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Arise Macro Created by X99



About Arise Warez

A long, long, time ago, hehe, I was in a group called DGG. GaL ran the group and eventually I ran it as well. Unfortunately for me I learned the hard way when a person other then yourself controls the site as well as the bots, well you got problems. GaL decided she wasn’t going to be involed with the group anymore and yanked the site. Well Arise was born that day. I borrowed a botnet and got a T-3 release site. First mistake: using a borrowed botnet. Ok so I got a few bots, Second mistake: Never have anybody but yourself be botmaster. Well eventually I learned bots and the group Arise flourished. One small problem was we were an AOL group but had no AOL presence. Chemical came on board and changed all that. Arise has seen members come and go, usually to see them start there own warez group. Hehe, I see more warez groups that have former Arise members and it amazes me, and I wish them all the BesT. Some say now we’re the best, the only true 0day group left. Well that is a nice complement. Ya know nothing lasts forever, but while its happening I say 0-Day Everyday!!
-Evil, Founder Of Arise


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AOL Warez Group UPS – Celebrating 3 Years of AOL Dominance!

United Pirating Services!

Macro created by X99.


“Found this on a blog below:”

History of UPS: Me and a friend of mine started it at my apartment in 1992 back then it was TeRL(me) and DeathWish and WeaponX the scene has changed so much since then. I still attribute my love of computers and everything i am today with my childhood of growing up on AOL. Side note the best warez i ever got off of AOL was windows 95 April Test release.. 🙂 for those of you that remeber that 9600baud 115MB hell of a download.

AOL Warez Badbyz

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What is BadByz?
BadByz is an America Online based mp3 and movie distribution group

How do I obtain the service BadByz offers?
You must have an America Online account and enter the private chatroom “badbyz”. Then use the server. If you do not know what a server is or how to use it please look at the tutorials section of this website.

Why does BadByz do this?
Because we enjoy giving you what you want. We have been around the aol scene for nearly 6 years and love doing what we do.

Is it FREE?
Absolutely, for six years we have never charged a dime. Just come and use our servers as much as you want and get whatever you want, However, if you would like to donate and support our cause you can by clicking the donate link in the main menu.

Rob Tanner said…
Wow 2014. So many great memories from 97-02. I was in Audio, badbyz and thuglife. Over/rtc/pulp

The Scene News



Monday 2st November (12:00pm GMT) – The Scene Really Sucks

The warez groups are nothing more than a bunch of anal licking faggots. All they do is make stupid mini bureaucracies which do nothing. The most important reason why the “scene” sucks is that the only people who actually can get a copy of the pirated software are members of the groups themselves.


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