‘This bas file was made by HellNite for aol4.o and AIM 2.0 and a bunch of other crap
‘3rd release 2-12-99
‘if u wanna get ahold of me my address is [email protected]
‘my web page is http://www.angelfire.com/va/hellnitesvbheaven/
‘almost all the subs and functions were written by me if they werent
‘then it should say where i got it from in them got lazy and left a couple out sorry
‘if u find any errors mail them to me so i can fix them
‘all the declared subs and functions were taken from various places
‘i dont wanna take credit for something i didnt do
‘I am always adding new subs and functions to this so check my site for newer versions

2014-12-04 23_38_00-Project1 - Microsoft Visual Basic [design]


‘This .bas was not made entirely by me
‘but a lot of it was made by me
‘All of the AIM stuff was made by me
‘but please D/L my AbbotAIM.bas if you want a .bas from me
‘you can get it at KNK4.o (http://knk.tierranet.com/knk4o/index2.html)
‘This example was made by me (ThaAbbot)
‘Dedicate to ProGs InC
‘Please Visit The ProGs InC website!

2014-12-04 23_36_42-Project1 - Microsoft Visual Basic [design]


‘Whats up person using this smooth new .bas file
‘for AOL4.0? You might have found out that I stopped
‘proggin for AOL. By the way this is RS. My e-mail
‘at this time is [email protected] You can mail me
‘wit questions for this bas. CrAsH and I are now
‘programming with Visual C++. It is alot better
‘VB but I still use VB some. This .bas has a couple
‘of new features that most .bas’s dont have. Like
‘bold, italic, strike out, and underline text.
‘Something I call phreaky attention and a strangeim
‘To learn more find the sub and read the green text
‘Also all new features were thought of by me!!!!
‘I did not copy anyone and nobody better copy me!

2014-12-04 23_30_25-Project1 - Microsoft Visual Basic [design] 2014-12-04 23_31_36-Project1 - Microsoft Visual Basic [design]


‘Ok This is Har0 here.This is VERSION 2.0
‘Of My AOL 4.0 BAS. My Last One Sucked Ass
‘This one is AWESOME!. I love all the colors
‘and how the bas werks!.I hope u got this from
‘KNK or HIDER or Death Online.
‘To get codes goto-httP://progworld.cjb.net.
‘SOme shit about this bas is that
‘It is used to make Horrible People Chat Toolz
‘I found in my first bas that it was TOTALLY
‘SCREWED. To Get My Latest PROG-AS of 11/10/98
‘Visit Http://horriblechattoolz.cjb.net
‘I also made this bas because I was sick and was
‘bored.Ok well this bas will make u freakin happy
‘Ha|2[]-1998-11/10/98 12:30 PM



2014-12-04 23_30_25-Project1 - Microsoft Visual Basic [design]


‘Sup? This .bas was made by KoA.
‘This .bas is my first .bas, KoA.bas, combined with
‘Cryofade.bas. Don’t give me any credit for the fader
‘part. Thanks Cryo!
‘You can e-mail me at: [email protected]
‘You can visit my site at: http://www.programmingworld.com
‘Copyright ©1998 Programming World™

2014-10-21 23_06_30-Project1 - Microsoft Visual Basic [design]


— ——• Glue³.bas by méèh •—— —

‘This is My Seventh Module
‘The biggest bas ever made….1306 Subs and Functions
‘–If you make any programs with this please
’email them to me i would like to see them–
‘–AND, If You Have Any Ideas For My Next Bas
‘Or Suggestions, and Comments, or Errors Email Me–
‘!-#* If you have a web site please post this *#-!’
‘Runs In : Vb 4-6
‘For AoL : 3.o, 95, and 4.o + AiM!!
‘(the chat sends and other things work for aol 2.5
‘but the im send doesn’t)
‘The First module with aim [email protected]#
‘Email : [email protected]
‘Codes : Included
‘This bas is like a help file, read the
‘how to section, and the programming section
‘(They are at the Bottom, The Very Bottom)
‘I was told to give cryofade some credit
‘So you have credit!#-#, (for the original fade idea)
‘(and credit to tko for pointing that out, heh)

‘Greets :

‘Gods Hate
‘TRiP ‘cro0k
‘Co0lz ‘Tko
‘big mac
‘nls ‘Meth Chic
‘Mel ‘Baud
‘basic ‘TRaGiC
‘Vb ALien
‘h2o ‘Acid Burn
‘Super hi
‘FRoZeN ‘Skorch
‘tri0 ‘911
‘syn ‘TeKno
‘Peace ‘Amcl
‘Iota god ‘numb
‘Bong ‘turkey
‘Clone ‘hider
‘Lazerous ‘Ginn ‘k9
‘Joe ‘Flee
‘HiDe ‘Flea ‘Dell
‘RaJ ‘Thugz
‘Thorn ‘CaS
‘BuRnT ‘error
‘Glitch ‘Geezus
‘heroin hi
‘DoS ‘Sod
‘ksoc ‘KoRn

‘mist ‘ninja
‘paper ‘hydro
‘warpy ‘bob ‘red
‘Leet Speed ‘dryice

‘And His Poser ieet Speed

‘If I Forgot Anyone Email Me and ill Put You In
‘The Next One

‘ —méèh

2014-10-21 23_03_51-Project1 - Microsoft Visual Basic [design]