It’s 1998 I’m in Sixth grade and I’m 11 years old.  Back then it seemed like time took forever to go by.  As i look back today i realize wow I learned a shit load in 2 years.  Well like I said its 1998 ! and my family finally gets their own computer im almost positive its a Compaq Persario.  

AOL was already pretty popular but I’ve never heard of it.  My father was in the Sales and repair of Televisions and VCRs so I guess you could say he was in the “tech scene.  I know before getting AOL we played games from Lion King, looking at encarta, Redneck Rampage, etc.  Im pretty sure i could be getting ahead of myself with my dates but hey its a long time ago.  Shit who would have thought I would be typing this from a phone that’s more powerful then some laptops.

I remember being in school and trading screen names with friends so we could chat online.  I remember chatting with my one friend and later on saw his font colors changing in an instant message.  I did the same thing back to him by switching every color manually.  Then the next day asked “Hey man how are you changing your text color so fast?”  He said oh it’s a program called AOL Prop I think it was “AOL4Prop“.  Aka a Fader.

I remember it being a pain in the ass and was missing all sorts of dll files.  I never gave up and pushed myself to figure out how to use this program for America Online.  It was hard because the internet wasn’t like it was today and the search engine then was Dogpile or Askjeeves.

I finally figured out the whole fader/ AOL Prop thing and I can also remember downloading south park and other games which required the same dll files.  It was a pain in the ass getting online to use the computer because I would have to fight my older brother for who’s turn it would be next.  So I remember waking up about 2 hours early every morning before school so I could sign on.

I would do little things from organize files on Windows , add favorites to my AOL, fix my Buddy list, etc.  Each day was something new.  After the fader I began using other programs for AOL some that stick out the most are Gothic nightmares, Prophecy, Solar Winds, Dreamcatcher, Rampage Tools, Methodus Tools and so many more.  

After I thought I was the biggest Hacker online using all my programs from scrollers, macros, email bombs, punters.   I actually started making webpages that were dedicated to AOL proggies.  I would download and test progs and upload them to my site usually angelfire or geocities with a cool redirect like cjb.net or 8op until I could finally afford my own domain.

I made tons of websites from South park, PlayStation cheat codes, Prog sites, WWF and so many more. Back then it seriously would take months to create a website that could be made in 3 days today.  The tools and content management just wasn’t there back then.

It’s amazing how little was archived from back then.  I seriously thought AOL would never disappear and technology wouldn’t advance as fast as it did.

I remember purchasing domains from my personal name, cjonline.net? And some others.  Some websites I visited was lenshell, new world, strgame, phatz progs, etc.  

After web design I wanted to get into the programming of AOL progs.   

 Stay tuned for 1999.

AOL Invoke List

32-000105 – Create PUBLIC Room
32-002185 – The SPAM Area (Link to ARC)
32-002326 – The America Online Guide Area (JADE)
32-002411 – Change Software Version Numbers
40-005060 – Sales and Service Forum
40-009366 – Request-O-Rama
40-011549 – TOS Area (Detailed
32-000029 – Blank Mail (NF)
32-000030 – Update Welcome screen
32-000040 – Catch Hidden (NF)
32-000056 – Continue? (NF)
32-000105 – Create PUBLIC Room
32-000158 – On Stage Screen (NF)
32-000270 – Untitled Auditorium (NF)
32-000274 – Blank IM
32-000292 – Network News (NF)
32-000295 – Covers buttons
32-000296 – Uncovers Buttons
32-000300 – End of Account (NF)
32-000350 – Works for Macs
32-000351 – Microsoft Stuff
32-000754 – Send Question (NF)
32-001612 – Mercury Sign-On Screen (more…)

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Prog Password List

Acid Burn: (one of these) PiXY RuLEz You! or upsidedown or03/17/96

Agent Orange Tosser: I Crap On Lamers ivan is a fairymaxuck

Anti-mass mailer: bud is blah

AoAbortion Tos: Fuck TeRRoR, FAC: KK

AoAbortion FAC: KK

AoAkira: GrEEn DaY

AoAsting: BuBBa , Ugh(AsTiGMaX), John(Prez), AsTiG RuLeZ(member)

AoBliss Tosser: Welcome to the wonderful world of Bliss

AoBomer v1 b1 bot scare: YoUsUck

Aobomer v1 b1 tos: Only TOS LamerZ

AoBomer v1 b2: TOS ALL LAMERZ

AoBomer v1 b3: ALL LAMERZ DIE! (more…)

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The AOL Protocol

The AOL Protocol

When you hear the phrase “The AOL Protocol”, I bet most of you immediately think of FDO, right?
Although FDO is a part of the AOL protocol, it in no way encompasses the big picture. When I use
the term “The AOL protocol”, I refer to how the AOL client and server interact with each other,
how data is prepared, how it is sent, and how it can be manipulated.

There currently exists no formal documentation of the AOL protocol, or at least one that is
publicly available. For this reason, I have taken it upon myself to strip the bits of
information from my feeble mind and write a document with at least basic information about
the AOL protocol. The information included in this document is what I have learned, from
exploration, help from others, and just stumbling upon it. I in no way guarantee the accuracy
of the information contained herein. That said, here is what I know.


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Ryan D. Johnson Bath TWP

BATH TWP. – A million-dollar “smart house” bought by a local Internet entrepreneur may soon be on the auction block to be sold for back taxes and mortgage payments.

Ryan D. Johnson, 22, bought the glass-fronted showpiece listed at$1.1 million in 2003 for $933,000.

Only two years after the purchase, however, police reports indicate that Johnson has done $100,000 damage to the house.

In May, he was declared incompetent to stand trial on a charge of contempt of court, and last month a judge ordered that he receive 60 days of inpatient care for mental illness.

An order to sell Johnson’s house is now being sought by WMC Mortgage Corp. of Woodland Hills, Calif., in Summit County Common Pleas Court. A motion for the foreclosure states he owes $190,876 in delinquent mortgage payments and interest. County records show he also is behind $31,922 in property taxes. The house is now valued at $840,000.

Lawyer Frank Pignatelli declined to comment on behalf of his client. He said Johnson is doing well in treatment at Northcoast Behavioral Healthcare, but he declined to discuss the nature of Johnson’s illness.

“It’s my understanding that once he is restored to competency, he will obviously return to the property and preserve his interests,” Pignatelli said.

While Johnson is receiving court-ordered care, his contempt case in Akron Municipal Court is on hold. Upon his release, he also will resume one year of probation from a previous case.That case stemmed from an incident in April when Bath police discovered Johnson threatening to jump off the roof of his Granger Road house.

Although the foreclosure lawsuit was filed in civil court in August 2004, Johnson has yet to be served with it because the street address, taken by the court from the mortgage, was incorrect.

A new summons with the correct address was issued July 7, but it is unclear whether the foreclosure process will continue while questions about Johnson’s mental competency are settled.

Court documents indicate he has not hired a lawyer for the foreclosure. A spokesman for Judge Marvin Shapiro’s office said the civil court had not been notified of Johnson’s mental difficulties or his incarceration.

The “smart house”

Johnson’s 4,200-square-foot house in the upscale suburb west of Akron was the subject of a hyped billboard campaign to attract athletes LeBron James or Ben Curtis as potential buyers. But the house seemed a fated match for the Cuyahoga Falls High School graduate and self-described computer consultant who said he made his money in Internet ventures.

It was built in 1991 and billed as a house of the 21st century. The white multistory house near a waterfall on Yellow Creek features a computer that warns of approaching visitors and, at the sound of its owner’s voice, opens and closes banks of windows and stops and starts the whirlpool, laundry, heater and air conditioner.

In an interview shortly after he moved in, Johnson told the Akron Beacon Journal he would live in the house with buddies, and he looked forward to having his family over for Thanksgiving.

Johnson said his father was supportive, but his mother was worried about the expense. “She thinks I’m going to be like Mike Tyson and spend all my money, then go living on the streets.”

Neither of Johnson’s parents could be reached for comment for this article, and friends contacted for comment did not return telephone messages.

Run-ins with police

Public documents give some of the details of Johnson’s time on Granger Road.

Court documents show he was delinquent on his 30-year mortgage eight months after signing for the loan.

In the spring of 2004, Bath police reported that Johnson smashed a two-month-old Volkswagen Toureg blaring rock music through the security gate of his house, plowed the car into a tree and then beat it with golf clubs and boulders. A Mercedes SL500 was found parked in Yellow Creek under the bridge to the then-20-year-old’s mansion.

Johnson wasn’t breaking any laws by breaking up his cars on his property, so police went away after the music died down and they were certain no one was injured.

There were also other, minor run-ins with the law. A month earlier, Johnson was arrested on a charge of obstructing official business when he refused to produce a driver’s license or remain in his car while being cited for a fire-lane violation at Summit Mall.

Neighbors notice him

Since then, Johnson and his house — now obscured by boarded-up windows and a long-neglected front yard full of waving, weedy grass — have become a neighborhood mystery, the subject of dinner-party speculation.

“It’s abandoned now,” Granger Road neighbor Bob Gold said of the local landmark. “There’s a small, packedDumpster and furniture scattered out in front of the garage.”

Seeing the disarray wasn’t Gold’s first clue that unusual events were taking place beyond Johnson’s winding drive. “I used to have my office down the road, so I passed there every day,” Gold said. “By coincidence, the day he drove that thing into the creek, I was following him. I saw this Porsche racing by, followed by an SUV. Of course, when it pulled in the drive, I kept going.”

Later, on television, Gold saw Johnson’s car in the creek.

Gold remembers the last time he saw his neighbor in person. “He was sitting out on the edge of the drive in a bridge chair,” Gold said, “just kind of waving … ”

More police calls

In April, police calls to the Johnson residence picked up again.

On the 10th, neighbor Billy Poole signed a warrant against Johnson for turfing back yards behind his Wye Road house.

Poole called Johnson’s cell phone asking him to pay to repair about $100 in damage. He never got an answer.

“I felt bad for the kid,” Poole said. “I didn’t want to get anyone in trouble because they got stuck in my back yard, but the police wanted him.”

The next day, a guest at Johnson’s house called police for help, worried about his friend’s safety.

Chief Michael McNeely said Johnson was found agitated, breaking out windows and beating his living room walls with a sledgehammer.

And at some point, he had re-created his living room outdoors by moving his furniture into Yellow Creek.

“He had the tables and the sofas, and he even put lamps out there,” McNeely said.

Police said Johnson told them his idea was to get people to pay to log on to the Internet to watch him destroy his house, and he might sell the footage to MTV. The Web address Johnson gave police, www.breakinthings.com, was not operating Sunday.

In the house, McNeely said, police found a collection of swords and thousands of plastic water bottles piled 1 to 2 feet deep on the living room floor.

The bottles were used to break Johnson’s fall when he jumped from a second-floor landing, McNeely said. Johnson had been running from level to level.

Outside, he jumped from tier to tier of the roof. Police said he threatened to jump off rather than be taken to a hospital.

Johnson made his last stand in the creek waving a garden tool. “I can’t remember what he had,” McNeely said. “It was a shovel or a rake. We got him out of the water, but he kicked one officer in the side, I believe.”

The officer was not seriously hurt.

Johnson is to appear before Akron Municipal Judge Lynne Callahan at 10 a.m. July 27 to determine whether he is competent to be released and to continue his contempt case.


FPipe v2.1

FPipe v2.1 – Port redirector.
Copyright 2000 (c) by Foundstone, Inc.

FPipe is a source port forwarder/redirector. It can create a TCP or UDP stream
with a source port of your choice. This is useful for getting past firewalls
that allow traffic with source ports of say 23, to connect with internal
servers. (more…)

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TCP\IP: A Mammoth Description


TCP\IP: A Mammoth Description By Ankit Fadia [email protected]

TCP\IP or Transmission Control Protocol \ Internet Protocol is a stack or collection of various protocols. A
protocol is basically the commands or instructions using which two computers within a local network or the
Internet can exchange data or information and resources.

Transmission Control Protocol \ Internet Protocol or the TCP\IP was developed around the time of the
ARPAnet. It is also known as the Protocol Suite. It consists of various protocols but as the TCP
(Transmission Control Protocol) and the IP (Internet Protocol) are the most, well known of the suite of
protocols, the entire family or suite is called the TCP\IP suite.

The TCP\ IP Suite is a stacked suite with various layers stacked on each other, each layer looking after one
aspect of the data transfer. Data is transferred from one layer to the other. The Entire TCP\ IP suite can be
broken down into the below layers-: (more…)

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Local Windows hacking for newbies

| |
| Your computer |
| is dead… |
| and it was so alive | Local Windows hacking for newbies
| _______ |
| |.—–.| | Written by MiggyX for the Black Sun Research Facility
| ||x . x|| |
| ||_.-._|| | Contact : [email protected]
| `–)-(–` |
| __[=== o]___ | Coming together is a beginning, Staying together is
| |:::::::::::|\ | progress, Working together is success!
| `-=========-`() |
| You shouldn’t have |
| installed: |
| |
| -= Win’95 =- |


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IRC Hack

Hacking IRC – The Definitive Guide

Copyright 1996 [email protected] Welcome to Hacking IRC- The Definitive Guide. The purpose of this page if you have not already guessed is to provide what I consider optimal methodology for hacking IRC channels. In addition, I provide some of the better channels to hack as well as fun things to do while “owning a channel.”


Section 1— Why Hack IRC?

Section 2–Requisite Tools

Section 3–What It Takes To Gain Control

Section 4–Link Looker(LL)

Section 5–Bots and Scripts

Section 6–Multi-Collide-Bot(MCB)

Section 7–Pre-Takeover Preparation

Section 8–Thing To Do ONce You “Own” the Channel

Section 9–Best Channels to Hack


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