WinShell v5.0

WinShell v5.0 £­ A finished telnet server for windows

Author : janker

WinShell was a telnet server for windows platform. Main program was just a 5k bytes stand-alone executable file, Could run stably without any third dll, Although it was so thin, it had many of functions, such as custom port, password protect, muti-user logon, NT Service mode, download file£¬user-defined message, special anti-ddos and etc. Detail to see the following:

01. Designed for Windows 9X/ME/NT/2K/XP
02. Just a stand-alone executable file and no setup
03. Support all of the standard telnet client
04. Allow muti-user logon and password authentication
05. Custom port number and other configurable item
06. Run in the background without gui
07. Support service mode in NT system
08. Build-in install and remove
09. Build-in file download
10. Build-in reboot and shutdown
11. Build-in terminate itself remotely
12. Auto download file and execute while starting
13. Special anti-ddos flood attack
14. Support EXE Compress and Protect program

Release Files
winshell.exe WinShell maker
winshell.exe.sig Digital sign file
english.txt English help file
chinese.txt Chinese help file
janker.asc Author’s public key file

Make WinShell
1. Run winshell.exe.
2. Config the options as you need.
3. Click the button “make”.
4. Get your custom winshell and configuration File.

The main options detail as the following:

The listening port number, default was 5277.

The logon key, default was none.

Password Banner:
The message of asking password, default was “Password:”.

The service name for NT system, default was “WinShell”. Example: The service name of ms ftp server was “msftpsvc”.

The registry key name for autorun in the win9x/me, default was “WinShell”. example:

The name of NT service showing in the service list. Example: The display name of ms ftp server was “FTP Publishing Service”.

The service descripition for itself function, supported by 2000/XP, invalid in NT4.0.

First try to install itself, then to run.

To use or unuse the download and execute function.

Url Address:
The url of executable file to be downloaded and executed.

Destination Filename:
The filename to be saved to the disk, including the path.

Compress WinShellServer:
Acquiescently WinShell maker will produce a compressed WinShell Server file for you, Of course, you may unselect and use other external compress and protect program to process the output server.

Command Line
n -port
i -install

“n” was port number, the range was 1-65535, and it was firster than custom-port; “i” was to install winshell, just install, not to start winshell.

Start and Stop WinShell
To start:
1. Application mode: just run winshell.exe, also maybe have command line parameter.
2. NT Service modeb: net start winshell.
To stop:
1. With build-in function.
2. Kill the winshell process.
3. Net stop winshell.

Logon WinShell
C:\>telnet 5277
Password: 1234

WinShell v5.0 (C)2002

? for help

i Install
r Remove
p Path
b reBoot
d shutDown
s Shell
x eXit
q Quit


? for help

1. CMD>p
2. CMD>
Download to C:\winnt\hello.exe…
3. CMD>s
Microsoft Windows 2000 [Version 5.00.2195]
(C) Copyright 1985-2000 Microsoft Corp.


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