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-by leech
-Thank you Beav, for posting my program.

1) About
2) Features
3) Next
4) Words
5) Contact
6) Website

†]›–– About ––‹[†
-A while back I stumbled acrost a quite popular program called Aimster. I downloaded
it and say it was an AIM screenname maker, and a quite good one, with plenty of options.
Never before had an AIM maker interested me, because all of the other ones looked like
garbage, with no effort. Aimster looked nice, and I liked it because all you needed to make
a name was type in the name in the interface and press the enter key. Anyways, I was
going to make an AIM maker, but I realized I didn’t know the method to do it. I found another
good AIM maker called QuikAIM by one of my… “favorite programmers”, Hail. It was nice
and had more options than Aimster, but for some reason I still like Aimster better. QuikAIM
was still really good. So, anyway, I was making a Tank… no, not to be like all those stupid
kiddy AOL proggers, but to help myself, since I have so many AIM screennames. Anyway,
I was making it and I decided I wanted to put an AIM maker in it. I didn’t exactly know how,
but my friend DrDoS, kind of, told me how. I went into Telnet and tried to make a name from
there, using the AIM link on the website… it worked. Then I started Aimism…

†]›–– Features ––‹[†
-Automatic AIM maker
Add all 3chr and 3chr word names
Generate 3, 4, 5 names with lots of methods
Generate custom character amount names
Generate Clone and Encoded names
Automatic ‘Handler’ for personal names
Name-text filters
Trim custom character(s)
Edit, copy, save all lists/items
Crop List(s)
ScreenName tank
Comms for All AOL’s and AIM’s
and Much More!

†]›–– Next ––‹[†
-Oh my. I kind of rushed this a bit to get it out by the proper date. Over the summer I am
going to continue learning Visual C++. I will probably make another version of this in vb
because I can think of soo many more options I should have added, but didn’t. After that,
the third version will probably be my first project in Visual C++, because I’ll be learning
and this is quite easy.

†]›–– Words ––‹[†
-Alrighty, if you’re making modules and getting mad at people not giving credit or stealing
subs and functions, then you deserve it. Why would you make a module so other people
don’t have to do any work, anyway? You people want to get popular the easyist way, which is
to slap your name on a file that all code stealers will use… a module. If you don’t know what
a module is, and you’re a programmer, it’s what you posers call a .bas file. It’s a file used for
creating custom subs and functions while declaring API variables, etc. You homosexual code
stealers make me sick. I would give out all the source to my projects, but I fear that all of you
who use the code will never understand it. If you real programmers are sick of all of this then
I’d suggest switching to C++ or Delphi, because Visual Basic is getting a bad name. All these
little AOL and AIM progs, that are rips of code, are usually for AOL 4 and 5. Why? Because
that’s where DoS stopped writting ActiveX controls and modules. Sure, there’s some for 6 and 7,
but you see modules and examples for AOL 6 and 7 too, don’t you? There’s not many good AIM
progs, but there’s hardly any modules or controls, eh? Noticing a pattern. One more thing…
examples. Sure it’s ok to make an example, if you’re doing it to help them learn. If you don’t
at least know API, which about 95% of you don’t, then don’t write examples. I seen this kinda thing
a little bit, too. People writting examples as if they were programs. “It’s my updated version of a
linker example!”. Oh, you’re cool. Make your own program, and unless it’s more than one option,
don’t send it to any websites!!! I don’t make AOL or AIM programs anymore, because it make
me feel like I’m not actually programming, even though I am, because everyone steals code.
Using a module is stealing code! I don’t care if it was intended for that, it’s still using someone
else’s work! I only make exploits, pwc, or other winsock related program for AOL or AIM.
Usually AIM because I hate AOL and making a program for it IS supporting it, even if it is for
destruction. Later

†]›–– Contact ––‹[†
-Email: [email protected]
-AIM: Hail Leech

†]›–– Website ––‹[†
-Unreal Hackers (Productions)

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