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Welcome to Tau’s AOL Exploits site. Here you will find up to date information on the great things you can do on AOL that are not officially supported by AOL along with other online goodies.

With so many people on AOL with so many people trying to more AOL exploits I encourage all of you to send me your screen shots, e-mails, or Instant Messages having to do with anything funny, interesting, or plain stupid. All credit will be given to you.


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Found an old website from Olaf through Archive.Org a lot of the data is gone but most of the news stories are still available.

Website URL:  http://olaf.punted.net

Wednesday/July/18/2001 – – puntme 

hi mom.


Wednesday/July/18/2001 – now you die. – puntme 
i updated the funny section, you go now

Monday/July/16/2001 – 16496 25366 – puntme 
hey, i think i updated something.. but its hard to tell anymore. but really ive been surfing the web and ive found some really funny/disturbing sites.

the parking lot is full is a very funny and dark comic. it deals with many subjects normal people wouldnt touch. sock puppets and necrophilicas for example.
weenies are a very special kind of plush animal, just goto the site and see what i mean you.
fish-zine is a hilarious site and web magazine.
hyakugojyuuichi is uh.. just watch it
and jesus dress up give you a chance to dress up your savior in funky clothes and stuff. well thats it.. heh

damn you blog sites!! ahhh!!

Sunday/July/15/2001 – back in the day – puntme 
heh i updated the flash page and changed the poll (thanks becka). also i tried out dance dance revolution at gameworks and i realize now that my dancing skill blows ass. even some japanese kid was laughing at me.. im so dissolusioned right now

Wednesday/July/11/2001 – ahh jesus – puntme 
good lord people im telling this to you now, do not hit your mouse in anger, i did and the buttons are all warped and the middle wheel doesn’t work anymore, god have mercy!!

Tuesday/July/10/2001 – hootle – puntme 
i finished the network page.. go there now!
network page

Tuesday/July/10/2001 – damn you justice legue!! – puntme 
what would i be with out my typos? anyway i updated the site. i wouldnt call it a major update but its kinda sorta big maybe. i updated the wallpaper section and added 3 more papers. i put 1 flash movie in the flash section. and i added a funny mp3 in the funny section. i also wrote a manual on how to build a blog site. its kinda lengthy though.

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Who is Smokey?

All my life I have loved computers, even as a kid when the only ones out were those apple’s (the ones wolfenstein worked with). I remember just pucnhing keys on the keyboard as if it were connected & as if I were this elite computer wizard. So in the 90’s when AOL first came out my father bought the family our first computer. I remember some how getting into a hacker like private room (island55) and thats where I met Ryder & Glaze. Of course at first I was treated like a nub (we all put in our time!) but I started getting more intrigued by what they were doing & me & Vin (Glaze) began talking much more.

I started to get independent making my own lame programs, viruses (mostly deltree’s & ras pws’s). And then vin did a hack on AOL KW im not sure which one, but sure enough there my handle was “shouts to smokey” and a few others it read. I grew hungrey for the power, the online power to be god! The RAINMAN exploit had just come about & glaze showed me the ropes. For the first day I remeber just testing the commands & not knowing how to actually DO anything, but he showed me. I built a name for myself, and bumped into many friends on this long road Magus was a good friend of mine as well, and I always recived beta’s of Fate ( ❤ Adrian). In about 1997-98 I met Dave & Jim (Oracle & Kai) we formed a little clique and sure enough it wasnt long before we found are first exploit…

The first AIM jack, which kai put in a private release of pH which me & jim & ray (laq) & bigbro were the only ones to have. This is when my name grew bigger, I was the KING of cc scam’s and always had a fresh inbox of about 400 weekly (NO BS, i put that on my kid) spamming was very easy then, but me & adi’s scam page owned all (spamsock WAS VERY good to me). The exploit lasted for almost 6months until hydro released a public verison of the exploit (althought the program invoked the needed window, ours just looped until the aol software error’d and displayed 2 windows) the exploit later died. Dolan another good friend of mine & kai’s had found an exploit 2 weeks after which we releaed on AOL-Files.com THE FREE SN EXPLOIT! This is how I began my ‘career’ if you will as a “AOL” hacker, and I have been around for many exploits & have hacked many AOL servers/sites.

In 06-07 I decided lets bring the OGs of the scene back & cause some shit to show these new kids what the scene really WAS and how botting chats & socialing sn’s isnt what the scene WAS about, it was then about SKILL. So me & a few others (Sirk, DB, Darkknight, Madcow, Dave, Adrian, Dale and some others) gave birth to AOLGang, within 1 month AOLGang was in wired.com, securityfocus & then the feds got wind of us. What had happend was while I was filming an interview for adrians new movie due out soon (Can You Hack IT?) they asked me about a recent hacker called “virus” I told them I have heard of him, but I didnt know him. They went into detail about what AOL had claimed he done to them, when they said he stole millions of credit card’s through the AOL Software Merlin– I called bullshit. And provided proof that stealing a credit card through the MERLIN screen was impossible, it only shows the last 4 numbers. So I assumed AOL was using ‘Virus’ as a fall guy, and felt bad for the kid since he was supposibly 17 and a “retard” (quote kevin lee pulsen; saying he went to a boces for kids with learning disorders), so naturally I gave Kevin the permission to publish what I said, and provided some images from him (images of my own merlin hacks, not viruses ss’ like mike claims- where the fuck would i get those, idk even know him).

Once the article hit the wired.com site I got an IM from a friend asking me why I taught virus, and never would give him stuff. Thats when I read the article and seen how bad my words were manipulated to say that “I taught virus”. For the record I NEVER TAUGHT HIM SHIT, I DID NOT EVEN KNOW THE NUB (If i did teach him one of the first lessons is COVER YOUR FUCKING TRACKS, AT LEAST TUNNEL TO THERE SERVER FOR CHRIST SAKES). This whole media thing brought way to much heat on AOLGang we had just released 3 exploits that were offical AOLGang original exploits (THE AOL.IT & AOL.PK SN exploits, and then sirk found the 189chr SN exploit; the longest AOL SN ever made to date) so being were all over 18 & some had familys we got ready to shut the server down. Thats when “seven” (www.sevenz.net a hosted site on the AOLGang server at the time) had asked if he could “deface” the website, it sorta through me off when he had asked that and I couldnt for the life of me figure out why. He told me why, and I will not put it out there like that but I allowed him. I figured it would not only through the feds off, but the media wouldnt see us as that powerful is they felt we got pwned but some other no name, and all the ddos attempts from the nubs on our server would stop.

That is the truth about what happened to AOLGang, yes I know virus takes credit for it all, truth is he had nothing to do with it. It was all seven under the alias “zodiak” for christ sakes he HAD the login info for the server (NO ONE AT LEAST IN THIS SITUATION HAD ANY SKILLS TO TAKE DOWN A SERVER they didnt have the login information to!, they swore they had my info but the fact is they had some elses (poor guy, im sure he got tons of calls & shit like that; none of these kids had any true SKILLS to pull of anything other than annoying calls). Adrian who at the time was shooting his film & just got done with some trouble regarding the FBI (the day he started filming , the fbi issued a warrant; funny thing is they went to his old house, and his friend tipped him off—stupid feds) so Adrian letme know the consequences of all this and my wife was due to have our son within the next month so he said lets deny it all, infact ill tell them i dont even know u, the feds wont believe it b/c they know better, but itll though everyone else off yet again. So he launched his smear campaign in order to protect me & my future family FOR THAT ADRIAN I OWE ALOT TO YOU. Eventually it all died down and went away, w/o any legal actions. Still to this day I hack, infact secondlife is trying to take me to court for fucking their servers but I COVERED MY TRACKS theres no evidence it was me, the only thing linking me to it was a temp email that is out for the public to use. So thats my story and to this day I hold 5 certifications from SecuriTeam & I am a respected BlackHat, GreyHat, DefCon & DigitalGangster member. I also am a contact for certain sources in the C.C.C. although I am not an OFFICAL member. This blog will be like my journal for online activitys this is your prologe i guess, soon chapter one will start. – Smokey


From O0O of AOL-Files

I found this old post from O0O of the old AOL-Files.com site posting this on DigitalGangster.com


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its funny how 12-14 years later people remember things so much differently than what you remember. Many of the names here I haven’t seen since bouncing around the PRs in the late `90s. Many of you remember the “leet” SN jackers/suspenders and the progger types….or guys like Kali that cracked OHs to scroll for hours on end…


I have a very different perspective, I spent most of my time on IRC or in PRs that many in the scene didn’t know about like “leo9” and “atomdrop”.


We had some very smart people in the scene back then, many of them went on to be very successful over the past 12 years….a couple of them I’m glad to still be able to talk to/work with IRL. Some ended up in jail or are dead now. There was a lot of crazy shit going on behind the scenes that kept the scene moving forward, even though there were a couple thousand of us and only some spoke to each other, we were still all tied together through the exploits and programs that a small cadre of really smart dudes figured out and built for others.


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TCP\IP: A Mammoth Description


TCP\IP: A Mammoth Description By Ankit Fadia [email protected]

TCP\IP or Transmission Control Protocol \ Internet Protocol is a stack or collection of various protocols. A
protocol is basically the commands or instructions using which two computers within a local network or the
Internet can exchange data or information and resources.

Transmission Control Protocol \ Internet Protocol or the TCP\IP was developed around the time of the
ARPAnet. It is also known as the Protocol Suite. It consists of various protocols but as the TCP
(Transmission Control Protocol) and the IP (Internet Protocol) are the most, well known of the suite of
protocols, the entire family or suite is called the TCP\IP suite.

The TCP\ IP Suite is a stacked suite with various layers stacked on each other, each layer looking after one
aspect of the data transfer. Data is transferred from one layer to the other. The Entire TCP\ IP suite can be
broken down into the below layers-: (more…)

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Exploring Historical & Emerging Phishing Techniques

International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications (IJNSA), Vol.5, No.4, July 2013
DOI : 10.5121/ijnsa.2013.5402 23

Marc A. Rader1 and Syed (Shawon) M. Rahman2, *
1CapellaUniversity, Minneapolis, MN, USA and Associate Faculty, Cochise CollegeAZ, USA
[email protected]
Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Hawaii-Hilo, Hawaii,
USA and Part-time Faculty at Capella University, Minneapolis, USA
*[email protected]
Organizations invest heavily in technical controls for their Information Assurance (IA) infrastructure.
These technical controls mitigate and reduce the risk of damage caused by outsider attacks. Most
organizations rely on training to mitigate and reduce risk of non-technical attacks such as social
engineering. Organizations lump IA training into small modules that personnel typically rush through
because the training programs lack enough depth and creativity to keep a trainee engaged. The key to
retaining knowledge is making the information memorable. This paper describes common and emerging
attack vectors and how to lower and mitigate the associated risks.
Security Risks, Phishing, Social Engineering, Cross Site Scripting, Emerging Attack Vectors, DNS poising.
Phishing is a social engineering technique that is used to bypass technical controls implemented
to mitigate security risks in information systems. People are the weakest link in any security
program. Phishing capitalizes on this weakness and exploits human nature in order to gain access
to a system or to defraud a person of their assets.


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Miley Cyrus Hacker Raided by FBI

A 19-year-old hacker who published provocative photos of teen queen Miley Cyrus earlier this year was raided by the FBI Monday morning in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The hacker, Josh Holly, repeatedly bragged online about breaking into the Disney star’s e-mail account and stealing her photos. He also gave interviews to bloggers and others and boasted that authorities would never find him because he moved so often. [Last month, Holly contacted Threat Level seeking to have an article written about him here.]

But this morning the FBI did find him and, after talking with him for more than an hour about his exploits, served him with a search warrant and a list of items to be seized (which was posted at the hacking site digitalgangster.com after Holly showed it to a friend).




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You Might Be from AOL if…

YOU MIGHT BE FROM AOL IF…. (a compiled list)

… If you ever once hid your phone bill from your parents.

… Someone says “I got TOS’d,” and you know they don’t mean their salad.

… If you knew Solarwinds had nothing to do with sun or weather patterns.

… You’ve seen some pretty disturbing sets of genitals.
(and helped spread em)

… If you hated seeing Omer enter a room.

… If you’ve said or read any of the following words: “mah bish,” “yew” and “rawk my sawks” (and there was that brief spork thing, too).

… If you remember Lina (AUSTIN).

… And that Entemon had a crush on her (HIM).

… If you’ve ever SiMMed.

… If Fat Francis told you repeatedly to leave him alone.

… And then offered to PAY you to insult and bully him.

… If ghosting was something you could do while still alive.

… If you know hackers don’t exist on AOL.

… If your heart fell out of your ass because you tried signing in and got redirected to your sign on because someone was on your account already.
(and it wound up being your own parent. wtf).

… If you know Merlins not just a wizard.

… If you’ve ever had to say “that’s not even my current address.”

… If you know what Sub7 is.

… If you know what “pulling” something means.

… If you know never ever to DL from Lenshell.

… If you know what .r’s stand for (and it fills some of you with dread).

… If RYLAN ever e-mail bombed ya.

… If you don’t know any of your friends’ real names… or ages… or genders.

… If a bunch of no-name SNs enter a chat at once, you know it’s time to go (and you sat there anyway).

… If you ever look at your jobs website and say “I’ve MADE better profiles than this.”

… If you knew wav.ing had nothing to do with hand movements.

… If someone says “JBB” you think of horses.

… If you ever argued with a bitch/bastard for using your font color.

… If you HATED when AOL made the chat rooms bolts.
(But then loved the progs that followed- shock3, etc).

… If you actually spell color, “colour” (or used British spellings for years—A&E’ers!!)

… If you knew Phish weren’t for eating.

… And <>< doesn’t look like some messed up mathematical equation.

… If SmarterChild was your only friend.

… If you knew Masters had nothing to do with S&M (or college degrees!).

… And Star Tools had nothing to do with with magic.

… If you’ve ever had to minimize your client when your parents walked in. If you’ve ever heard all those anti-parent acronyms and said “I’ve never in my life used any of these.”

… If you know what PB is.

… And you’ve had to whisper while doing it.

… If you’ve ever heard at least ONE YTCracker song in your life.

… If your WMP is so high you’ve scrolled off from just talking how you normally would.

… If you used to Keystyle as a hobby.

… If you know where Rhy’Din is (and especially if you know it’s really Rhydin).

… If you heard {s welcome before anyone said good morning to you.

… If you’ve ever suffered from {s con/con.

… If you thought the movie You’ve Got Mail was unrealistic.

… If you knew punters had nothing to do with football.

… And Catwatch wasnt what your crazy neighbor with 20 cats does on a Friday night.

… If you KNEW the spammers that sent you that spam mail.

… If busters weren’t something that 213 had to regulate.

… If you’ve ever reminisced about 90s Nick toons so much you wanna barf whenever you’re reminded of stick stickly.

… If you ever impatiently waited for a SN dump.

… If even ONE nonsensical 3char was better than none.

… If you know “socialing” has nothing to do with being social.

… And you ever pretended to work for a cable company (that you were on the phone with).

… If your Social Security Number’s ever been spammed.

… If you ever tried to (or succeeded at) selling porn.

… If you desperately wanted or was lucky enough to have a secureID.

… And you wondered how the worst people got HOST names.

… If you know snitchin to OPSSEC44 means free SNs.

… And CRIS means more to you than just a name.

… If you’ve ever entered a room and saw screennames with numbers and promptly left.

… If you’ve ever had a conversation with a bot and didn’t know it.

… If you had to stop what you were typing to wait for a macro to finish scrolling.

… And NETbus wasn’t for gifted kids to get to school.

…. If you’ve ever called your aobffl while walking in from your car late at night just to say “I may get attacked, if you hear me scream call the cops for me, I live at ______________.”

… If you suspected Adrian Lamo was a rat before the rest of the world even knew who he was.

… If exploits were really sometimes as simple as knowing how to use KW.

… If Lotsenruf was the only German word you know.

… If your “first time” was on the phone.

… If KaLi came in, you knew it was time for battle raps.

… If you’ve used “[email protected]” to make a joke about someone or something years before it caught on anywhere else.

… If you know someone who SWATS.

… AND someone who’s been SWATTED.

… If losing your SN was a real threat to you at any time in your life.

… If you’ve had dreams involving chat windows.

… If you went in PRs to get warez (or music… or tv shows… or animes…).

… If you’ve ever had to paint your nails five times over cuz you couldn’t wait ten minutes to type something.

… If you’ve ever used $im_OFF.

… If you religiously use BL only privacy settings, too.

… If you’ve ever used a one or ninety nine sided die.

… Or if you’ve ever settled an argument with //roll.

… If you’ve ever been jealous of someone who prolly wasn’t even real.

… Or you ever thought someone was fake just cus they were attractive.

… If you pull your credit card out and think of lcases.

… If certs were something you didn’t pop in your mouth

… If you ever thought living in a house filled with other AOLers would be a good idea until you heard the real life horror stories (like dealing with Sketch).

… If you’ve ever wondered why it’s always the fattest, ugliest mother fucker in the chat that calls you or other average lookin people ugly.

… If you remember when you could code your profile to say “Sex: Yes.”

… Or if you remember AOL profiles having a “birthday” line, and why it was removed.

… If you had a profile tag.

… If you were disappointed when Bebo took over.

… If “rof1” makes ANY sense to you.

… If you got a mass e-mail from a SN you didn’t recognize filled with nudes of various people.

… If the people who picked on you were so mean you STILL have feelings about it.

… If you ever had to tell half a chat to STOP TYPING LYRICS. (and then busted out into A WHOLE NEW WOOORLD because it was appropriate for the ao_setting)

… If FREEZA was more than just a DBZ character to you (WHADDUP CHRIS).

… If you knew C-Coms were the end of chats.

… If you were 14 and had to lie about who was calling your house phone at one in the morning.

… If you’ve ever gone into one of the middled aged chatrooms and been called a “snert” or “script kiddie.”

… If you swore off the online dating site craze that non-AOLers hopped on, because AOdating destroyed the ability to trust someone’s pictures. Or identity at all. (AND REALLY WE HAD OUR OWN DATING NETWORK ANYWAY).

… If {s drop means something to you.

… If You’ve ever played Slingo privately when you were feeling reaaaally bored or really nostalgic.

… If OPSSEC64 was the enemy.

… If you ever researched the thesaurus to create a one word SN. JUST ANY ONE WORD!!!

… If you ever had the cops show up at your house between 12 and 6 AM.

… If your favorite font is ptsize=9.

… If you remember the REAL reason anyone even knows who Mike Virus is, is because he got arrested for taking SNs on “AOL”.

… If
Either WORRIES you or ANNOYS you (or you used to do it).

… If you remember little ao_hacking groups with applications to join.

… If you got numerous AOL CDs ordered to your house as a sign of being owned.

… If even though you had a different ISP, you still signed on AOL.

… If you know NOT to use AOL for the e-mail system.

… If you’ve ever had to add a complicated password for your cell phone plan or cable acct just for security measures.

… If q = g, i = l, etc.

And FINALLY you might be from AOL if…

… you’ve ever had to [x]