Crap Idle Remix [Read Me]

Thanks for downloading crap idle.
Crap idle is, another crap production.
greets to: wayne, jacob, blank, rar, odos, moose, joja, koww, moony, short, kryo, jago.

Advanced Version 1.0 Beta [Read Me]

Advanced Version 1.0 Beta

+++Thanks for using my program! Although it’s beta, and not all of the things work, Here’s a list of what works…

-File Menu
1. URL
2.Re-Fade Title
3.Docking Prefs
4.Skin Manager
5.Change Caps

-IM Menu
1.IM Munky

-Chat Menu
1.IP Sniffer

-Other Menu
2.Munky Radio(Works if munky has his radio on.)
3.Sub Profile Hoster(Has non-changeable profile for now, but very good for an ip stealer)
4.Screen Name Formatter
5.Secret Area(Pass is MUNKY spelled Backwards)

-Server Menu
1.Change Server



+++Thats about it for now! Please visit for newest Versions!

Hyper Linker

Section: Hyper Linker 3.0
Updated: 7/23/01
Posted by: Mr. Koww

New Features:
Chat Commands(C-Com) – Total Commands Today: 121!
Room Buster(RB) – Total Options Today: 15
Hyper Linker(HP) – Total Options Today: 175+
Koww Pad 1 – Total Options: 5

Beta Testers:
Vortex, Ito, Ice3k, Naz, Myophic, Andy

Programming/Program Help:
Alpha, Slove, Hybrid, Bor

Release Date:
No Date Set, End July Maybe