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Arise Macro Created by X99



About Arise Warez

A long, long, time ago, hehe, I was in a group called DGG. GaL ran the group and eventually I ran it as well. Unfortunately for me I learned the hard way when a person other then yourself controls the site as well as the bots, well you got problems. GaL decided she wasn’t going to be involed with the group anymore and yanked the site. Well Arise was born that day. I borrowed a botnet and got a T-3 release site. First mistake: using a borrowed botnet. Ok so I got a few bots, Second mistake: Never have anybody but yourself be botmaster. Well eventually I learned bots and the group Arise flourished. One small problem was we were an AOL group but had no AOL presence. Chemical came on board and changed all that. Arise has seen members come and go, usually to see them start there own warez group. Hehe, I see more warez groups that have former Arise members and it amazes me, and I wish them all the BesT. Some say now we’re the best, the only true 0day group left. Well that is a nice complement. Ya know nothing lasts forever, but while its happening I say 0-Day Everyday!!
-Evil, Founder Of Arise

I’m happy to say I’ve been with Arise for going on a year now, and during this time, we’ve had periods of prosperity and times of hardship. I’ve made many new friends…seen a lot of people come and go, and its been a hell of a lot of fun. Right now, Arise is enjoying some of its best times, with an unparalled Distro department, and a wonderful uploading crew which is spitting out more warez than ever before. We are constantly working to improve the quality and quantity of stuff availible, and gladly take to constructive suggestions and ideas. Now, and always, as Evil says, with 2 huge T3 release sites, it truly is 0-Day everday at Arise.
-Raju, Executive Administrator Of Arise
As usual, we are always looking for new, dedicated members to join our team. If you feel you can meet our high standards of excellence, feel free to drop by #Arise99 on IRC Efnet to interview with one of our seniors.


Founder:  Evil

Exec:  Raju

Direct:  Evil, Lif3r, Grif, Blast, Storm1, Raju, Dubie, MeKK

Manage:  Braz, Diablo, Pepsi

Seniors:  AirCop, Trav, Pnt, Nuke, Phil, Midnite, Dogpile, Pn0y6i9

Dubie, Storm1, Lif3r, Sircrown, dogpile, bitz, Cowboy, RajuAbju, App, xTesTx, Pn0y6i9, ktwo, rewrite, spouse, metrulez, townshend, elx, skitz, CoLe, ChexZ, EpiC, acidicx, tron, whooosh, dedmeet, rummi, nitrox, Zewar

Servers:  Nuke, Pnt, T-Dog, trav, diablo, midnite, Nikon, redman, Fiery, FleX, ward, exabyte, jaz, phil, Thermo, Nike, fifth, voln, KoA, AzN, nippo

Mmers:  AirCop, Diablo, Braz, Pepsi, DirectX2K, TwiST, Max100, DD, KoA, [nicer]

Phishers:  Solid, jinho, phynal, braz, TwiST, phiz

Programming:  Relex, jaz, GhostLord, bagel, VaporX

Recruiter:  Nynex, KingRyan, pnt, diablo, braz

Web-Art:  scitch, slice, majic, pepsi, jinho, necro, sonar1

Legends:  SaS, Tru, LrdVader, Miami, Magus, Sonar1, paul, tourz, bowser, x99, wop, Rail, Soopa, W0LF, acid, Ferr0t, ToXiN, gfu, LadySexy, lol, acidicx

2014-10-22 [Requests]

10 thoughts on “AOL Warez Arise Group

  1. Damn! REFLUX! I remember you. I was just googling showing my girlfriend stuff about back in the day and came across this.

    Raju seems to have taken down his site.. is there any other sites that have archives of tags etc?

    Hope all is well with you guys. 🙂

    1. Unfortunately, this is the best one that I know of. I look for stuff like this every now and then when the nostalgia sets in, if I ever see anything, I’ll make sure to come back here.

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