Visual Basic Script Exe Creator

Visual Basic Script Exe Creator

What is does?
Store binary code inside of a visual basic script. Store an executable
inside of a visual basic script. Then when the vbs script is executed,
it will create the executable, and execute it. Executing it is optional.
You can also edit the vbs file and put other things inside. So, the vbs
file carries your executable. This could be useful. Find a good program that
you want stored in a vbs file. The vbs file will be a vbs file and also
carry the executable, no one can notice. Also, the exe should be small,
very small or else the vb script won’t be able to create the binary file.

How to use?
Just enter in the exe file to copy from(should be very small because vb script
doesn’t like big files) and then enter in the vbs file that you want to store
this exe code. Then, you have a choice wether to just create the executable
when clicking on the vbs file or you can create and then execute the exe file.
Just follow the instructions when using it and the source is free and simple.
do whatever you want, just keep my notes in there.

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