2 thoughts on “Unseen Server Final

  • Ah man, some good memories – hope everyone who used this enjoyed it! The secret to the super fast email sending with this guy was using an ASM library to hook the hardware buffer on the keyboard to manually hit the ESC key as if the user was physically pressing it whenever a mail was pulled up to forward. Software sendkeys would never get there in time to prevent the HTML load lag, but that thing sure as hell did.

  • DIOX I remember using your server back before AOL put in the restriction that only Overhead accounts could do mass mail.

    I do recall that Unseen had a reputation as one of the fastest and most reliable servers at the time. I’ve been trying to recall another server prog that was quite fast and reliable, but it only worked on AOL 2.5. I don’t remember the prog name, but it was made by this guy named ‘cesar’ or ‘caesar’.

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