VB to HTML by Tau


VB to HTML by Tau

Purpose: I had to quickly make a program to color code the Visual Basic code on this site. Keep in mind this took me around 25 minutes to make so its not that great. But, enhance it all you choose.

Requirements: This code requires a Command Button named cmdConvert which can be modified in the last Sub.

Private Sub cmdConvert_Click()
Dim i%, StartSpot%, Spot%, vbCr1%
txtVB.Text = Replace(txtVB.Text, String(4, Chr(32)), ” ” & ” ” & ” ” & ” “)
txtVB.Text = Replace(txtVB.Text, vbCrLf, ”
” & vbCrLf)
For i = 0 To lstBlue.ListCount – 1
txtVB.Text = Replace(txtVB.Text, lstBlue.List(i), “” & lstBlue.List(i) & “”)
Next i
StartSpot% = 0
Do: DoEvents
Spot% = InStr(StartSpot% + 1, txtVB.Text, “‘”)
If Spot% = 0 Then Exit Do
vbCr1% = InStr(Spot% + 1, txtVB.Text, vbCrLf)
If vbCr1% = 0 Then vbCr1% = Len(txtVB.Text)
txtVB.Text = Left(txtVB.Text, Spot% – 1) & “” & Mid(txtVB.Text, Spot%, vbCr1% – Spot%) & “” & Mid(txtVB.Text, vbCr1%)
StartSpot% = vbCr1%
Loop Until vbCr1% = Len(txtVB.Text)
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
With lstBlue
.AddItem “Option ”
.AddItem “Explicit”
.AddItem “Private ”
.AddItem “Function”
.AddItem “Public ”
.AddItem “For ”
.AddItem ” To ”
.AddItem “Dim ”
.AddItem “If ”
.AddItem ” Then”
.AddItem “Exit ”
.AddItem “End”
.AddItem “Sub”
.AddItem “Next”
.AddItem ” String”
.AddItem ” Integer”
.AddItem ” Long”
.AddItem “Public Const”
.AddItem “Else”
.AddItem ” True”
.AddItem “False”
.AddItem “Do”
.AddItem “Loop”
.AddItem “Until”
.AddItem “Call ”
.AddItem ” And ”
.AddItem ” Goto”
.AddItem ” Or ”
.AddItem “While ”
.AddItem “With ”
.AddItem “Public Declare Function”
.AddItem “Private Declare Function”
.AddItem ” Alias ”
.AddItem ” Lib ”
.AddItem “ByVal ”
.AddItem ” ListBox”
.AddItem “As Long”
.AddItem “As String”
.AddItem “As Integer”
.AddItem “”
.AddItem “Const”
.AddItem ” Declare ”
End With
End Sub

AIM Chat Bust

If you are trying to get into a chat but it’s full, here’s an easy way to get in without much effort and no progs. Enter the chat, when you get the message box saying it’s full, click okay and leave the chat window open. Sign off, and sign right back on (do not switch screenames in the listbox!). Now it will keep attempting to enter on it’s own. If you wait for it to get you in, and click okay on all the message boxes it will keep going for a while, but if you just let them add up it will stop after a few minutes.

AIM 5.5 AdKill

Replace your current AimRes.dll file in C:Program FilesAIM or wherever your AIM directory files are. Make sure AIM is closed before replacing it. I suggest you backup your current AimRes.dll. The dll enclosed in the zip only has 1 thing changed and that is the part where it shows the aim ad.