Ryan D Johnson AKA RJ2 – Archive


On this site archive there wasn’t really much, just something about RJ2 running for mayor in 2008. And a couple more domains that lead us to know some other archives such as smarthouseproject.com, and milliondollarroadtrip.com

This song was also found on RJ2’s archive which creeps me the fuck out that it’s the only mp3 file found throughout the entire archive.    Avril Lavigne Slipped Away  –

Now you are gone, now you are gone
There you go, there you go
Somewhere I can’t bring you back
Now you are gone, now you are gone
There you go, there you go,
Somewhere you’re not coming back


(Image where archived from dates 1/05/2005, 3/29/2005, 1/10/2006


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RJ2 Destroys His Million Dollar Home

This is the aftermath after a self-confessed millionaire destroyed his million dollar home in a rage. He left the water running and smashed everything in sight. Poor guy!

The first part is of the man who set up his living room in the passing stream, threatening the police, and eventually being tazered by the police. Look at my other videos for that scene. It’s funny.. trust me!

The man no longer lives in this mansion.


RJ2 living room in passing stream gets a stun by police

A “millionaire” Ohio man arranges his living room in passing stream on his private property and threatened police with a shovel. The man was eventually subdued by the police and tazered.

“Police were also told, according to the report, that Johnson turned on a water faucet in a second-floor bathroom and left it running, causing it to overflow and seep through the kitchen ceiling…. Police say Johnson threatened to jump off the roof of the home at one point and also fought with officers. He was taken to St. Thomas Hospital by emergency medical technicians after the incident.”

He was arrested on an unrelated charge.

Sadly, Ryan D. Johnson aka RJ2 passed away on January 14, 2010. May he rest in PEACE.

How Did Ryan Johnson aka RJ2 Die?


Source: http://touch.npaper-wehaa.com/clevescene/2015/05/13#story?id=2511530

Anyone know the legitimacy of this (the details.. not his death)? I just found it snooping around a little deeper on the google… This never popped up before when I did a basic search?! All I’ve read about his death was that he was “trapped in an upstairs bathroom”. This says he was essentially murdered it sounds like… and drained his bank account?!? WTFFFFF.

Ed Rhodes Rj lived close to me…i hadn’t heard about the bank account…but locals were screaming foul play.

Eli Godfrey I was still in touch with Ryan when he died. He still had a lot of goals (he wanted to make movies) but unfortunately he was a bit of a mess. Never heard this foul play stuff before, though. Sounds like hearsay.

Ryan D Johnson RJ2 3740 Granger Rd Bath, OH 44333

Bath Township man wanted ex-girlfriend to know that money has no value to him

By Gina Mace

Special to the Beacon Journal

BATH TWP. – In an effort to prove to his ex-girlfriend that money means nothing, a 20-year-old Granger Road man smashed an SUV and sent another luxury vehicle into a creek, township police said.
A 2-month-old Volkswagen Touareg blaring rock music from the sound system sat in the front yard of Ryan Johnson’s home Monday — severely damaged from smashing through the security gate, uprooting a tree, then being assaulted by golf clubs and boulders. A Mercedes SL500 was parked in Yellow Creek, under the driveway bridge leading to Johnson’s mansion.

The two vehicles were worth more than $100,000, police said.
Johnson told police he did it for his ex-girlfriend. Last week, she asked police to accompany her to the home so she could remove some belongings.

Police were called to Johnson’s home around 3 p.m. Monday by neighbors who thought they heard an explosion.

One neighbor, who asked not to be identified, said he went outside after hearing the noise.

“People were running around, making sure everyone was OK,” the man said. “A kid was out there with huge boulders, breaking out windows. He was throwing stones at it. Later he came out with a set of golf clubs and was teeing off on it.”

The “kid,” identified by police as Johnson, was still smashing the SUV when police arrived. (more…)

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