Rajuabju Warez Page

I want to use this page to talk about my experiences with Warez, and with Arise in specific, as well as saying hello to all my “friends” on IRC!

The first warez group I was ever a part of was W.A.Y. back in the days of AOL 2.0 and 9600 baud modems. This is when we would distribute Leisure Suit Larry and Kings Quest and Doom and those great (and now classic) games…oh yea, and Windows 3.1 and Dos 6.22 of course. I was only in WAY for couple of weeks because I joined them as the group was falling apart and everything was sucking (shoulda joined UPSS I guess). After WAY was gone, I created my own warez group for a few months, called the CaMeLz (notice, the elite alternating caps)…we were groovy for a while and then fell apart too. This is when I was also pirating on BBS’s such as Eternity and Iniquity (for those of you who know what a BBS even is). Anyhow, I left the scene for a while…and when I returned, lo and behold, warez had changed…no more ice drop mmer, getting loads of useless shit you don’t want…we had serving! I joined Arise on the same day that grif was promoted to senior along with some other guys. I would like to thank grif and chemical, they are the 2 guys that brought me into Arise, and helped me get started. Anyhow, Arise was doing great for the time being, this is when chemical was the president…then he became too elite for aol warez and left (not so willingly, of course, as many remember) and then I became a senior, and started running these soon afterwards. I kind of promoted myself to President, and then EViL saw that it was good, and made me officially part of council, and then I ruled Arise for about a period of 10 months. Not to brag, but I have to say I was damn good, and I don’t think Arise ever had a period of stable, continued prosperity as it had when I was running things. Along the way, I learned a lot, plus made many new friends (and a few enemies I guess).


I’d like to say hi to everyone that has ever been in Arise, and all my other friends on IRC. I could never name all of you, but people worthy of mention are in no specific order

EViL, dubie, Outlawsys, grif, gfu, SaS, viowatch, cult, braz, diablo, mekk, toxin, runner, dope, LrdVader, Storm, chemical, stone, lif3r, crimson, goldilow, sludge, paul, phil, cowboy, trav, fifth, AirCop, thermo, pepsi, glacier, BoardTaho, pn0y, pointzero, unique,  JHL, poet, dogpile, nuke, elitethug, clonr, miami, blast, gear, chip, chaos, popper, bmxer, Chizm, jenise, terri, syren, tourz, knerk, Forbin, wru, sh0gun, x21, alkey, babee, api, cry, p0rk, algarvio, LadySexy, phemale, radii, mecca, Images, Ruthian, oreo, DD, x-pose, W0LF, The Admiral, jc100, candyman, rage, naptime, bowser, acidicx, jist, bone, exabyte, hustla, twist, hunt, buci, holly, Kasino, nuggz, ob1, trex, reflux, king, ruler, serv, bone, pheight, slice, ArcAngel, miss, sab, methman, ounce, vize

Damn that’s a lot of people, but I know I still missed some of you guys…so lemme know and I will be happy to add you.

Archived from http://www.rajuabju.com:80/warezirc/

Archived date: 2007

The Internet In 1996


In 1996, the Internet Archive began archiving the web for a service called the Wayback Machine. They’ve now archived 55 billion web pages. That’s enough web pages that if you were to print them all out using your roommate’s printer while he was at class and tape them end-to-end, you could reach the moon and back 28 trillion times.

I decided to peruse the Wayback Machine’s earliest archives to see what the internet looked like in 1996, when I was 14 and evidently had much less free time than I do now. Much to my chagrin, few websites from these early years have been successfully archived, and many of the best preserved ones were created by fast food and soft drink corporations because they were some of the earliest adapters of the internet. They viewed the medium as a chance for inexpensive advertising and invested dozens upon dozens of dollars into it. The results are tremendously humiliating. (more…)

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AOL Prog Passwords

All Passwords Are Case Sensitive.

Prog Name
Acid Burn PiXY RuLEz You!
Adidas toolz poiuyt
Afterlife Eraser is GoD
Agent Orange I Crap On Lamers
America Off Line maxuck or ivan is a fairy
Anti Mass Mailer bud is blah
AoBliss Tosser Welcome to the wonderful world of Bliss
AOExtacy BoW 2 MaTT
AOExtacy Phisher Matt is king


AOFuck 1.”PiXY RuLEZ!” 2.”WaNG DanG” 3.”JeREmYe RuLEz!”
AOInsanity TOSer mac sucks
AoPussy v1.0 13245AoPussy
AoPussy v5.0 bomb,dog,hamburger,eye,woman
AOPussy ver. 5.0 Final push buttons in this order 1,3,2,4,5 Pickides password is 125
Area 51 Tosser v1 WoRM RoX
Area 51 Tosser v2.5 gtworm button #11
Argon termer 85203
ass gas own
Audio x beta 1 zzeerr00
Biestly Toolz BiestlyIsPimp
Benjamins Hack The Fuckin Planet
Bloodlusts Account Creator I Bow B4 SkiTzO
BLUE CROSS V3 Blue Cross Rox!
Blue Cross 4.0 175963
blue ink link idler linktalker
BoNG TOSer Praise Da BoNG or PaWn Kicken 96
Byrd Toolz V4.5 D-TRAIN
Citadel Final 1. I Love Kimmy (PW under Citadel) 2. STFU (Strom Toolz PW) 3. Ozzy (Who to punt under Death Toolz, Start)
Color Tosser Playa (click on the “I’m not racist” button)
Corruption Tosser v1.5 DIE
Demolishing AIM 2.0 klown
Diablo 1.2 heartattack
Diablo toolz²·º dialbo rocks
Ditto Punter N64
Dimension 7 LithiUm
Dogg Pound Tosser BoW B4 BiGDoG
Dreamcatcher NYTS DA MAN
eJect-A-Tos smoke ‘EM
Elements of Destruction click ownz all
Error Punter 5.0 by nash bombEverythin23
Evil Wayz Punta 2.0 The Lighter
Exorcist 2000
Exorcist (Secret Area) 1984#
Exorcist Enter this code first “666x”
EZ Tos 548
FBI Show me the Money
FBI AS28 (All the AS PW’s are Alicia SilverStone Pix!!!) AS1 AS2 AS3 AS4 AS5 AS6
Final Fantasy 7 FF7 HiGhWiNd
Fire Toolz V1.1 Master Access= FaG God Access= Rj2 is GOD
Fire Toolz X V3 Ho= CC Generator SEX= Secret Keyword HORNY= Secret Porn Pic SCRLL= LIST= FiRe ToOlZ=SeX,PoRn,FaG,Rj2 is god,(im me 4 master acces)
Genocide BACONBY
God Punta Secret Area Dial = 1,2,8,2,3,2,5,2,6 PW-Cracker = kaiser
Happy Tosser BKaLLDaY!
Harrass Tosser (click on icons in this order: 1 3 2 4 )
HavOk HeLLo aLL wHAt
HaVoK Final havok is god god is havok
Havok Plat BoW To ThE IsLaNdEr
Havok Platinum Loves Cuteone
hero final ijeet0
Holocaust v1.5 J4 RULZ
james bond toolz picka
ja rule dat acc 2 beta i wanna rule!
judgement day vbnm
juggalo toolz 2 secret area Forsaken
K-Toser2 tosgeneral
Lotto Tosser Happy Daze
Lame scroller BoR ownz chat & logo ßôR on i face
Lethal fragment 3.0 hold alt and press 0254
Magenta 854854
Matrix Toolz 1.0 AoL SuX AsS
mean’s termer 1.0 Mean
Menace II Aol ‘Ol Dirty Basterd (get it wrong….virus)
MIB Final TFish Rules!
Ne0’s Massacre Masta Ne0 Rox Da HoUsE
Nitric Acid SGX
nitz toolz nj4eva
Old School Wreshet 0SW in 2000
Paco-tos enter
Parasite v1.0 anthony
PePsi3.0 PePsi DyNaStY
phreeze v1 password
Punky Tosser FindWindow
Rage Punter ddp
Rampage toolz 2.0 weed
rape final Discriminate
rebel’s toolkit rebel
Ridah’s Insta Tossa BluE RiDaH
Sabotage PW Cracker 3.3 leetness
seadoo final Seadoo
shut up x’er lolzzz
sleepy hollow purple
soul stealer Killer
Super Scotch GOBLIN
tdc ima ²·º porn
techno terror Masud
thorn 3 pepsi
tortuga 3 1st – turtle ownz all 2nd – NHSclass2001rulesEVERYONEinTHEworld
union ascii UNioN OwNz YeW
ups ?UpS?
vs. 2000 vb3hacker
Wicked Destruction 311


AOL Warez Arise Group

2014-10-22 13_29_16-1264410_10105281608895370_5920015541346424548_o - Windows Photo Viewer


Arise Macro Created by X99



About Arise Warez

A long, long, time ago, hehe, I was in a group called DGG. GaL ran the group and eventually I ran it as well. Unfortunately for me I learned the hard way when a person other then yourself controls the site as well as the bots, well you got problems. GaL decided she wasn’t going to be involed with the group anymore and yanked the site. Well Arise was born that day. I borrowed a botnet and got a T-3 release site. First mistake: using a borrowed botnet. Ok so I got a few bots, Second mistake: Never have anybody but yourself be botmaster. Well eventually I learned bots and the group Arise flourished. One small problem was we were an AOL group but had no AOL presence. Chemical came on board and changed all that. Arise has seen members come and go, usually to see them start there own warez group. Hehe, I see more warez groups that have former Arise members and it amazes me, and I wish them all the BesT. Some say now we’re the best, the only true 0day group left. Well that is a nice complement. Ya know nothing lasts forever, but while its happening I say 0-Day Everyday!!
-Evil, Founder Of Arise


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aol progz… a digital throw back to AOL, 1995.

one of the main reasons that i decided to recreate my digital5k.com website was the constant memories of the AOL progz days.  i won’t lie, there are redundant reminders of my AOL/visual basic (vb)/C++ childhood.  it was a great time in life and the internet, if you ask me.  let’s start off by how it all caught my attention and obsession… ascii art – which doomed my future and solidified my career in computers, programming, development and marketing.

2014-10-25 10_14_23-aol progz… a digital throw back to AOL, 1995.

yep, ascii art was the one little element that attack my attention span and made me say ‘whoa, that’s pretty cool’.  better known in those days as scrollers or macros.  a macro is simple font characters put together to form a type of pre-digital art.  i’ll never forget the first time i signed into AOL and say that beautiful scroll ascii art by ao-hell.

AOHellSplashScreen (1)

i was in 6th grade.  who knows how old i was, i don’t feel like doing the math.  i had just moved to the hell hole known as _____ from Houston, Texas.  i had no friends.  i knew nobody.  i just wanted to go home.  since Texas schools let out a few weeks earlier, i had some time to kill.  a very dangerous thing for a teenager.  what is a borderline anti social teen to do in a city with no friends?  go on the internet with the elite speed of 56 bits per second.

for those of us who remember, AOL was very… fucked.  the horrible chatrooms, stupid interface, laggy system and overall confusing nature, yet – it’s all we had.  the internet was a different place back in 1995.  images of a woman’s breasts were downloaded one pixel line at a time.  often stopping right above the nipple or right below the belly button.  there were no scams, very little spam, limited advertising and an innocence that can never be restored.  the internet was the preacher’s virgin daughter that was just getting ready to leave home, go off to college and get fucked, hard.

it took 3-4 attempts to connect to AOL back then, i would go on to later know the swift backdoor, alternate numbers and general brute force attacks that would prioritize my place in dial up line.  once you gained a stable connection, it was a release of endorphins that no drug has been able to reignite in my brain.  it was instant freedom.  no reality, no physical or gravitational limits, nobody to answer to.  it was an open digital playground with visual basic as monkey bars and the rush of adrenaline for swings.  it was a beautiful feeling for a child at the age of 12 with no real world experience.

finally,  you’re logged into AOL and you’re at the horrible start screen.  let’s go to a chatroom and see what’s popping.  ASL?  remember that?  jesus christ, why do i?  i must have been in a basketball related chatroom when i saw the very thing that would literally go on to change my life.  for the best.  a fucking scrolling advertisement for an aol prog known as ao-hell in an ascii format.

when i saw the 2 line scroll in a basketball chatroom i was first intrigued and then a bit shocked.  my initial thought was, what the hell is this?  i had no idea what it was, but i knew i needed it.  i needed to own it.  i needed to download it.  i needed to run this application.  just by the name, i knew it was something i would appreciate.

i started to IM the person who had ran this ao-hell prog.  the username?  that, too i will never forget – da chronic.

after 10-20 ignored IM’s i finally got an email.  a bit confused, i checked out the email.  it was blank.  cocksucker.  but wait, there’s an attachment?  aohell32.exe?  this must be the prog i’ve seen advertised.  without caution, i download and run it… and with that, my career choice is altered in a very dramatic way.

wait, a tool that i can use to flood emails? scroll and flood chatrooms?  boot people offline and cause all kinds of general hell and annoyances?  this is what i want.  this is what i need – this is what i want to make.  however, before i even thought about how/what it took to make one, i needed to study them all.  i cannot honestly tell you how many hours i spent in my bedroom over the next 2 years downloading, running, studying and then networking with the AOL progs and their programmers.  a few huge ones stick out for some reason for me;gothic nightmares, fate zero, millennium, pepsi, havok, ao-hell and the prophecy trilogy by unab0mber. (more…)

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