So now its 1999 after web I dove into visual basic to learn to code my own progs.  I cant remember the person that helped me add bas files, and how to call the different subs in that module such as ChatSend.

Programming in VB was different then coding websites but wasnt to far off. There was actually a ton of sources and content available.  I started off making any kind of AOL prog i could think of from Faders, Laggers, Scrollers, Punters.

After all the “lame” progs I could make it then grew to collecting <><, spamming, cracking screen names.

 At this point I started creating more complete and useful AOL progs from CComs, Phishers and tanks.  I needed a tank to collect all the <><, <M><, leet and sub accounts I had.  

You would make an account off someones cracked <M>< which means the Master account that would allow you to delete and control sub accounts.  We would make accounts such as CATRep01 and use “Phishers” that said you worked for AOL and needed a password due to an error.  Honestly out of a full chatroom atleast 2 would give you the login information.  

After the phishers died down and AOL started adding “Members of AoL will not ask you for password info” to the bottom of the Instant Message screen.  It was moved onto cracking.  I remember using winsock crackers and my lobby rat pw list always consisted of 123456, 654321, red123, blue123, aol123, sex123, password.

After cracking it was spamming and scam pages such as InstaKiss, AOL billing sites, etc.  I know Spamsock by kai was huge as well as formmail spammers.  You would be able to fake your from screen name to InstaLove and make the subject someone sent yoh an AoL instakiss.  Please enter your creditentials to see who sent it.  Billing AOL scams was the same only this point you would get billing information these were called “nons”. 

I would jump back and forth constantly from making websites, aol progs, sites dedicated to my progs I created.  

Im thinking now as i write this if you really think about the scene lasted for me from 1998 to about 2004 so basically a quick 7 years.  

I remember when AOL had its first big screen name dump of dead aol accounts that allowed you to reregister some.  3 chars were always popular this was a 3 character screen name.  Off my “permie” AoL account which means the account your parents paid for I went and was able to create t0y, b0x, r0b and h4k.

I would constantly get jacked and people would exploit the names and my mom had to contact AOL weekly to get the passwords reset.  (Side note I remember when Gore from Gore Radio pranked my mom live on his Winamp shoutcast Radio server.)

I remember sitting on AIM in a chatroom and someone gave me the screen name “Lions”.  That was one of my first leets that was given to me.  I know i was about 12 or 13 and it was Easter.  After that I was addicted to the collecting and trading of leet accounts, 3chars, icases, restricteds, indents.

I would constantly trade and jack others peoples names with bribing them to give the password man I was a slick “talker”.  I remember i convinced some Russian on the aim account CrashOverride to giving me half of his collection.  AOL keyword AimPass was also huge since i owned those 3 chars I mentioned earlier.  I would give the password first and sometimes i would get nothing in return and I would go to Aol keyword AIMPASS and it would change thr password to the AIM.

Also some stuff im not sure if it happened in the correcr year im just remember what i could and placing it where it seems right to me.

Stay tuned for year 2000.


It’s 1998 I’m in Sixth grade and I’m 11 years old.  Back then it seemed like time took forever to go by.  As i look back today i realize wow I learned a shit load in 2 years.  Well like I said its 1998 ! and my family finally gets their own computer im almost positive its a Compaq Persario.  

AOL was already pretty popular but I’ve never heard of it.  My father was in the Sales and repair of Televisions and VCRs so I guess you could say he was in the “tech scene.  I know before getting AOL we played games from Lion King, looking at encarta, Redneck Rampage, etc.  Im pretty sure i could be getting ahead of myself with my dates but hey its a long time ago.  Shit who would have thought I would be typing this from a phone that’s more powerful then some laptops.

I remember being in school and trading screen names with friends so we could chat online.  I remember chatting with my one friend and later on saw his font colors changing in an instant message.  I did the same thing back to him by switching every color manually.  Then the next day asked “Hey man how are you changing your text color so fast?”  He said oh it’s a program called AOL Prop I think it was “AOL4Prop“.  Aka a Fader.

I remember it being a pain in the ass and was missing all sorts of dll files.  I never gave up and pushed myself to figure out how to use this program for America Online.  It was hard because the internet wasn’t like it was today and the search engine then was Dogpile or Askjeeves.

I finally figured out the whole fader/ AOL Prop thing and I can also remember downloading south park and other games which required the same dll files.  It was a pain in the ass getting online to use the computer because I would have to fight my older brother for who’s turn it would be next.  So I remember waking up about 2 hours early every morning before school so I could sign on.

I would do little things from organize files on Windows , add favorites to my AOL, fix my Buddy list, etc.  Each day was something new.  After the fader I began using other programs for AOL some that stick out the most are Gothic nightmares, Prophecy, Solar Winds, Dreamcatcher, Rampage Tools, Methodus Tools and so many more.  

After I thought I was the biggest Hacker online using all my programs from scrollers, macros, email bombs, punters.   I actually started making webpages that were dedicated to AOL proggies.  I would download and test progs and upload them to my site usually angelfire or geocities with a cool redirect like cjb.net or 8op until I could finally afford my own domain.

I made tons of websites from South park, PlayStation cheat codes, Prog sites, WWF and so many more. Back then it seriously would take months to create a website that could be made in 3 days today.  The tools and content management just wasn’t there back then.

It’s amazing how little was archived from back then.  I seriously thought AOL would never disappear and technology wouldn’t advance as fast as it did.

I remember purchasing domains from my personal name, cjonline.net? And some others.  Some websites I visited was lenshell, new world, strgame, phatz progs, etc.  

After web design I wanted to get into the programming of AOL progs.   

 Stay tuned for 1999.

Miss these days…

Man some days i just get caught in a nostalgic phase and just think about all the old times online.  Theres no more chatrooms, no more sleeping at night waiting to hear that notification sound for a cracked leet; popping instantly out of bed.  Waking up to find out your cracker or spammer just crashed or froze and that entire list you were cracking and spamming has to start from the top.

How about that entire warez list you just got from pr cerver or mp3 waiting about 12 hours for that full length album to finish downloading in your aol file directory.  Man i remember my shit use to be packed with albums waiting to go to a family members house to sleep over with a pack of cd-rs and a pillow.  We didnt have usb’s and a burn rate of 16 or 32x was fast.

I remember cracking my first overhead at about 13 and showing my mom that i didnt have any chat scroll limits.

The countless nights of getting pws’d or a hardware failure trying to diagnose and repair when now you can simply google your problem or run a software fix.  We had to come up with our own fixes, formatting and reinstalling windows was a pain in the ass.

How about certs for making lcases and other accounts…  damn i still remember the same one i used all the time “LOTTA-STEMS”.

Shit never in a million years did i think those days would end.  It all ended so fast 2005 came everyone vanished some people hung around til about 2008.  Man i remember when my family got our first computer i played some lion king game and looked at encarta fought with my brother on whos turn it was to use it. Getting AOL and organzing my buddylist and my favorites list.

How about when captcha didnt exist.  I remember i really didnt understand how crackers rpm worked or what it meant so i would be adverising a fake cracker PWS with random 3722/21 rpm’s and people would still download that shit.  Hearing that UTOH sound and finding out i just pwsd someone all the passwords were saved.

The countless aims i lost because i couldnt remember the chr10, chr13 strings i used so when you request a lost password you couldnt copy and paste… 

 What about those aim accounts that had locked passwords and 30 fucking people knew it and would log on.

Im going to post shit like this every chance i get so i dont forget about all the awesome times online.  All these assholes now think they know the internet because they have a facebook and gmail.  Some shitty ass wordpress site and never was apart of coding when it was just notepad.  I think now it use to take me years to get a full content website done now it takes days.  Fuck i wasted so much time.

Leave a comment let me know what you miss.