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I want to use this page to talk about my experiences with Warez, and with Arise in specific, as well as saying hello to all my “friends” on IRC!

The first warez group I was ever a part of was W.A.Y. back in the days of AOL 2.0 and 9600 baud modems. This is when we would distribute Leisure Suit Larry and Kings Quest and Doom and those great (and now classic) games…oh yea, and Windows 3.1 and Dos 6.22 of course. I was only in WAY for couple of weeks because I joined them as the group was falling apart and everything was sucking (shoulda joined UPSS I guess). After WAY was gone, I created my own warez group for a few months, called the CaMeLz (notice, the elite alternating caps)…we were groovy for a while and then fell apart too. This is when I was also pirating on BBS’s such as Eternity and Iniquity (for those of you who know what a BBS even is). Anyhow, I left the scene for a while…and when I returned, lo and behold, warez had changed…no more ice drop mmer, getting loads of useless shit you don’t want…we had serving! I joined Arise on the same day that grif was promoted to senior along with some other guys. I would like to thank grif and chemical, they are the 2 guys that brought me into Arise, and helped me get started. Anyhow, Arise was doing great for the time being, this is when chemical was the president…then he became too elite for aol warez and left (not so willingly, of course, as many remember) and then I became a senior, and started running these soon afterwards. I kind of promoted myself to President, and then EViL saw that it was good, and made me officially part of council, and then I ruled Arise for about a period of 10 months. Not to brag, but I have to say I was damn good, and I don’t think Arise ever had a period of stable, continued prosperity as it had when I was running things. Along the way, I learned a lot, plus made many new friends (and a few enemies I guess).


I’d like to say hi to everyone that has ever been in Arise, and all my other friends on IRC. I could never name all of you, but people worthy of mention are in no specific order

EViL, dubie, Outlawsys, grif, gfu, SaS, viowatch, cult, braz, diablo, mekk, toxin, runner, dope, LrdVader, Storm, chemical, stone, lif3r, crimson, goldilow, sludge, paul, phil, cowboy, trav, fifth, AirCop, thermo, pepsi, glacier, BoardTaho, pn0y, pointzero, unique,  JHL, poet, dogpile, nuke, elitethug, clonr, miami, blast, gear, chip, chaos, popper, bmxer, Chizm, jenise, terri, syren, tourz, knerk, Forbin, wru, sh0gun, x21, alkey, babee, api, cry, p0rk, algarvio, LadySexy, phemale, radii, mecca, Images, Ruthian, oreo, DD, x-pose, W0LF, The Admiral, jc100, candyman, rage, naptime, bowser, acidicx, jist, bone, exabyte, hustla, twist, hunt, buci, holly, Kasino, nuggz, ob1, trex, reflux, king, ruler, serv, bone, pheight, slice, ArcAngel, miss, sab, methman, ounce, vize

Damn that’s a lot of people, but I know I still missed some of you guys…so lemme know and I will be happy to add you.

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Archived date: 2007

A*o*D Allegiance of Destruction Members

Allegiance of Destruction Memberz



SaS    BiGGie

Prez       Vice Prez

SaS             BiGGie


CaSPeR    MiC0

Head of Warez



DiaBLo  MeNaCe  SpaZ  CaSPeR

TaLLthReaT    PuLzE    CReePeR

MiC0      ReBeL    SHaDoW


DaMac   MeNaCe  SpaZ  BLueDoG

ReBeL     MiC0




Viper   SpaZ   CReePeR


SpaZ   CaSPeR   PuLzE   MiC0




MiC0   CaSPeR

More Warez Rooms

Sup, This is One of UpA’s Ajoint Prezes ReApEr and i know your ass is tired of the same old ass WaReZ RooMz. Well i was too so i decided to find just about ever  WaReZ RooM that i could and i did a DaM good Job doing it.

Befor i give you the list i am gonna tell you what UpA stands for

UpA = United Piraters Alliance.

Now here is the list of all the WaReZ  RooMz i know of



WaReZ RooMz FRoM A-Z









8)FreeProg               <~~ No Trading Stuff in this room

9)FreeProgs             <~~ No Trading Stuff in this room

10)FreeStuff             <~~ No Trading Stuff in this room








18)HoT IcE

19)LeeT                      <~~ LeeT HaCKeRs OnLy

20)MaCRo                  <~~ Show off your MaCRo’s in here


22)MassMail               <~~ No Trading in this room Mass Mails Only

23)MxM                      <~~ No Trading in this room Mass Mails Only

24)No SCRoLL            <~~ No Scrollers Aloud in This Room Respect that


26)Phish                     <~~ If your a Phisher Go Here To Trade <><‘s





31)SCRoLL      <~~ This Room is for Scrollers Only

32)Server         <~~ Servers Only No Mass Mailing Or Trading

33)THE End



36)UpA           <~~ No Scrolling or trading proggies here Only mass mails

37)ViRuS       <~~Virus Makers Go Here To Trade Virii If you need Virii Go here



NeW RooMz


1) Idle              <~~ If you want to stay online go here and use a bot


There i gave you all the WaReZ RooMz i know.

if you go in a RooM RESPECT The RULEZ its only fair

Beacause if we dont Respect The WaReZ CoDe Of LaW

WaReZ Will Die So remember that.

As for now i hope you have fun with the new RooMz and rember

UpA Is All About WaReZ Peace……




Inside Warez Part #2

Subj:      Fwd: º^º^( InSide WaReZ Issue #2 (Part 2)^º^º

Date:      97-07-27 15:22:40 EDT

From:     SPYER2000

To:          BeAwareX1




Forwarded Message:

Subj:      º^º^( InSide WaReZ Issue #2 (Part 2)^º^º

Date:      97-07-27 14:36:05 EDT

From:     BuBBLe HoP


«–¥(TRauMaTiZeD MassMailer²·º ßy: ßaNiCKuLa)¥–»

«–¥(This one is Dedicated to TaSHa, BaNiCKuLa’s True Love!)¥–»

«–¥(This Mail took 17.41797 Seconds to send)¥–»

«–¥(There are 69 out of 73 people on the MM)¥–»

«–¥(There have been: 0 Un-Retrievable Mails on This MM)¥–»

«–¥(This is Mail Number: 7 of  19 Mails)¥–»



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Inside Warez Part 1

Subj:      Fwd: º^º^( InSide WaReZ Issue #2 (Part 1)^º^º

Date:      97-07-27 15:21:53 EDT

From:     SPYER2000

To:          BeAwareX1




Forwarded Message:

Subj:      º^º^( InSide WaReZ Issue #2 (Part 1)^º^º

Date:      97-07-27 14:35:28 EDT

From:     BuBBLe HoP


«–¥(TRauMaTiZeD MassMailer²·º ßy: ßaNiCKuLa)¥–»

«–¥(This one is Dedicated to TaSHa, BaNiCKuLa’s True Love!)¥–»

«–¥(This Mail took 33.61719 Seconds to send)¥–»

«–¥(There are 69 out of 73 people on the MM)¥–»

«–¥(There have been: 0 Un-Retrievable Mails on This MM)¥–»

«–¥(This is Mail Number: 6 of  19 Mails)¥–»



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List of AOL CatWatch Members

Subj:      ¥—¤(J.a.W.)¤—(CaTwAtCh NaMeS)¤—¥)”UPDATED”

Date:      97-08-01 23:11:27 EDT

From:     Bo0gYmAn

BCC:      BeAwareX1


«–=•º|[    TRauMaTiZeD MassMailer   ]|º•=–»

«–=•º|[            ßý: ßaÑiÇKuLa          ]|º•=–»

«–=•º|[ Dedicated to Jenny in Heaven ]|º•=–»

«–=•º|[    Mail Number: 103 of 283     ‘]|º•=–»

«–=•º|[ Maybe Bo0gYmAn’s last MMs! ]|º•=–»



Forwarded Message:

Subj:      ¥—¤(J.a.W.)¤—(CaTwAtCh NaMeS)¤—¥)”UPDATED”

Date:      97-07-24 03:25:15 EDT

From:     BuBBLe HoP


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[[[[{{{{(((( WaReZ RoOmZ ))))}}}}]]]]


(((((¥«§»Keepin da WaReZ phree«§»¥)))))


  1. FREESHIT ( thats an L not an I ) This room will open July 31 at 4:00 East Coast
  2. IVIXIVI ( look like MXM???)
  3. UPSS
  4. MM
  5. Zeraw
  6. VvaReZ
  7. Moose
  8. Games
  9. Server
  10. Phish
  11. POA
  12. HoAOL
  13. TCT
  14. Glass
  15. Sleep
  16. AVI
  17. Fate
  18. Freestuff
  19. Fuck
  20. proggie
  21. trade
  22. Passwords
  23. Havok
  24. AOLsuX
  25. war
  26. phuck
  27. AOHell
  28. Kill
  29. AOLhelp
  30. hell
  31. fire
  32. flood
  33. chaos
  34. owa
  35. anarchy
  36. carkill
  37. catfree
  38. doom
  39. final
  40. freeprogs
  41. hotice
  42. MP3 <——–trades MuZiC
  43. AuDiO <——–trades MuZiC
  44. mxm <——–closed
  45. Mass Mail <——–closed
  46. WaReZ <——–closed
  47. Freeshit <——–closed
  48. coldice <——–closed
  49. Tequillabug <——–isn’t used anymore
  50. hotice <——–isn’t used anymore

Server List


OK,if anybody here doesn’t know what a server is, then don’t worry about it. Below, you see a bunch of songs, don’t worry about the junk in front of it that says like (~audio) or something, just scroll through the list and look. There are games/proggies/punters, and MP3’s on the list. For those of you who don’t know what a MP3 is, its a complete version of the song that sounds just like a cd but its on your computer. If you need a MP3 player, i suggest you get NAD, its real small and short to download. Once you find a song(s),a Game(s),a proggie(s), or a punter(s), just click on the little animated mailbox, it will bring up an e-mail form to E-Mail me. In the subject, type MP3, and then in the main E-Mail, type the # of the song/game,etc… on the list, the name of the song/game,etc…., and the author if its a song. I will then reply to the mail with the item you requested attached. Come back often, because I update my list with more and more stuff!!!!


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