AOL TOS Violations

TOS E-mail 1

Since this letter has been sent to each of the sub-screen names on your account, you may already have read it. If so, please disregard this copy.

America Online has a Terms of Service agreement which provides community guidelines for online conduct. This letter is to inform you that we received a report regarding a violation of those guidelines.

In keeping with our commitment to protect the privacy of our members, details of TOS violations are sent only to the master screen name(s) on members’ accounts. Details of TOS violations will not be sent to sub-screen names under any circumstances.

To obtain details of the violation, please sign on with your primary screen name (the first screen name you created for your account) or any other screen name which you’ve designated to be a Master Screen Name. (For more information on multiple Master Screen Names, see the Custom Control feature available at keyword: PARENTAL CONTROLS.)

If you did not receive details of the violation at your Master Screen Name(s), be sure you are not blocking your mail to that screen name. If your Master Screen Name(s) are blocking mail, please unblock mail at keyword Mail Controls. Then, send mail from the Master Screen Name to “TOSGeneral” requesting details of the violation.

Our Terms of Service agreement, which was presented during the sign-up process, allows America Online to be informative, entertaining and, above all, fun for all of our Members. You can review that agreement by using keyword TOS. This area also has information and tools you can use to help protect your account.

Please note, this screen name cannot accept replies. Therefore, if you have any comments or questions please send mail to TOSGeneral. Thanks for taking the time to read this letter.

Community Action Team
America Online, Inc.

TOS E-mail 2

Thank you for reporting this information to us. Please be assured that I have looked into this report carefully and taken appropriate action. Because we respect the privacy of every member of America Online, we cannot disclose specific information regarding any action we have taken against another account.

Along with your help, and the help of many other members like yourself, the Community Action Team works to keep America Online informative, entertaining and, above all, fun for all our members. For helpful information from the Community Action Team, please use keyword TOS.

Please note, this screen name cannot accept replies. Therefore, if you have any comments or questions please go to Keyword: TOS Questions.

Community Action Team
America Online, Inc.

[email protected] Contacts [Doc]

AOL Germany

Astrid Henrich – AOL Germany Technical Producer responsible for [email protected] forms production
AOL Screen Name: HenrichA
German business hours: 49-40-36159-417

Bernhard Horstmann, AOL Germany Chief Technology Manager
Screen Name: HorstmannB
Germany business hours: 011-49-40-361-59-201

Stefan Krause – AOL Germany Account Manager for [email protected]
AOL Screen Name: StefanBAG
Germany business hours: 011-49-40-361-59-210

Anxie Systems

Piotr Zolnierek – Anixe Systems, 3rd-party German developer of [email protected] web and comm server applications installed on Reston servers
Email: [email protected]
Office Phone: 49-6237-979080
Cell Phone (Germany): 49-173-2004274
Cell Phone (Poland): 48-601-705466
ICQ 18937929

Bill Akers – Director of International Marketing
Email: [email protected]


Prentis Brooks
NT Web Support
phone 703-265-0914
[email protected]


Anne Bunn
Account Manager
Phone 49 69-66580150
[email protected]

Christine Butsmann
Product Manager
Phone 49 69-66580150
[email protected]

Maxie Krebs
Product Manager
Phone 49 69-66580150
[email protected]

Gary Phillips
Y2K Contact
[email protected]

Adam Fishman
Worldspan Atlanta
[email protected]

2/21/00 4:51 PM