AOL Invoke List

32-000105 – Create PUBLIC Room
32-002185 – The SPAM Area (Link to ARC)
32-002326 – The America Online Guide Area (JADE)
32-002411 – Change Software Version Numbers
40-005060 – Sales and Service Forum
40-009366 – Request-O-Rama
40-011549 – TOS Area (Detailed
32-000029 – Blank Mail (NF)
32-000030 – Update Welcome screen
32-000040 – Catch Hidden (NF)
32-000056 – Continue? (NF)
32-000105 – Create PUBLIC Room
32-000158 – On Stage Screen (NF)
32-000270 – Untitled Auditorium (NF)
32-000274 – Blank IM
32-000292 – Network News (NF)
32-000295 – Covers buttons
32-000296 – Uncovers Buttons
32-000300 – End of Account (NF)
32-000350 – Works for Macs
32-000351 – Microsoft Stuff
32-000754 – Send Question (NF)
32-001612 – Mercury Sign-On Screen (more…)

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Prog Password List

Acid Burn: (one of these) PiXY RuLEz You! or upsidedown or03/17/96

Agent Orange Tosser: I Crap On Lamers ivan is a fairymaxuck

Anti-mass mailer: bud is blah

AoAbortion Tos: Fuck TeRRoR, FAC: KK

AoAbortion FAC: KK

AoAkira: GrEEn DaY

AoAsting: BuBBa , Ugh(AsTiGMaX), John(Prez), AsTiG RuLeZ(member)

AoBliss Tosser: Welcome to the wonderful world of Bliss

AoBomer v1 b1 bot scare: YoUsUck

Aobomer v1 b1 tos: Only TOS LamerZ

AoBomer v1 b2: TOS ALL LAMERZ

AoBomer v1 b3: ALL LAMERZ DIE! (more…)

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List of AOL CatWatch Members

Subj:      ¥—¤(J.a.W.)¤—(CaTwAtCh NaMeS)¤—¥)”UPDATED”

Date:      97-08-01 23:11:27 EDT

From:     Bo0gYmAn

BCC:      BeAwareX1


«–=•º|[    TRauMaTiZeD MassMailer   ]|º•=–»

«–=•º|[            ßý: ßaÑiÇKuLa          ]|º•=–»

«–=•º|[ Dedicated to Jenny in Heaven ]|º•=–»

«–=•º|[    Mail Number: 103 of 283     ‘]|º•=–»

«–=•º|[ Maybe Bo0gYmAn’s last MMs! ]|º•=–»



Forwarded Message:

Subj:      ¥—¤(J.a.W.)¤—(CaTwAtCh NaMeS)¤—¥)”UPDATED”

Date:      97-07-24 03:25:15 EDT

From:     BuBBLe HoP


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AOL Berp Server List