2014-12-13 20_38_13-Project1 - Microsoft Visual Basic [design]

‘this version 9-1-98

‘coded by KRhyME and SkaFia
2014-12-13 16_08_06-Project1 - Microsoft Visual Basic [design]
‘HEAD of the [Voltron Kru]
‘Voltron Kru ’98
[email protected]

‘This Bas file requires Voltron.bas to work
‘Voltron.Bas is the core bas file for the
‘Voltron Kru. You can get all our bas files at

‘many ideas for this bas came from other Voltron Kru
‘members. I would Like to thank SkaFia for all the
‘things he did for the series of Bas files.
‘Please do not steal our codes without giving us
‘credit. I would like to say thank you to KnK for
‘making so many files avaible to the public, The makers
‘of DiVe32.bas (the first bas i used), Toast, Magus,
‘and all the other great programmers out there who
‘have infuinced us

‘Please join our VB mailing list

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