Miley Cyrus Hacker Raided by FBI

A 19-year-old hacker who published provocative photos of teen queen Miley Cyrus earlier this year was raided by the FBI Monday morning in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The hacker, Josh Holly, repeatedly bragged online about breaking into the Disney star’s e-mail account and stealing her photos. He also gave interviews to bloggers and others and boasted that authorities would never find him because he moved so often. [Last month, Holly contacted Threat Level seeking to have an article written about him here.]

But this morning the FBI did find him and, after talking with him for more than an hour about his exploits, served him with a search warrant and a list of items to be seized (which was posted at the hacking site after Holly showed it to a friend).




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FPipe v2.1

FPipe v2.1 – Port redirector.
Copyright 2000 (c) by Foundstone, Inc.

FPipe is a source port forwarder/redirector. It can create a TCP or UDP stream
with a source port of your choice. This is useful for getting past firewalls
that allow traffic with source ports of say 23, to connect with internal
servers. (more…)

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Cow Pasture #1

FuCkeRH0sT: *** You are in “Cow Pasture”. ***
FuCkeRH0sT: ZzzZZvVvVv has entered the room.
FuCkeRH0sT: Gendronsux has entered the room.
Whoohah2: Guide PLEASE send me the guide app.!
WhitMarie: Ya I asked you if you’d like to play some T or D with me .. it would be alot more fun then
WhitMarie: THiS!
FuCkeRH0sT: SKAxHOrSe has left the room.
FuCkeRH0sT: SKAxHOrSe has entered the room.
HoSSxMaN7: SuP RooM
Guide HUB: No thanks, Whit…
Ken 777: |
Ken 777: |.|
Ken 777: |.|
FuCkeRH0sT: SKAxHOrSe has left the room. (more…)

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2014-10-24 00_06_19-Welcome To The Insider.


Inside-AOL was started in 1998.intro3

If you have already read the disclaimer and agree with it you may enter here.
Some artwork, logos, and information are Copyright 1997, America Online, inc. ALL Information on this site is legal in its original content. This site is legal under U.S. fair use copyright law, which states anyone can use copyrighted materials in criticism, review, or parody. Use of AOL artwork and screen shots are used in the content of criticism of America Online’s service and security. This site does not wish to encourage any illegal activity.
Inside-AOL is a private operation, My Internet Service Provider is not responsible for ANYTHING found on this site. If you have questions or comments about Inside-AOL, you must contact the webmaster.
If you Agree, Click to enter Inside-AOL

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x2xr v1.06.03 [Read Me]

x2xr v1.06.03 · AOL 4.0/5.0 Chat Room Tool · Vegeta
With an x’er this good, why bother with anything else?

* Auto ignore using real-time prevents scrollers from pissing you off
* Phrase ignore stops the beggers from becomming a bother
* Chat logger helps you never miss a message while x’ing losers
* All operator lets you talk to your friends, and ONLY your friends
* Customizable Chat Commands so you never have to view the commands
* IM Ignore permently keeps losers away from you
* Exclude names provides max. protection from lamers, while not x’ing your friends
* Perm-x ignores people as soon as they talk, so you dont have to deal with them
* One bad-ass Iface that will make you forgot its an AOL Addon
x2xr is a copyright of x2 programming, and is protected by the US government from
pathitic code stealing losers. x2 Programming and all associated names are
copyrights and/or trademarks of their respected companies.


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empyrie [Read Me]

This program is made for use with Windows98 & Windows95, YAHOO! Messanger 2.x, and AIM 4.0 and lower…… This program is not fully compatable with windows2000 systems, however it will work with some 2000 systems. Also its not compatable with operating systems such as Mac OS, Linux, Unix, etc.. (obviously).

This program has OVER 850 options on it. It is the best full aim prog out right now and the largest aim prog EVER made. Yes, even bigger than 187 Final was !!…… Empyrie is also the FIRST program to have REAL WORKING Yahoo options that automatically set the text to a IM window and sends it (earlyer Y! progs simply coppied the containing text and you hand to MANUALLY past it into a message and click send)……It includes about 40 options for YAHOO! Messanger, over 60 Windows options, several hundred AIM options, and several more hidden options.

The c-com bots and c-coms due to the ocx’s used. ive tried several ocx’s but all of them illegal op the users aim occationally (especially when you first turn on a bot) if an OCX error occurs saying it is “not registered” then you need a registering program (found on my site, the link is below in the “CONTACT” section….. About 10% of the users have a problem with an out dated OLEAUT32.DLL and unfortunately that is something i cannot do anything about that is a system error (my OLEAUT is written differently from some other useres OLEAUT’s are).

To have ALL options working correctly download the file to a location on your computer that will be easy to remember, then open it up with a compressor/extracter program such as “winzip” or “stuffit”, then extract ALL the files into the SAME folder name that you created for it. once in the folder simply click the .exe file to load and run program.

e-mail- [email protected]
web site- (if u need 2 register a ocx)


AOL security breach exposes personal info

America Online has confirmed that hackers have illegally compromised an undisclosed number of its member accounts by targeting key company employees with an email virus.


AOL spokesman Rich D’Amato declined to comment on how many accounts were affected or what kind of information was accessed by the perpetrators. He said the perpetrators gained access to the accounts when unsuspecting AOL staff downloaded virus-infected email attachments. The attacks targeted employees authorized to review and edit account data, including credit card information and passwords.

“This is about a very small number of accounts that have been compromised by a download of a virus and the illegal activities of a bunch of hackers misusing those accounts,” D’Amato said.

The online service has begun investigating the attacks; it plans to hand its findings to law enforcement agencies, D’Amato added.

The break-ins were first discovered by two AOL insider Web sites, and Inside AOL.

According to the publications, the perpetrators targeted AOL customer service representatives who have access to the company’s main member database, dubbed CRIS (Customer Relations Information System). The targeted employees have the authority to bump people off their accounts and reset their passwords. The employees also had access to personal and billing information.

The perpetrators sent emails containing a malicious attachment known as a Trojan horse. When a victim opens the email and downloads the attachment, it automatically establishes a connection between the employee’s computer and the sender’s. Once the sender is connected, he or she can access areas within AOL such as CRIS that are normally restricted to authorized employees.

AOL’s D’Amato said the company scans incoming email for possible viruses and customarily warns employees and members to never download attachments from strangers.

AOL, the largest Internet service provider with 23 million paid subscribers, is targeted frequently by account crackers. As previously reported by CNET, crackers in some cases have gained unauthorized access to accounts by convincing AOL employees to provide restricted information.

Although AOL declined to elaborate on the effects of the account takeovers, a member of Inside AOL who goes by the name of “ytcracker” said the account crackers’ intentions seemed “harmless.” They mainly wanted to take over AOL screen names that were already being used, the member said.

AOL members who have discovered their screen names are no longer working can call AOL to fix the problem.

“All they need to do is call AOL and get their account back again,” ytcracker said in an interview. “It’s probably more of a hassle than anything.”

Richard Smith, an Internet security consultant, said the AOL break-ins are reminiscent of other email-borne viruses, such as the “I Love You” bug that damaged computer systems around the world. Both are examples of malicious attacks using email attachments to achieve their objectives.

Smith’s advice to corporations and individuals worried about protecting computers from infection: Don’t open attachments.

“Tell your people never to run attachments; try to make it so they can’t run attachments even if they try,” Smith said.

June 16, 2000