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IRC Hack

Hacking IRC – The Definitive Guide

Copyright 1996 [email protected] Welcome to Hacking IRC- The Definitive Guide. The purpose of this page if you have not already guessed is to provide what I consider optimal methodology for hacking IRC channels. In addition, I provide some of the better channels to hack as well as fun things to do while “owning a channel.”


Section 1— Why Hack IRC?

Section 2–Requisite Tools

Section 3–What It Takes To Gain Control

Section 4–Link Looker(LL)

Section 5–Bots and Scripts

Section 6–Multi-Collide-Bot(MCB)

Section 7–Pre-Takeover Preparation

Section 8–Thing To Do ONce You “Own” the Channel

Section 9–Best Channels to Hack


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