Seaker 1.22.5

About Seaker:
What Seaker does is like a pwl viewer, it decrpts. the pwl file that is
crpted. in microsoft windows. I only made this for a helpful tool, for
forgetting your password to your isp, this is only use for legal prurposes,
and i am not held responsible for any miss use on this program.

Stealth,Rj2,and Mike. i know there is alot more *ALOT* but im kinda frozen
when it comes to remeberign all these people, i want to say sorry if
your not on here, and it doesnt me i think less of you if your not here
this are just some people i talk to alot and help me out. And i would
like to say sup to all the old folks that where pr: vb2 back 2 years ago
before it became what it is today.

Created by Corruption  –

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