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The Philadelphia 2600 was set up to gather people with a common intrest to represent a stereotyped culture, share knowledge, and have a good time. Everybody at the meetings has something to teach, no matter how new to computers, and everybody has something to learn, no matter how experienced. We ask everyone to keep an open mind at the meetings because even within our group there is diversity. The Philadelphia 2600 was set up for anybody with any electronic and computer intrest, not just “Hackers”. If you’re a graphic artist, come on down. If you’re a cable repair guy, come on down. If you’re a 10 year old midget with a 2X4 for a leg, come on down. If you’re a police officer or government official, you’re welcome too. As for everyone else, you’ll always find someone who’s willing to teach new members and this is the perfect place to do it.

This site was one of Russell Handorf’s old websites from 2001.  He went by satanklawz.


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Adrian Lamo and FBI Cyber Squad computer scientist Russell Handorf

10/18/12 Update: 2006 posting at forum – where Russell Handorf still contributes using his “grey hat hacker” handle “satanklawz” – suggests he has been working for FBI three years earlier than his resume claims; Adrian Lamo admits being “friends” with Handorf but still won’t answer any real questions; Chet Uber offers to have Lamo “interview” me – Neal Rauhauser, who claims he has nothing to do with Project Vigilant, suggests I should accept offer – which I will, after they start giving serious answers to my serious questions first; Project Vigilant submitted bid for Voice Stress Analyzer request by BoP to detect if inmates are lying.

Highlights: At college, Russell Handorf used to illegally “sniff” networks for free web access; Decade ago, hosted Adrian Lamo website where he used to be known as “satanklawz”; Defended Lamo online in web forum postings; In 2003, wrote that fugitive Lamo’s enemies might DoS the NY Times, attack investigators; Provided details on web on how to access potential Comcast customers’ private info; Wrote “Fear Not: Hacks, Attacks and Cracks” column; After Philadelphia InfraGard Board of Directors gig, former “grey hat hacker” joined FBI in September of 2009.

[Editor’s Note: Before publishing this article I emailed both Russell Handorf and Adrian Lamo to ask them questions about their past and possibly present relationship, but neither one got back to me. I’ll gladly correct any errors or add comments if they change their minds. My last two articles provide more background on Adrian Lamo, Neal Rauhauser, Project Vigilant and the Bradley Manning case: Bradley Manning Facebook friend was a security and risk management expert and More members from secretive, oddball Project Vigilant group revealed. Article by Ron Brynaert]

The following screenshot was the front page for a website owned by a “Grey Hat hacker” who the FBI hired to be a computer scientist for its Philadelphia Cyber Squad in 2009:



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Leet Link [Read Me]




–==LEET LINK AdvancedAccess Absolute Edition==–

This is FREE Software!

Author: c4rn3vil/NeophytesnVisualBasiX/Chris

Completed: September 24th – 2004


:—This MIGHT* work for DIALUP USERS – one of my buddies’ is using dialup and it worked for him, but however for the longterm extension …This DOES NOT work for DIALUP users!’


This is now fully equiped/ (coded internal with mstcp/ip+winsock/lan, data flows)

It runs now with a EVEN More sufficient encryption.

I’ve added a MP3 Player, [Tight]

I also Plugged in a ‘POPUP Blocker’ You’ll atleast need to have the screen open, ‘POPUP BLOCKER’ atleast.

You may minimize the pop up blocker. to leave the hastle of it getting infront of you.

This is the last Version of the LEET LINKS I’m doing!

I hope you enjoy this fine release by c4rn3vil/neophytesnvisualbasix/Chris.




Note: known error is that when you attempt to load proxies and you do not load them, it’ll call an arguement and program will fail, just reoping the program and do load the proxies, that’s what this program is for!

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Last modified date 9/9/2002

cuatro : 2KaY1SUXA!55gG
psa : 2KaY1SfXA!59uU
wickedclowns : fdfds45324xx
realmonsters : pazteB3OwNiN!
Jeff Gordon : paste4Lif3NIZ@
headphones : wiGGer3j!@!CCj
policemen : 2kayx494JJ@@!0i
wyoming : w3rdDaFUxUP!!n
grid : dfa432f432
mysterymen : pa5t2eINDA2!Kx
wet the bed : paste4lIF3!!@Dg
Thomas Jefferson : 1amg0d4lIfep2F
Prancer : P33TypaBlO!#@M
toybox : t0y.b0x!!WoOt
jukebox : EiEiUTOH!!@!cc!
jack hole : JackH0!31OMm1@
Jack Frost : p45te39c##@!J!Jc
SuperSoaker : 1FUCKen0\/\/n
jellybeans : i|V|F@T!@3kZXJc
shifty : wuTwU7t4!$!
eye candy : ffJJ8CJX@!!&DJH.
inhaler : wo0t.wOoT24x!

Clarance – oO.o.Oo@!X*ZX
garbagecan : p@sT3E@jxU!~!@/.
spitting : f93((@JCJ!~JC
Heave : **PaZtE!!!***
sandbox : p4Zte29CJ3j»«
Victims : d3inIDCCuu3II@
MiddleFinger : f83rj3jfNCCC
WakeUp : fdf3nJJCz*&@
Tarantulas : pasteNda1k
Replacements : pazTE2yY@8xJH@
little rascals: pazt3FFJOoXQ
Last Night : fuH@#!HCF* C
Happy Gilmore:pasteupz21
Bulletproof : paste994jcOQ
hiding : w0rd2pAztee!./
Hershey Kisses : pastE8234n!#

hershey kisses, hiding, bulletproof,happygilmore,lastnight,littlerascals,replacements

ePIMP Email Accounts

Last modified on 9/22/2001

AIM Account Lists

Last modified on 1/5/2003

wet the bed:F#IUIJINSJ@!!
littlerascals:F#i jCjxisa
hersheykisses:CoOlC)EJ#U *X
water bottLe:blazepazt3


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AOHell v3.0 Rage Against The Machine by Da Chronic

For the last year, America Online has fought a freely-distributed program called AOHell, which allows would-be hackers unlimited free access to the system–in part, by exploiting AOL’s free trial disks.

The program provides powerful add-ons to AOL software, but also exploits bugs in AOL’s system to allow high-tech harrassing of users in chat rooms and via e-mail. In the documentation for AOHell, its creator explains why he wrote the program and its connection to AOL’s hypocritical stance on child pornography.

*******AOHell v3.0 Rage Against The Machine*******
Da Chronic
Part I ——————- What is AOHell?
Part II ——————- The features in AOHell v3.0
Part III ——————- Is it safe to use AOHell?
Part IV ——————- Why I made AOHell


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