Denis & Poof

From Dennis’s old website

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jmoney404atl : yo u there
Denis : yea
Denis : sup poof
Denis : nice leet
jmoney404atl : dont tell pad im around man
jmoney404atl : that dude threatened my dad and shit, i just saw your profile
jmoney404atl : yall beefin/
jmoney404atl : from what i hear hes been beefin with the entire internet lately
Denis : you mean you saw his profile?

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You have just entered room pot

Archive from Dennis’s old website:

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You have just entered room "pot."
denis : just so you know im getting all your bots dropped monday
drunkenly has entered the room.
Troubled : » –Tech N9ne – The Waitress «
diAnaz : poofs gona sign offline for an hr and get on conf then come back
on and be like

denis : just because you didnt have your perms
diAnaz : yahhh partied with my niggas and hoez
diAnaz : all nite
denis : you made a new room

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Pad Gets Deltreed

game pad: indoe
game pad: are u on a windows me computer man>
game pad: do u have one?
game pad: heh
gRaPHiCs: yes
game pad: c:bootlog.prv
game pad: send me those
game pad: dont ask why
game pad: but i got deltree’d
game pad: and i haven’t shut off my comp
game pad: yeah thanks for being a good friend man
game pad: w/e dude
game pad: fuck you karlos, that’s fucked up
gRaPHiCs: lololololololol
gRaPHiCs: ahahaha

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