About pteam…
Name – Jimmy
Handle (Nickname) – pteam
Age – 21
Location – South of Cleveland, Twinsburg
Company – PTEAM Internet Services, Inc.

Cars –
98 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster (convertible)
2001 AM General HUMMER (convertible)
2001 BMW Z3 (convertible) (mothers day present for my mom)

Sports – 2nd in the State of Ohio for wrestling, in 1998, ranked 20th in the Nation in 1999
Hobbies – Hanging out with friends, running the company, drivin, working out, going to clubs, and of course girls…
About PTEAM Internet Services Inc.
PTEAM Internet Services, Inc. located south of Cleveland, Ohio has had over 1000 employees/webmasters across the country and touching international borders in the last 4 years.
The business is basically Internet Advertising and Internet Consulting and has been very profitable over the last few years. We also have our own Web Page Designing team, among many other things.
Alot of our business comes from Dell Home Systems Crucial Memory Technology , Crucial Memory Technology, and the Adult Online Entertainment Industry.
Please support PTEAM as we have supported you!


Man spamming was huge back in the early 2000’s  I’m not sure what the relationship is with Robert Sudduth, or PTEAM Internet.  It seams Sudduth hosts/owned SERVERGOD.COM where all these porn sites are stored.  You can still see a list here.  It looks like Sudduth also wrote a script for paying out customers and keeping track of incoming clicks.

You can see one of the companies PTEAM Internet owned “” is still hosted on SERVERGOD, it seem’s the company was sold in 2012 to THE TENNEY GROUP.

The purchase includes 14 vehicles including several state of the art luxury limousines, including Hummer and Chrysler 300 stretch limousines ideal for retail and party clients. First Class also offers sedans and SUVs for corporate clients. Owner/operator Jimmy Michalek will continue to provide marketing/SEO consulting to the new management team. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.  Source

Who Is Info on


Necessity has always been the mother of invention. Such was the reason behind the creation of hosting. Servergod is a branch of the ClickMAN company that was created to host our programming clients. Our programming clients wanted their software hosted by those most qualified in its operation. So who better than the software’s creator? Soon our programming clients recognized the superior quality of our hosting services and began referring their business associates to our network. Servergod hosting now serves a large number of clients who require dedicated servers on a lightning fast network with superior customer service, and superior admins without a lot of gratuitious maintenance and set up fees. Ask anyone who hosts with us and you will quickly learn goes above and beyond the call of duty for all our hosting clients.

Clickman llc demo

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Source:  I actually knew the guy way back when spamming was legal. He made his fortune from spamming. He would show me $20,000 checks for a single months pay at times. He had 30 or so computers set up sending out millions of spam a day. He was always crazy. He would buy a Mercedes SL500 and crash it in that very same stream and tell buddies “I told you I’m crazy”. I guess he finally completely lost it and destroyed his mansion, cars, and furniture. I’m still pissed I never took advantage of the days spamming was legal. Just to give you a hint about how successful spamming was check out It’s a friend of his (and mine until he became a cocky asshole) who actually invested wisely in other businesses as well to maintain his fortune. Anyhow, that Lamborghini you see was purchased with nothing but spam money! The internet in it’s early days was fucking gold.



Domain Name: PTEAM.NET

Old AOL Phishing Phrases

Hi, I’m with AOL’s Online Security. We have found hackers trying to get into your MailBox. Please verify your password immediately to avoid account termination. Thank you. AOL Staff

Hello. I am with AOL’s billing department. Due to some invalid information, we need you to verify your log-on password to avoid account cancellation. Thank you, and continue to enjoy America Online.

Good Evening. I am with AOL’s Virus Protection Group. Due to some evidence of virus uploading, I must validate your sign-on password. Please STOP what you’re doing and Tell me your password. — AOL VPG

These have been pulled from an old module (.bas) file.


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