualbasix/Chris.




Note: known error is that when you attempt to load proxies and you do not load them, it’ll call an arguement and program will fail, just reoping the program and do load the proxies, that’s what this program is for!

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You have just entered room pot

Archive from Dennis’s old website: http://ds86.net/

This file was labeled “r0cky.html

You have just entered room "pot."
denis: just so you know im getting all your bots dropped monday
drunkenly has entered the room.
Troubled: » –Tech N9ne – The Waitress «
diAnaz: poofs gona sign offline for an hr and get on conf then come back
on and be like

denis: just because you didnt have your perms
diAnaz: yahhh partied with my niggas and hoez
diAnaz: all nite
denis: you made a new room

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AOL Sites

Here’s a huge list of AOL Sites from the past, I found a lot these from visiting other affiliates through several sites on archive.org


I’ve also pulled a ton of content that was still available on the archive.org website by viewing a lot of these sites.







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Christopher Desrochers “c0rpze” RIP.


Honestly,  when I started this Tumblr account  I had no idea I would be writing about someone I was so close with on AOL.  If you look back in all my previous Progs, Websites there was always a select few shout outs and it was (Kaze, C0rpze, Kittie, ECW).


I recently came in contact with Kaze/Todd someone I haven’t spoken with in almost 15 years.  (My partner in Crime from AOL).  I found an old floppy disk with a bunch of contact phone numbers.  I had no idea what Todd’s or Chris’s last name was all I could remember was they where from NH.


So I did a little digging around on Spokeo/Google- I remembered what e-mail accounts they used all the time and just like that I instantly found out their info.


I wish I got reunited with Kaze a few years earlier.  I couldn’t believe the news he told me: that his brother passed away in 2008.  I was in total fucking shock.  I was just waiting for him to tell me “yo man this is chris’s facebook” and just reminisce on old times back in the AOL days.


I chatted with these 2 from 1998 until around 2005 almost every day.  I chatted with them more than friends I knew in real life.  I tried locating them years ago but never could I don’t know what changed since then or why I was able to find him so quickly this time.  I’m just happy we where able to chat once again.


Shit brought back so many memories.  From talking on conference lines, calling cards (yeah remember those?), prank calling, sneaking in AOL Kids Only after 12:00, programming, raising hell in chatrooms, cracking 3chars, spamming.


I’m gonna miss this dude so much.  It seems so unreal.  Growing up and getting old sucks, I wish I could just travel back in time to the pr pokemon days, where I never thought I would grow up this fast / aol&aim would never disappear.


RIP Chris / C0rpze  – I will never forget ya bro.  I wish heaven had an internet connection.


I still remember Chris/C0rpze’s screen name’s :

[email protected] (JLT200)

[email protected] (iOX)

[email protected] (c0rpze)





aol progz… a digital throw back to AOL, 1995.

one of the main reasons that i decided to recreate my digital5k.com website was the constant memories of the AOL progz days.  i won’t lie, there are redundant reminders of my AOL/visual basic (vb)/C++ childhood.  it was a great time in life and the internet, if you ask me.  let’s start off by how it all caught my attention and obsession… ascii art – which doomed my future and solidified my career in computers, programming, development and marketing.

2014-10-25 10_14_23-aol progz… a digital throw back to AOL, 1995.

yep, ascii art was the one little element that attack my attention span and made me say ‘whoa, that’s pretty cool’.  better known in those days as scrollers or macros.  a macro is simple font characters put together to form a type of pre-digital art.  i’ll never forget the first time i signed into AOL and say that beautiful scroll ascii art by ao-hell.

AOHellSplashScreen (1)

i was in 6th grade.  who knows how old i was, i don’t feel like doing the math.  i had just moved to the hell hole known as _____ from Houston, Texas.  i had no friends.  i knew nobody.  i just wanted to go home.  since Texas schools let out a few weeks earlier, i had some time to kill.  a very dangerous thing for a teenager.  what is a borderline anti social teen to do in a city with no friends?  go on the internet with the elite speed of 56 bits per second.

for those of us who remember, AOL was very… fucked.  the horrible chatrooms, stupid interface, laggy system and overall confusing nature, yet – it’s all we had.  the internet was a different place back in 1995.  images of a woman’s breasts were downloaded one pixel line at a time.  often stopping right above the nipple or right below the belly button.  there were no scams, very little spam, limited advertising and an innocence that can never be restored.  the internet was the preacher’s virgin daughter that was just getting ready to leave home, go off to college and get fucked, hard.

it took 3-4 attempts to connect to AOL back then, i would go on to later know the swift backdoor, alternate numbers and general brute force attacks that would prioritize my place in dial up line.  once you gained a stable connection, it was a release of endorphins that no drug has been able to reignite in my brain.  it was instant freedom.  no reality, no physical or gravitational limits, nobody to answer to.  it was an open digital playground with visual basic as monkey bars and the rush of adrenaline for swings.  it was a beautiful feeling for a child at the age of 12 with no real world experience.

finally,  you’re logged into AOL and you’re at the horrible start screen.  let’s go to a chatroom and see what’s popping.  ASL?  remember that?  jesus christ, why do i?  i must have been in a basketball related chatroom when i saw the very thing that would literally go on to change my life.  for the best.  a fucking scrolling advertisement for an aol prog known as ao-hell in an ascii format.

when i saw the 2 line scroll in a basketball chatroom i was first intrigued and then a bit shocked.  my initial thought was, what the hell is this?  i had no idea what it was, but i knew i needed it.  i needed to own it.  i needed to download it.  i needed to run this application.  just by the name, i knew it was something i would appreciate.

i started to IM the person who had ran this ao-hell prog.  the username?  that, too i will never forget – da chronic.

after 10-20 ignored IM’s i finally got an email.  a bit confused, i checked out the email.  it was blank.  cocksucker.  but wait, there’s an attachment?  aohell32.exe?  this must be the prog i’ve seen advertised.  without caution, i download and run it… and with that, my career choice is altered in a very dramatic way.

wait, a tool that i can use to flood emails? scroll and flood chatrooms?  boot people offline and cause all kinds of general hell and annoyances?  this is what i want.  this is what i need – this is what i want to make.  however, before i even thought about how/what it took to make one, i needed to study them all.  i cannot honestly tell you how many hours i spent in my bedroom over the next 2 years downloading, running, studying and then networking with the AOL progs and their programmers.  a few huge ones stick out for some reason for me;gothic nightmares, fate zero, millennium, pepsi, havok, ao-hell and the prophecy trilogy by unab0mber. (more…)

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America Online Timeline

America Online Timeline

April 3, 2006 America Online Changes Its Name to AOL
March 15, 2006 AOL and Warner Bros. launch IN2TV, the first broadband TV network
February 28, 2006 AOL Takes Fight Against Identity Theft To Court, Files Lawsuits Against Three Major Phishing Gangs
January 27, 2006 AOL expands its broadband network coast-to-coast with service from leading DSL and cable providers

December 21, 2005 AOL acquires Internet video search pioneer Truveo
December 20, 2005 AOL and Google expand strategic alliance
November 22, 2005 AOL, IAC, Hearst Corp., and Allen & Company lead $16 million investment in Internet video distribution pioneer Brightcove
November 22, 2005 AOL introduces new AIM Triton service with next-generation tools at a time when 70% of online Americans are using instant messaging
November 3, 2005 AOL acquires digital-music subscription company MusicNow and unveils Web-based, full-service digital music store
October 6, 2005 AOL acquires leading blogging company Weblogs
September 21, 2005 AOL releases spyware protection to improve Internet security for millions of users
August 8, 2005 AOL announces acquisition of Wildseed Ltd., leading provider of advanced wireless technologies
August 4, 2005 AOL announces acquisition of XDrive Inc., leading provider of online storage and backup services
July 21, 2005 AOL launches AOL.com, the company’s next-generation, high-speed Web portal
July 12, 2005 AEG, AOL and XM Satellite Radio join forces with executive producer of Live 8 to create ‘Network Live,’ first multiplatform digital entertainment company for live programming
April 20, 2005 AOL launches major campaign against phishing
April 11, 2005 AOL and XM Satellite Radio unite to create new online radio service
April 7, 2005 AOL introduces Internet phone service
January 31, 2005 AOL and Time Warner Cable join forces to provide customized broadband offering
January 20, 2005 AOL introduces new AOL(r) Search innovations and opens up new opportunities for advertisers


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